Why chaturbate has the best live free webcam sex show ?

What’s the best adult chat room out there? Chaturbate?

The other day my friend wanted a fun live free adult chat room. At this point I tell him you should test Live jasmin because I have a great Guide about it.

On top of that you can get the best private shows experience with the best webcam girls . He wasn’t a fan of private show at this point.

More important he don’t want to spend a dime to-day.

Let me check that, He wants a great adult chat experience without spending money.

My solution for him is clear Chaturbate .

He looked at me with a suspicious face. Now I can tell you the 6 chaturbate secrets

6 Chaturbate secrets

1- it is free like really free

Free is a word that everyone use online but in this case Chaturbate is free. You can sign up and never put your credit card. I was a free member for 6 months. Only after 6 months I decide to put my credit card info. Of course Chaturbate is not fun if everyone does that but I will explain you how this thing works.

2- fun sexy girls

Chaturbate don’t have a huge catalog of girls like other major live adult chat rooms but they have the best ratio of fun girl. At least most of them are women or men or couples next door. This is important because on other site most performers are behind a studio company.

My main point is you can find fun people with a brain to chat.

3- Chaturbate evolution is crazy

The fun part about charturbate is his evolution. Everything change so fast. It is healthy. Hopefully their mobile option is going to change too.

chaturbate growth

4- Chaturbate has the best community

The only best reason to stay on chaturbate more than 5 minutes is the community. I won’t lie I was ready to never spend a dollar on chaturbate but the community is fun. This fun community give you a great reason to take part to make sure this community stay there for a long time.

This reason alone is enough to spend money on chaturbate. I always say if you like the community and the chat room take part to support or keep your money in your pocket.

By the way you can become a performer easily. You don’t have to perform nude…

5- Chaturbate is Developper friendly

This is my favorite. The main reason I like chaturbate over anything out there. You can take part as a developer to build the website experience. Of course I would prefer better tools from the get go but hey it’s better than any website out there.

6 – let’s talk about money

First I said chaturbate is free to use. Therefore you can watch shows without spending money. However if everybody does that chartubate would have been dead a long time a go. Of course I give you great reason to like chaturbate. I did not give a solid reason to put your credit card over there.

chaturbate big tips money

Is chaturbate safe?

Nothing is 100% safe online but at least chaturbate let you remove your card information pretty fast. On top of that after a certain time they remove your credit card information from their system. Something many website should do. I look at you Target and Apple. So far I had no problem with chaturbate.

Bonus: My best Chaturbate cam girls

I cannot let you go on chaturbate like that.

First you can sign up to chartubate here … ok do it I’m waiting.

Finally, You can chat with my favorite girls from Chaturbate.

There is no particular order.

skylarsparxxx (wild show)

missmia420 (cute and funny)

the_fuh_kings (hot hot)

melodykush (always have a good show)

michellelovexo ( my personnal favorite)

lilhoneydip (hottest black cam model)


Get free zoosk membership today without doing crazy stuff

Lately I’ve been bombarded by e-mails about zoosk. They asked me how I can get a free zoosk membership. Some even ask me how I can hack zoosk to contact that special person.
You have to read those e-mails, it is insane.
zoosk free
Message Body:
i need tips how to hack zoosk…i’m a free user-tq
Message Body:
Hi I’ve been reading a lot about this zoosk crap and it didn’t take long for that site to get me angry. I’ve been trying to contact one person and no matter what I do I seem to be getting screwed or there’s no way to contact him or find him. I’ve tried other means of finding him but I’ve had no luck. Just wondering if you’d be kind enough to help because I’m ready to throw all my electronics out the window lol. Thanks in advance
Message Body:
ive been trying to find out ansewers of how to message people on zoosk for hours with out subscribing nothings working and im ready to through my computer across the room im trying everything for nothing
As you can see a lot of people want to solve that problem – this is just a sample from what I get every single day.
During the last 6 months I beta test a solution with a small group.
That group and I received amazing results.I would say mind blowing results.
Then I wrote how to do it manually with Facebook.
Again every single person had those same amazing results. It was too good to be true. I was ready to lunch the service for everyone to try it.
However I won’t lunch it today or even in a near future. Someone at zoosk or something like that probably read my post too. They changed the game one more time. So now almost everyone is back to their zoosk username.
Back then it was possible to do a quick search with a name and city to find the contact information on facebook. Now it is harder.
I don’t take impossible like a great answer so now I decide to expand an idea one of my reader told me in a comment section.
Al • 6 months ago ?
you can write your fbk name on profile, if someone is interested in u he/she could add u as a friend, so anyway for using the chat service both the users have to pay premium service….
The idea is very simple so read carefully
In the comment section bellow you are going to expand your zoosk profile like me
So basically you need your zoosk username and any cool fact to contact you
In my case it is going to be
Zoosk username: ricky0604
Twitter: @rickysolon
This is it.
Just copy paste that model. On my side I am going to promote that page like crazy and hopefully people will have a cool database to contact each other.
Keep in mind that this is completely public so if you want a more private thing then this is not for you.
At least it is better than some crazy links I found on Google search engine.
Feel free to send me your feedback.

