How to Play the Dark knight Rises game now

I usually don’t promote this type of stuff but this is the dark knight rises game. I mean who wants another stuff to download. Yes exactly no one.

Dark knight rises game

However this time I’m ready to make an exception. Like I said it is the Dark Knight Rises game. Only that it’s a good reason to go play the game.

I’ve been up all night after watching the movie. Guess what? I was playing the game.

I did not expect much from the game until I saw some stats

dark knight rises game review

Yes 193 813 people love that game. Ok yes the picture is not clear but trust me 193 813 love that game.

I’m not alone to do anything to beat those bosses.

batman the dark knight rises game

Ok I stop talking you want to play too

So my US people only play the Dark Knight Rises Game now

To the rest of the world(non US) use the second button below:

So my NON-US people play Dark Knight Rises Game right now

 Beat my dark knight rises game score my friend

Make sure to mark your best score in the comment below.

This is very important you can share any tips that may help us advance in the game…

I cannot wait to hear from you.


One of the reasons I want to here from you is because I struggle to beat the first boss.

Before you ask it is very easy to uninstall the program.

I can even help you do that after you get bored playing games online.

Is it possible to get bored of playing games?

Anyway I hope you will have as much fun as me because that’s the goal.

If you see anything shady or strange feel free to tell me.



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