Sponsored tweets are good or bad for twitter

This is a real question because more and more people use it. After review every side, I can say sponsored tweets is bad for twitter the way it is right now.

From a user perspective

You follow someone for whatever reason. Once upon a time you receive sponsored tweets.

What’s the problem?

You did not opt in to let those advertisers reach you. Imagine that you opt in to a newsletter. Not only you receive the newsletter but also sponsored emails. If you did not opt in for those extra e-mails, we call it spam.

I can give you another example. On instant messaging, your friend talks to you but send you a sponsored tweet just like that. How do you feel about him?

I’m not against advertising but I just feel I help you add more value to make more money.

From my example, I think you should bring opt in box, where you said you follow me and I will send you sponsored tweet too.

From an advertiser perspective

It is the paradise because you can reach an audience that you won’t access normaly. Most of them use twitter outside the website. It means that most of them will be 100% focus to their twitter stream when they use twitter.

If the ad copy is perfect the result will be 10 times better than any other form of advertising you may know.


Chance to get share (retweet) is higher.

Is it good for twitter?

Like I said before, it is not because everyone will go after more followers for that quick buck.

It reminds me when people go crazy after adsense….

The service will go from bad to way better. Until that, twitter will have very bad content and people will move on to facebook. The huge advantage of facebook: you can filter…

I guess that’s the next step of twitter. Be able to filter tweets….

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