Update drake fan club : how to meet drake today

Yesterday, I received a comment from a huge drake fan.I’ll share it with you:


Ever since drake made it big ive had a nack for his music. His style and his flow is rediculous. He is definately my favorite artist. Im 16 years old and not knowing who this guy even is i look up to him! Ive promised myself that one day i would HAVE to meet drake before i die. If it comes down to it i would pay for backstage passes to a concert of his, but i would like to meet drake outside of the buisness life and have a real conversation with him. Afterall he is a human being just like we are. It would be a once in a lifetime experience to meet my biggest role model. Im not some crazy obsessed stalker. Im just an average 16 year old guy that has a dream. ~God Bless,


Daniel Pledger


I love this comment but I’m sad that I cannot help him.


It is true that in the past it was easy to meet drake. Drake was not a huge star like now. Unfortunately, Drake is a mega star now. Therefore I cannot help you to meet Drake as easy as before.


However I’ll be there to help you as much as I can. This is where I need you to build the fan club. That’s the best way to reach Drake right now.


If you like this idea then share your ideas in the comment bellow.


I cannot wait to read you as soon as possible.




Why you should not use and stay away from Zoosk now?

I received too much e-mails and comments about zoosk from you….

It is time to give my quick answer: I don’t recommend Zoosk to my friends.

Now I’m going to answer all your questions.

Can I help you contact anyone on zoosk 100% free.

My quick answer is no. I was able before but now I don’t have time or my strategy doesn’t work.

Real or fake profiles on zoosk?

You may find fake profiles like any dating websites but zoosk is different. Zoosk is like a ghost town. The vast majority are not going to pay so they will not stay active very long.

Trust me if you do not plan to pay then you must stay away from the website. Okcupid is a great alternative.

Did you like zoosk customer service?

No period. Now I heard they have a phone number now nevertheless I hate their customer service and I’m not alone. Maybe with their customer support phone number it is better. I can’t tell you because I have not tested it.

I have a problem with zoosk, can you help me?

Quick answer is no. You should call them. If you cannot find a solution with them contact me and I will post your story. On top of that you must contact your local consumer protection organization; they can give you the perfect steps to follow.

My recommendation: stay away from zoosk… I said it now you can do whatever you want.


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Why you should not use tagged?

For every legit profile you are going to find 10 fake profiles.

Don’t believe me, go test it.

First I am going to tell you my tagged scam story and then how you can avoid it.

I love Tagged despite the title above but today I did not like my experience. I hope none of my friends get the same low experience. However I was able to meet wonderful people. Unfortunately, I also came across fake profiles.

I mean every day I discover 100 of fake profiles… it is a real problem at Tagged.

Those scammers are getting smarter… This time my scammer did everything by hand.

Tagged scam

It was obvious it was a scam but I contact “her” anyway. Pictures were too good to be true.

I continue. She was in my city so I send her a message.

Right away she asked me for my cell number…

I was suspicious then I asked unconventional questions to make sure it was not a bot behind those messages. I was still skeptic about the whole thing.

I gave my number anyway (not a good idea)….

Hours later I receive this text message:

Free sms: Janine wants a private chat with U! $2/ msg reply yes to start chatting!

I stop it right away. Tagged right now is the perfect place for scammers to test their dating scams stuff. A great website turns out to be the worst find new friends’ website.

I don’t think they will change something because they love those ads page views money.

My recommendation: stay away from Tagged. I won’t recommend any of my friends to sign up to Tagged.


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What is the best legal and free alternative to Megaupload that people love?

Now you may have read the news. The FBI shuts down megaupload.

It’s the end of an era. Maybe it is the end of free illegal contents online like full TV series.

megaupload news

I guess you need a great alternative to share legitimate file with your friends. (I’m talking about legal stuff here)

You are at the right place because I was using a service to replace megaupload before this crazy story. I was using dropbox.

Dropbox is a great alternative to store your best content. Again it should be legal stuff only.

I’m not here to teach you how to steal content. I’m better than that and I’m sure you too.

Anyway the government is watching now.

So Dropbox is free (at least to store a minimum of stuff) and extremely easy to use.

You should check this video to get a sense of what I’m talking about.


Now I think you should have an account for several reasons. First Dropbox is a legitimate business.( a billion dollar business)

Second, you and I need a back up plan if we cannot access to an usb stick or our computer. You and I need a place to share our best stuff with our friend. Personally I use it all the time.

I would like you sign up with my special link below because I will get more free space.

Click here to sign up with my special link please

Of course if you love the service you can share it with your friends to get more free space too.

It’s a win win situation.

Forget Megaupload and start using Dropbox today because you are going to love it.


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Change your facebook layout with the new facebook timeline layout

I think Facebook was spying me. They noticed that I receive a lot of traffic to my how to change your Facebook layout guide.

Thousand of people came and use those guides to make their Facebook profile unique. I was able to be the number one expert in the Facebook change layout game.

Today Facebook change the game once again. Usually I’m furious about a new Facebook layout change but I like the new Facebook timeline layout (however there is a huge privacy problem with timeline).

I decide to create a mini guide to bookmark my step from a lame Facebook timeline layout to a wonderful Facebook timeline experience.

This is just a first step because now I can put apps in my profile. This single option opens the door to something completely new.

Now my guide

1-       Add a cover option at the top right

2-       Take a picture with the best resolution possible.

3-       Click edit profile picture

4-       Again take the best picture possible


At this point I can try to show off with a few profiles

new facebook layout timeline