September 11 2007 6 years after: the promotion of fears

I’m not going back on what happen 6 years before.

I want to talk about now. Do we get to secure? This is a sign of win for terrorism.

Before those attacks, everyone one in America though there were unbeatable.

Now they want to put so much security that our freedom can be affected.

They will spy every conversation, text message, e-mails and more.

You will get a personal file with all your information in one place. Is that more secured?

I don’t know for you but I will keep some information personal and have total control on that traffic information.

After doing those entire things, we will be more secure?

I don’t thing so.

So are we promoting fears? Are we getting crazy about that?

Seriously if someone wants to destroy something, he doesn’t have to be a genius. He took some physical and chemical courses.

Stop this fear promotion and live our lives.

If something happen, it will happen and we can do nothing about that period.

By being to self control, we just give more emphasis on terrorist and this is what they want.

Don’t do what they want so stop it and turn this page and let’s face the future.

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