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I had a huge success with my LiveJasmin Guide. Many actual readers thank me for the guide.
best cam girls guide

Now it is time to do the same and watch the best girl on webcam.

I love girls on cam but I had great experiences and very bad ones. Not every girl on cam worth your time and money.


First I want to share my favorite webcam girls.

My first choice is SexVixxen : she is my favorite cam girl right now. Extremely down to earth. She is fun lovely and more important she is wild and super hardcore. She is not for everyone but if you want a short or a long hardcore show… That’s your girl… You can even tell her Ricky send you… more kudos for me.


Go check SexVixxen add her to your favorite and chat live with her.

streamate cam girl

My second choice is Lana_Luxxx : this is a special girl. if you are looking for the real girlfriend experience with a mature sexy and smart girl then this your girl… You cannot go wrong with her.

Go check Lana_Luxxx add her to your favorite and chat live with her.


My third choice is HotGoddess. I truly like her for various reasons. She is fun to talk to. She is not into hardcore sex. She is more playboy style. She is expensive very expensive but if you have the budget to afford her then you are on a crazy ride with her. She is the more girlfriend material that you can find. Be ready to spend around $240 or $300…at least I warn you. I was more than happy with her.

Go check HotGoddess add her to your favorite and chat live with her. 

streamate cam girl HotGoddess

Ok, now that you have cam girls to play with I want to make sure you don’t make those mistakes. I wish I had this information before I spend $1000s. I can share with you my experience on girls on cam.


What’s the best time to get those girls on webcam?

Of course, you go online when your favorite cam girl is online but if you don’t like my choices above I would say around 10 – 11 am eastern time and around 1 pm – 2 pm eastern time during week days.

My main reason is the traffic is low. You can, therefore, chat more easily and get used to the site.

Once you know what you are doing I will say the best time is between midnight and 1 AM Eastern Time. The traffic is purely crazy.

What are the prices with those girls on webcam?

First, the price doesn’t matter if you don’t have a budget. I simply don’t care. Stick to your budget.

Ok, now I can tell you those girls on cam are a little bit more expensive than other websites. You can expect to spend around $3.99/min up to $9.99/min. personally, I recommend a budget of at least $100. Of course, your budget can be lower than that and I have something for you too.

Tell me girls on webcam I should avoid.

This is a good one. Almost all the time avoid page 2 and forget page 3. Set your region to North America and UK only….

9 out of 10 avoid the first 2 rows on page 1… Yes, you hear me right avoid them….

If she is a pornstar… runs my friend … runs fast…

If she has 18 19 years old… run period… I don’t care don’t ask me why just thank me now… you don’t want to deal with a rookie…

Is she Russian or Columbian … don’t deal with that… Of course, you can find an exception. You can always contact me if you want to deal with the best Russian or Columbian on the website.

Should I join a Gold show with those girls on webcam?

The short answer is yes but I’m not a fan. For a cam girl, it is perfect because she can make a lot of money faster… It is harder to get $100 from one person but it is easier to get $10 from 10 people. Now if she put a 6 minutes show and a 14 minutes countdown… she’s in business that’s $100 and more for 20 minutes…. anyway I’m not here to write a cam girl guide… back to business…

Like I said I’m not a huge fan of gold shows but I have those strict rules:

Never join a show less than 8 minutes unless you want to use your free credits or you just want to test the website or a quick fix.

Don’t fall into those free gifts… example free videos and pictures. They don’t worth it. If you don’t believe me then contact me and I can show you one or two.

now I can recommend you a girl to check in a gold show. It is BriannaStarr

Add her to your favorite and try a gold show with BriannaStarr

At low traffic, you can save more money because she is going to lower her price.

This guide is not complete I’ll update it over time with your specific questions.

Right now you have the minimum tool to enjoy girl on webcam.

Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff


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