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September 11 2007 6 years after: the promotion of fears

I’m not going back on what happen 6 years before.

I want to talk about now. Do we get to secure? This is a sign of win for terrorism.

Before those attacks, everyone one in America though there were unbeatable.

Now they want to put so much security that our freedom can be affected.

They will spy every conversation, text message, e-mails and more.

You will get a personal file with all your information in one place. Is that more secured?

I don’t know for you but I will keep some information personal and have total control on that traffic information.

After doing those entire things, we will be more secure?

I don’t thing so.

So are we promoting fears? Are we getting crazy about that?

Seriously if someone wants to destroy something, he doesn’t have to be a genius. He took some physical and chemical courses.

Stop this fear promotion and live our lives.

If something happen, it will happen and we can do nothing about that period.

By being to self control, we just give more emphasis on terrorist and this is what they want.

Don’t do what they want so stop it and turn this page and let’s face the future.

news trends

How to get 1 million visitors in 31 days challenge:Day 10 getting traffic faster

Today I reach only half of my potential member list and guess what most of them already refer my website to the one they know. In one hour I reach 300 visitors.

Is it real? I only get real visitors. Some of them stay 2 sec other over 4 minutes. They comment and more sounds great.

You have to be proactive if you want visitors. You have to give and tell people you know about it.

The most important things is to give a lot for your visitors.

This is why I decide to give free advertising online.

The quest continues and I have more people to contact without spamming of course.

Don’t forget this rule: you have to give to receive more.

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How to get 1 million visitors in 31 days challenge:Day 9 Day off… Relax, breath and read

It was an amazing week. I also increase my stat.

Today what I should do? Today is a day off to resume my week and plan the next one.

I have a list of potential visitors; I know what I’m going to say and what I’m not going to say. I’m ready to build!! (Finally)

Next week will be the week to apply all this. This is going to be the week of no mistake aloud.

Ok its Sunday so I’m going to finish my book of the secret.

Is it a great book? Well you can learn stuff inside; of course you have some notion that can leave you sceptical however you have to go behind those words and read between the lines. The secret is simple when you look the whole figure.

Anyway it’s Sunday so I’ll finish my book and take it cool and come back on the challenge tomorrow.

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How to get 1 million visitors in 31 days challenge:Day 8 evolution

Evolution is one of the most important things you should have. You must learn from your mistake. There is no easy step.

You must try again and again. You know you make an evolution when you are not doing the same mistake twice.

Planning your next step with your old step mistake is the key.

I will tell you if my strategy was good. If I did a mistake, I will try again. I still do thing that most of the people need exposure need free advertising so this will give them.

When it is free you must like it. The whole strategy it is giving a unique platform that everyone will like.

Evolution is the key to anything if you don’t learn from your mistake you won’t make any progress.

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How to get 1 million visitors in 31 days challenge: Day 7 The approach

If you want a great approach to any potential customer, you need to know your subject by heart. When I mean by heart is being able to shoot details at anytime and be able to start a fluent conversation. By knowing your subject by heart will give you the ability to find the right word.

It is all about the right word.

Where to start?

Take a subject in general and drive the conversation. Example for music you can talk about music news then to local music then to the artist in front of you and finally talk about music promotion.

This is a step by step to not make feel someone you are going to solicited him.

Is it hypocrite?

Should you go straight to the point? Well I can say yes or no, it will depend of the person and the situation. Follow the step by step and then you will see if you need to do something more or less.

So this is a crucial time, I will need to boost my number.