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How to get 1 million visitors in 31 days challenge: Day 6 Promote without spamming

This is an important step. How can you promote or advertise a product without spamming?

First what is spamming? For me spamming is any kind of solicitation that you don’t authorize to receive. Example if you know peter or toto company, you aloud them to send you product or anything else. However if a stranger try to sell you something without a first contact, it can be consider as spamming.

In my challenge I need to contact stranger so the whole idea it to make that first contact.

For example if I use myspace add them as friend and tell them you like their template or music.


So I need to make that first contact.


I know that they want to promote something because I make a little search about them first.

How long this contact task will take? Maybe 4 days to 5 days.

This is an important time to bring trust and then pitch what I really want.

The goal is to have 20 contacts and maybe extend this to over 100.

The important thing here is be polite and if I see someone is not interested, it is ok and I will meet the next one.

So for the next days it will be the evolution of those contacts.

People in general want free advertising so this is what BlackySky project is all about.


BlackySky aftermath

What a day it was today. Our blog CMS WordPress was bugging because of our new template. We had to go bad reload and erase. Wow !!! We are back better then never that’s the good news the bad news is we lost every subscription. That’s pretty sad. We will have to start again.

Advice number one if you have a website back up back up.

I’m telling you back up plug-in from WordPress are the best plug-in ever. If you have one use it and back up.

As you notice, I go back with my old template. Maybe I will change it next year but right now let focus on the content.

We are back to change the world.

news trends

How to get 1 million visitors in 31 days challenge: Day 5 Find the right word

Yesterday I found out who I want to target. Today I have to find the right word. Having the right word is crucial. It’s all about this hook. If you said the right word people will like what you have to offer.

Any good promotion starts with 3 good words.

The most popular word is free.

People are always listening to the end when they know something is free.

By myself I want to offer a free service.

What people want when they have a product or website? They want to promote it. Being seen is the key in my case.

I won’t go by many roads but only straight forward. I offer free advertising.

Anyone who joins will have free ads space platform.

So my letter is :

I personally invite you to join is a unique platform where you can advertise and promote for free. You can also exchange with others.

I keep it simple because I know people are busy. I only have 5 sec so make it worth it.

I can give you more info about :

Free link exchange

Free Advertising

Free marketing

Improve your seo

Meet new people

Promote your business, product

Learn how to promote.


Learn a brand new dance

Learn a brand new dance that will make you feel good.

We all know that sport is one of the key of a healthy life so why not make it fun too.

Grandpa dance is being ridiculous but proud at the same time ;never feel bad to be ridiculous.


How to get free ringtones

Thank you…

Thank you to come on this page. I know you are looking for a free way to get more ringtones.

I have what you need: (new update, this post was old .. time to use a 2010 solution)


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Power your mobile

The website I talk on this video is mixer

Follow this website because we will give you the best tool for your mobile phone.

Many people were talking trash about Myxer so now you can hear it from the creator himself.

Myxer CEO talks about Myxer

New update:  I’m coming with new tools to get unlimited ringtones so stay tunes … you will love it…