Best livejasmin hack in 2015 with no survey

Update November 2015 : Cool new livejasmin hack is coming soon… you are going to love it guaranteed

One file from a livejasmin hack script can gives you as many free livejasmin credits as you want in exchange for your personal information.

I am like you that’s why I wrote my livejasmin guide .

I want to use livejasmin for free too.

I want those free credits as soon as possible to watch those hot girls.

HOT Hack!! cool update to watch free cam models live show in 2015 

Inside that livejasmin Hack

I’m like you. I do not usually trust an adult website with my credit card.

Therefore I act like anybody. I begin a search on google. I was searching for a livejasmin hack.

Oh boy I found over 2 millions links….

I click the first link .
It is a simple page with a link.

I click the link and the download begins.
This is when it’s getting ugly.

Very ugly.

livejasmin hack file creep file

I open the zip file.

I try to run the livejasmin hack script but the script asks me for a password.

livejasmin hack file
I check the read me file and discover a link to get that special password.

livejasmin hack file fake passwords
This is the crazy part.

I go to that random website and a black page appear. On that page a scan system begins.

It is a trap.

It is a scam in a scam.

Then I realize that if I want to control and steal personal information I would done it the same way.

I would pick a popular paid adult website then I would create a livejasmin hack script and link everything to anything to make money out of that transaction.

Not only it is dangerous but you are alone when you have that script on your computer.

They can blackmail you if you use it on livejasmin.

Why a free livejasmin hack?

I am not here to tell you what to do. You are smart enough. I just want to warn you like a good friend.
People on the internet can do crazy thing to make a $1.

Of course you can read my livejasmin guide to get a fresh and new perspective on livejasmin.

However please if your plan was to use livejasmin without paying then keep it that way.

Seriously don’t use the livejasmin  website if you don’t plan to spend money and more important do not use a random livejasmin hack script you find online unless you write it yourself.

Your privacy and integrity worth more then any free credit you can get from a script.
Anyway you can get free credits from those scripts in exchange of your personal information only.

Now you know the truth behind those scripts.

That’s the main reason over 2 millions people are fighting to give you a ‘’Free’’ script.

Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff


  1. Hi Ricky I’m Fabian 🙂 I hope that when this hack comes out it will top up your new or old free account without having a credit or debit card I can’t get a hack that tops up your account when you have £0.00 anyway here’s my email I believe in you and that you can do this :))

  2. All this talk about credit card security. Has no one
    heard about U Kash. Just walk into a shop and ask for 10
    20 50 or 100 euro. Go to your account and submit your
    voucher number and off you pop to Disneyland!!!

  3. Will i be ok if i just deleted everything i downloaded? or are there some hidden files already in my computer when i downloaded?

    1. You must scan your computer with a anti-virus and anti spyware. Delete those files. Then do another scan. Finally use a time machine to go 2 days before you install anything on your computer. If you nee more help, feel free to contact me.

  4. Hi, I read your post with great interest, yes Ypu right, lots of false hacks and scams

    I ask, do you know of any thta re real and work. ?


    1. Right now no because livejasmin do have a team to secure their website. it’s not impossible but you need to know what you are doing. Almost 98% livejasmin hack are useless and can lead you to trouble.

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