Zoosk message free and Facebook graph search update

I received a major news today. I did not know that Facebook graph search was not open to everyone.

 New August 2013: zoosk search engine to find and contact a specif user

Now I know why many people had trouble with my zoosk free tutorial.

Today my US readers are going to have Facebook graph search.-I hope or at least this week-

new facebook graph search

The cool thing about this search tool is to target specific people with gazillion criteria.


Hopefully you are going to have it this week.


In the meantime I’m still working on a new zoosk free tool – I won’t called it that way -. It is not an hack because hacking a website is bad.-even illegal-

It is something a little bit more useful. I’m building a search engine for people.

If you have any interest in that you can always contact me to shoot your ideas or skills.


I was part time on the project but I’ll be full time in 2 weeks.

At least my UK readers was able to play with the Facebook graph search and find hot girls from zoosk without breaking zoosk system(very important).

Success  from my UK reader

zoosk free feedback

Again I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that the Facebook graph search was on Beta and limited to beta users only.


Right after you are able to get Facebook search graph feel free to use it and share you tips and feedbacks in the comment section below. Together we can do a great job.



zoosk hack : send messages for free

I hope everything is great on your side because today we need to talk about Zoosk.

As you may know I have become the main reference to help people like you to send free messages on zoosk.

Every day 100s of people stop on this website to check and test my tips and tricks.

Before I continue I highly suggest you check those tips because they are good.

Go check  my latest zoosk hack now

Like I said this website is very popular. Popularity has a price. People at zoosk can check the info too.

Guess what? I’m sure they did.

Lately I noticed more and more crazy usernames.

I think there are more fake profiles.

less real active user

or zoosk change the game once again.

Of course it is not good for any of us. I don’t want to give a trick to break in the website so we need to find a new solution again.

In the meantime I still recommend POF and OKCupid.

I’m working on two projects “blackysky profile finder” and “blackysky dating box”. I cannot talk much about them but I hope it will solve everyone’s problems once and for all on zoosk and online dating in general.


My best black sex cam girl on Streamate

Lately I was looking for a sexy sweet black sex cam girl to video chat online.

I wasn’t able to find a good one on livejasmin. I turn to my other favorite website: Streamate.

I discover Imari Minx.

She is a hot black webcam girl.

First she is sexy with a nice round ass. Always good to have that if you ask me.

However her sexy voice caught my attention.

I was under her charm immediately. I won’t lie I wasn’t sure if I would go private with her.

Two main reasons the price and she was weird at first.

Last time I play with her it was 4.99/min … I know it’s kind of expensive.

The second thing was her attitude at first it was weird.

She was so quiet I was ready to go check another girl.

Something changes because she did something she never does… A gold show (a gold show is a group show)… I was able to invest $5 for a show….

I was under her charm…

She was sick that’s the main reason she was weird that day. She has a great sense of humor.

That crazy ride gave me that confidence to go private with her for a good 20 minutes….

She is able to do everything but if you want to see her eyes spin

Make sure she is rubbing her clit….

Today I can recommend her to anyone especially if you are looking for a sexy black girl on cam willing to do anything.

Like always I don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk….

As you can see below I had a great 20 minutes with her.

sexy black webcam girl streamate
Start a private session with Imari Minx or add her to your favorite list today
Tell her Ricky sends you if you want…..
Remember you can end a session at anytime, you are the boss.
If you have any questions about a sex cam girl feel free to send it to me…