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Today I was checking my stats and I noticed that more and more people were looking for a solution to respond messages their receive from other member on their zoosk account.

I mean how ridiculous it is to find someone interesting and you are not able to contact that person.

I know you don’t want to pay zoosk subscription. I know that you want to contact that person so bad.

I’m sure you are going to love this advice. I won’t be able to solve every single problems but I may solve yours today.

At the end of the day you are going to meet that special person. After all,  that’s the goal to meet that special someone.

We cannot lose any second because that person may not use their zoosk account in a near future. You must act now before it is too late.

This is the deal, I cannot show you anything illegal but I can give you a great and good tip to meet that special person on zoosk.

This is the type of tip that zoosk may not like.

 The main tip I use regularly

To understand this tip you must understand the internet right now. As you may know social networks are really big.

Most people are on twitter or facebook. Another thing you should know is everybody use the same nickname and of course their original name.

Now with that in mind , here comes the magic.

Last week I sign up again to zoosk and discovered their new layout.

By the way I’m already annoy by their ongoing e-mails matches. Anyway I find 4 cute girls. Of course I did not want to pay anything.

I decide to copy paste their name into facebook and twitter search box.

Guess what… I find them except one because she use a very weird nickname. Anyway 3 out of 4 is pretty good. It is not perfect but it is a good result so far.

On top of that I am able to duplicate this result. I have a rate of success of 90%. Again it is not great but it is more then nothing.

the whole point I try to make is almost every single girl and (boy) are on other free network like facebook and twitter.

Don’t limit yourself because you can be sure they are on pof and badoo too or any other free services like that.

Those last two, pof and badoo, I will have to discuss a little more about them in a near future.

Once again it was a quick hack to be able to contact the person you want on zoosk.

Of course you won’t find everyone like that but it is good start.

Bonus tip for you my curious and ambitious visitor. You can try my new zoosk hack now.

Feel free to contact me about this hack or any other tips or share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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  1. Why do I need to pay money before send message to someone on zoosk and I really want to use it but is cost money and I don’t need to spend money on it , its only to chat with people’s to make new friends thanks for your attention.

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  3. how do i get to chat with my ZSMS person without subscribing and tell him to facebook me??

  4. Try not being such a cheapskate and actually pay for the service! You want to use it but you want to cheat the system, for shame.

    1. at the same time zoosk should find a way to remove those fake profiles but I get your point .. everything goes both ways…

  5. i have my e mail hidden in my profile on zoosk,and you can send your mob number on your 1st free mail,or your e mail if you leave a space between didgets,or also ask them to search me pro and they will find my contact if interested,,it works for me.

    1. it was working perfectly … unfortunately this page was getting popular and the zoosk team change their stufff to push nicknames only … I’m working on a new solution now… should be out soon

  6. Hi Ricky, I have a question about the zoosk facebook app. I’m trying to find someone from Zoosk on Facebook and I can see that they imported their Facebook profile to Zoosk just like you mentioned. I only know their Zoosk nick and see that they are linked to Facebook, so how can I find their FB? Thank you in advance! 🙂

    1. In the case of Facebook app you can perform a search on facebook. You can choose the city and any interests or any other information they made public on the zoosk profile… so maybe you can send me privately the link to that profile and I can check what i can do for you….

  7. Sorry how do you search on facebook or twitter if most zoosk users just have a very generic nickname, like “lisa” or “francy” ??’ Please let me know!

    1. Great question !!! Of course it is almost if they use something like babygirl69 to find them on facebook but if they use a name like lisa it is your lucky day…. first check the city and search in that city …I guess it is your city so you won’t have to change that…. the next step it is to scroll until you find the picture !!! another thing to know is people use the zoosk facebook app on zoosk .. so they usually import their facebook profile into zoosk…. you have a case studies with pictures and step by step on my computer but I’m to lazy to finish it and publish it… I guess I should … I’ll try to publish it this week … thanks again for your question

      1. Fist of all, thanks for your fast reply, i really didn’t hope so good!
        I am still confused on your facebook tip, I live in a small-average city, about 100k ppl, in Italy, and search a name like “lisa” would not be so easy, in addition one of the first things made me dislike facebook is that you cannot search for city, you can only search name, surname and lately you can also search an email address in the facebook searchbox. If something has changed, please tell me! The only method possible is to send your skype or msn in the very first message, in an “encrypted” way, but I have a very, very low success rate (they don’t bother to cut & paste my address and correct it to add me on a pager…)

        Thanks again

        1. well you can do more than that with Facebook… let me give you a step by step example ….
          (I test this tutorial on a desktop only so I don’t know yet if you can do the same thing on a smartphone)
          first go on Facebook and type “Lisa” in the search box … once you finish very important click the zoom icon on your right … not hard so far…. ok at your left you have search filters… click the second one (people with the man icon) now you can add filters like the city workplace and education… It is not perfect but you can narrow your search like that… I hope I was clear…. anyway tomorrow I should publish the same thing with pictures to be 100% clear … feel free to ask me anything… I hope you will be able to contact the person of your dream with my zoosk mail trick

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