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Best Facebook proxy: unblock facebook at work and school guarantee

Magic Tool to unblock facebook at your work and at your school from anywhere around the world.

I was in your situation a year ago. I searched hard for the best solution. Today,  I have the best tool  for you.

I only recommend this tool to my friends and family.

I have two options for you today.

One option is free and the other is a paid option.

The best Facebook proxy you will ever use.

I am not a huge fan of free proxy because they do not protect your privacy online. On top of that most of them are scams.

Let me introduce you to hidemyass. It is a service that I used after many frustrations with other free proxy. It is the best free proxy I ever use because they use a ssl encryption.

It is very easy to use:

test the free facebook proxy service

then hit the web proxy tab

Put Facebook or any other website url in the box. Hit the hide my ass button.

unblock facebook at work

Magic!!!! You are on Facebook at work.

Or nope it does not work for you.

Hide my ass does have a list of free proxy that you can test too.

However if your ITs at your work or school are as good as mine then you need a better solution then this.

The best proxy service I ever used period

I am not a huge fan of free proxy because they do not protect your privacy. Their customer services suck or there is no customer service.

Free proxy is not flexible to work with your specific situation.

After month of search I finally found the best proxy service. However this service is not free.

This service works for me, the customer service is great and they protect my privacy.

I’m glad and happy to share this service with you and my friends.

It is very easy to use:

test the Facebook proxy service

Put in the box or any other websites.

best proxy service your will ever use

Make sure you click the https link at the bottom.

Then click proxyfy

You will end up on an error page

unblock facebook now

Make sure you click the subscribe link.

Finally choose a payment option.

unblock facebook now

It is 40$ for 6 months. Very to cheap for the pleasure you will have to surf safe on Facebook at work without any restrictions.

Finally if it does not work for you feel free to contact me because I have other top secrets sources for you.

Now you know everything you should know.


Don’t blame adsense but you

Does traffic matter?

More traffic you have means more money for you? Well this is not true at 100% because you can have one million page views and only make 10 bucks a month
… At the same time you can have one thousand page views and make 10 bucks a week. So what is the different between those two cases?

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Google is cleaning up Internet or become an evil because of paid links?

Google is cleaning up Internet or become an evil because of paid links?

For some people out there Google become too “strong” and is trying to implant is own rules. This is the case of paid links. This all situation create an Anti-Google campaign.

The main question is why paid links exist?

Why paid links?

Some people understand fast that you need others website to get listed at the top of Google search engine. The idea was simple getting a maximum of links on others website with a special keyword anchor. One of the best examples was John chow. He did everything to get the most links possible. Did he succeed? Yes. Every time you were writing make money online, you were able to see john chow at the top.

What is the problem?

Those people were reward other people with prize in exchange of links. Google didn’t like and banned website like the one of John chow.

Does Google hate paid links?

Oh well let me give you what Google think about it and judge by yourself:

Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results. Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such. This can be done in several ways, such as:
• Adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the ‘a href’ tag
• Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file

Google did that to have only the best page at the top, not the one people are trying to put by fake tricks.

Anti-Google campaign is justified?

Many people start an anti-Google campaign just because they get banned by Google. Google rules were clear and they try to manipulate them. Google is the number one search engine and because many of those manipulator our out of the game (from Google), that’s give plenty of room for other new comer who use to be “clean”.

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blackysky Promotion

Free advertising and promotion: BlackySky new logo

Free advertising and promotion

BlackySky new logo

Blackysky logo

Branding is important

I make some changing like my new logo.

This new logo is my first step to make my face on internet. I believe I am the new face of free advertising and promotion.

My goal is helping anyone be a major player. This logo expresses all this.

I hope you will like it but why this.

The blackysky project it is all about the people and their idea and project.

Be part of it now

Share the ultimate advertising solution

src="" alt="Blackysky logo"
title="Blackysky logo" height="100" width="100"

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Be rich with internet: reality or fiction

One day you will make more money then Bill Gates

I don’t know why but since 2 or 3 years. Internet becomes the best place to make money and a lot of people try to be the next millionaire. As you know not everyone can be rich with internet. Most of them fail and only a few succeed.

Yes you can be rich but you have to play smart and be smart.

Rule number one don’t try to duplicate another success innovate.

Sounds easy but hard to do! Not really, I can show you how a guy makes things happen.

A video reality shows about who will be the next internet millionaire. Ok I’m not a fan of reality show but with this one you can really teach you something. Guess what, this is one of the best way to promote a brand.

Watch them, learn and get to work

Episode 1

Episode 2

  • Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7