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Youtube alternative: Viddler review

Viddler tag it for you

When I first see Viddler for the fist time, I was not sure about it. They come in a very competitive market. I would say they come in youtube domain. I rediscover Viddler with tasty blog snack

However the main question is:

What Viddler have to offer more then youtube.

Viddler review

Loading time:

I just put a video to test it live. As you can see the loading, time is ok. I do not know how the system will react on a massive traffic. Anyway nothing bad here


My last check shows around 70K visitor by month. We are far away from youtube network. I randomly took the most popular video on Viddler. Then I look the stats.

Only 1k views this video directly from Viddler. Moreover, 18K views it from an embedded video. For a grand, total of 19K viewers for the most popular video.

You do need to a huge traffic outside Viddler to make it big. Maybe in one year from now, it will change. I hope.

Viddler key characteristic:

Tag Tag… I think you get it. Those tags are the only reason you should use Viddler. Be able to on video portion directly in the video.

Making money:

Not yet possible… but you can advertise with them…

Update: You can earn money.  It is a sharing system 50/50.

Overall quality:

Viddler is great solution for your video. The player got a nice design and the tag function gives a great interactivity with your audience. It can be fun to use. If you are looking to go viral quickly or to make money with you video maybe you should skip Viddler. However, I have to say the community is great and may help you to drive your video to the next level.

More information visit Viddler

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Google Adwords review. Make money or increase your traffic with Adwords

Learn Google Adwords

If you make a search over the internet, you will be to understand that Google Adword is a great tool to promote your website and increase your website traffic. You can also make money with Google Adword.

If you have not an account with Google Adword, it is time to get one.

Reality about Google Adwords

Imagine you got an amazing connection. You got an employee that work in Google for the Google Adword. This person could give you all the inside about Google Adword. This information will be perfect to optimize you Google Adword campaign.

I receive an e-mail about a Google Adwords report from Simon Leung. Simon Leung is an ex employee of Google. He knows the business from inside.

He release a brand new report call “The death of Google Adwords”. This is a piece of information everyone that use or planning to use Google Adwords should have.

It is not free but it is cheap. He sells it for $2. I do not really understand why he sells it so cheap especially with the kind of information you will find inside.

If you have been around the web recently you know Google made major change about many programs like Google Adwords.

Simon Leung, the Google Adwords expert, breaks it down for us.

I recently saw the stats and the sales of this report just blow. I can understand that because of the low price of $2. The feedback is amazing.

At this price I had no choice to contact anyone I know and share it over the internet until he realize he put a higher price.

You want more info click the I want it button

Adwords special report


Increase your website traffic: Increase search engine traffic

Increase website traffic

When I start website and blogs years ago, I wanted to give the best content and service possible. After putting that much effort into those blogs and websites, I wanted to share it with the most people possible. I understand quickly that it will not be easy to drive more traffic to those websites and blogs.

Like you and many others people, I start searching for ways to increase website traffic. I test them all, from search engine optimization to traffic exchange. All those system can be great but not provide a consistent traffic flow on a long-term period.

New system was available to give you more traffic for free, from stumble upon to writing article or being active to social network. At then end of the day, those systems were not a great way to get traffic on a regular basis.

Only you can increase your website traffic.

I understand after a long run that only authority can bring you an unlimited traffic for life.

How do you build your authority?

You need to be seeing first with your great content. Sounds like a vicious circle because you need traffic to be seeing and you need to be seeing to get authority and then get more traffic.

I was in this vicious circle too. I decide to build this website to increase website traffic.

Any major websites are not better then your website or blogs but they have connections. Therefore, I need connection. I decide to build a website where people can discover new websites, blogs, services, skills, talents and much more.

You promote your website, blog talent, skills and business opportunities… That way everyone is a winner. The visitors discover new and interesting content. You drive more traffic. At the same time, you build your authority through a unique and new media.

Increase your search engine traffic

The website is actually growing very fast. In order word if you participate to this website you have a chance to share the website traffic flow. If you participate, you will have a lot of link pointing to your landing page. Therefore, your search engine traffic will increase.

How much does it cost? It is free and easy to use. Increase your web traffic and share your content at the same time in order to increase your web authority

Discover a new way to increase your website traffic for a longtime

Increase your website traffic


Happy new year from Montreal

I wish everyone a warm and happy new year.

BlackySky world will continue is evolution after a terrific month of December. More content more buzz, more ways to promote your content. I hope everyone will reach his or her goal in 2008.

I hope you will continue to read this blog or come back often.

Promotion webmaster tools

Facebook layouts and Facebook backgrounds: time to change your Facebook profile design

Change your Facebook layouts and design guarantee and Impress your friends Today



Major Update

Fact: you need to install an app in order to change your facebook layout (sorry facebook is NOT Myspace)

facebook layouts with new backgrounds

Second option:here

Why you must use this service to change your Facebook layout today?

It is free (no credit card needed)

It is a safe tool (no malware or viruses)

Create your own design (create beautiful page)

It is fast (under 5 minutes … and it’s over)

You have my 100% guarantee (I used it)

Share your new design with your friends

Easy to uninstall

I erase the old tool because it was not working. This is the best tool right now to change your Facebook profile layout and background with any design or picture possible.

You will love it like every visitor that install and use this tool from this page.

It is free.  they will not spam you . I never receive a spam from them since 2007.

Safe and secure

You need to install an app to make it works. Do not worry, there is no malware or spyware. Your computer is safe. It is true that other solution comes with “spyware”.


You have a huge collection of layouts. You can add your own design with the design editor tool.


I was able to customize my page less than 5 minutes. You do not believe me. You should check the demo below.

Easy to uninstall

You uninstall it like any other program on your computer. No spyware viruses or malware will stay on your computer.


I love to provide my readers with high quality tools. This is one of them. I promote it until I find something better.

Second option:here