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One month without adsense on my website and I still make more money

It is time to look back, it has been one month without adsense and I can successfully say I made more without adsense.

Yes, it is possible to make more money without adsense… I mean way more.

Like anybody, the main way to start make money online was with adsense. I test one month without adsense and find out some interesting result:

I make more money without adsense

More important: my page view increase by 40%

More money without adsense

The reality is you think you make money with adsense but in fact, you lose money with adsense.

There is ton of reason for that and I will tell you what I found out:

Once they click they gone:

there is no way you can build a relationship with adsense ad on your site. In short term, you will make a few bucks but in long term, you will not be able to build this loyal readership.

Ads quality:

this is a huge problem and you have no control period. Therefore, if a crap ad is on your website, people will think you endorse this product. Let me tell you there are some ads on Google that you do not want to be link to period.

Those two aspects make your website and your brand look like crap. It was hard for me to understand that because every month I could see the money in my account. Then I realize my brand worth more then a couple of buck every day. I want to build something solid and I believe the long term will be more profitable.

More page view without adsense

Page views explode without adsense. The reality is people stay more if they do not have Google adsense to deal with. I discover that the number of inscription to my rss feed explode too.

Therefore, I believe I make the right choice to take off Google adsense.

How did I make more money without adsense?

The reality is people focus way more on the content without adsense so I can lead them to any of my product or promotion.

Stay tune because I ‘m working on a new way to beat Google adsense.

Yes, you can beat Google adsense too.

It will be the first project under the BlackySky Ads service.

Hope you will like it too.

Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff

4 replies on “One month without adsense on my website and I still make more money”

OK I totally get it but HOW??
Adsense just de-activated my account for no apparent reason, something called invalid click something, but that’s just a load of crap because I didn’t even make up to $20 and I had the account running for 2 weeks.

it’s not a joke , yes my grammar is horrible and this is not a PPC article… what’s so false ??? I make more without adsense.. and my traffic and page view increase 🙂 I did a great job you stop by and write something ….

Is this a Joke? This could very easily be the most poorly written PPC article on the entire web. Nothing is justified, grammar is consistently incorrect and most importantly – Your information is false.

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