LiveJasmin Guide: How to watch Livejasmin best web cam girls

It’s 2016, it is time to get an update to be able to chat with the best webcam girls from livejasmin with HD and high-quality sound. 

livejasmin guide

This is the LiveJasmin guide I wished I had in 2012. Over 10 000 real people, since 2013, use this livejasmin guide to picking the best web cam girls models from livejasmin.

Some people were able to find true friendship, a good listener or just the perfect fantasy online. Anything is possible.

Today you can explore this live cam world on LiveJasmin anywhere around the world.

pick 8 of my favourite web cam girls just for you (I try to update the list on a regular basis).

You can also read the rest of this guide because you might find the information to save you time and money and reach your ultimate fantasy faster.

As always your comments and e-mails are more than welcome because your opinion is important to me.

Again don’t forget to watch my 8 best web cam girls live on LiveJasmin with description.

livejasmin cam girl

My first choice is LittleRedBunny because she is the perfect girlfriend. I’m able to talk about anything with her. She is very smart and sweet.

You can’t go wrong with her.

She is one the most popular girl on Livejasmin. If you have one girl to pick first then she is the one.

I recommend her to any new member. If you are ready to chat live with one of the best cam girls on live jasmin then you are at the right place. In my case, I’m ready to share that link

you are one click a way from a wonderful experience. At least you know your choices with the link bellow.

let’s go and play with Ao1Clitoria with the link bellow

Chat live with webcam girl LittleRedBunny 

My second choice is karllasweet4u because she is wild and very responsive. She is one of my favourite cam girls. She is a real no drama her blue eyes…

She is crazy because she has no limits or almost no limits …

On top of that, I love her voice. You only need around $10 -$20 to have a great experience with her.

If you are ready to chat with a wild and sexy girl then Karllasweet4u is your girl. On the other page, you can create a free account or chat right away with her if she is online

don’t wait for another second and chat with that sexy lady with the link below.

Chat live with webcam girl Karllasweet4u  

My third choice is Babylove514 because she is innocent but wild at the same time. She is mature and sweet at the same time. I love her smile.

More important she takes the time to ask you exactly what you want. she is a bit expensive but so far I had no regrets with her.

if you love a blond sexy girl with a great personality then she is for you. You can still grab your free account on the other page to chat right await with a cam girl.

Stop waiting and go have fun right away with babylove514

Chat live with webcam girl babylove514 

You did not like my top 3 from the best cam girl then you should check my top 8.

After you click the link bellow, you ‘ll redirect to my top 8 live Jasmin webcam girls. At this point, you don’t need a credit card.

Go ahead and click the link bellow to read and use my list. I’m extremely happy about this list.

Check my best 8 live Jasmin webcam girls complete list here

As you can see in 4 years I was able to build a database to save you time and money.

My main goal is to make sure you deal with the best girl only. Right now you can pick one of my webcam girl selections and have a blast online. If you are ready to create an account and explore live jasmin do it now.

They won’t ask for your credit card unless you are ready to put it online.

I waited 1 month before I put my credit card on LiveJasmin.
Create your free live Jasmin account and spend money only when you are ready.

Best Questions about LiveJasmin!

Can you trust live Jasmin with your credit card?

This is a fair question. I would say trust nobody online. However, I use the service since 4 years a go. I still had no problem. I can show you, happy customers, too. At the end, it is your choice. By choosing to use a credit card you have a protection. Trust me adult service like live jasmin doesn’t want to mess with your bank. Anyway, that’s your choice.

How to pay with your phone on LiveJasmin?

Last time I checked you can do it like a desktop. You click on get more credits. Follow the instructions and enjoy a live show.

Where and when to use your LiveJasmin credits?

Use it only during a private show. Do not spend your credits else where… I hope I’m clear.
Do not spend your money on a LiveJasmin 1 credit peek show. It’s a complete waste of your money and time.

what’s the best Livejasmin hack script?

That’s a good question. Unless you are able to write your own script do not use a script from someone else. Trust me you do not want to download and use someone else script. You never know what they put in their script to make money with it. I test 20 LiveJasmin hack script. Most of them do work, required to do a survey or they had a malware.

I discuss more that here

How to use cam to cam with an iPad or iPhone?

The answer is you cannot use your iPad to cam to cam. At least right now you can’t but in the future, I’m sure you will be able to do it. In the new Jasmin interface, you need to start a private show and activate cam to cam. it’s straight forward. I recommend that you use google chrome or firefox.

How much are you going to spend on live Jasmin?

The answer is from $30 up to $150. You can pay around $1.99/ minute up to $9.99/minute.
Most girls on live Jasmin are around $1.99/minute up to $2.99/minute.

In a good private show, you are going to spend around $30.

How do I know the price of every single cam girl on live Jasmin?

You need a free LiveJasmin account to know the answer. No worries you can open a LiveJasmin account without a credit card or anything. I waited 1 month before I put my credit card in LiveJasmin.

How do I pick the right cam girl on LiveJasmin?

First, you need a budget.

Stick to your budget because LiveJasmin is very addicted. Once you have a budget follow this framework:

What If the cam girl has…..

– No HD cam = don’t pay the cam girl
– No mic = don’t pay the cam girl
– Not friendly in free chat = don’t pay the cam girl
– Don’t answer your questions = don’t pay the cam girl
– Face in private chat only = don’t pay the cam girl
– Squirt in her name = don’t pay the cam girl
– Busy watching elsewhere = don’t pay the cam girl
– Weird voice in the back = don’t pay the cam girl
– You cannot understand her = don’t pay the cam girl
– Similar bedroom from another cam = studio = warning = may pay / don’t pay the cam girl
– Over 3.99 / minute = contact me… trust me to contact me first…
– Extremely low price = warning = make sure she succeed everything I mention above.

Cool fact you should know before I finish.

You can get free credits on LiveJasmin.

You can put your credit card then buy credits and then remove your credit card.

If you have more questions feel free to contact me.

Like I said before, you can create a free LiveJasmin account without a credit card (I waited 1 month before I put my credit card on the system) and explore the website.

If you like it, this is cool, if you don’t like it then at least you will have a good reason to hate it.

I’m happy over 4 years customer and I hope you are going to love to live Jasmin like me.

I create this page to make sure you go straight to the fun part without wasting your precious time.
Yes, those girls are real and live !!!!

Now it is time to watch the best live sex show you could imagine.

You are one click away from a live show. You can wait or interact with the girl with your free account. By free I mean you can build a profile without a credit card.

Play with the best livejasmin webcam girls now

PS: I’m glad over 10006 people use this guide to play on live jasmin on a daily basis.

Thank you again for your trust, emails and comments.

I do receive great and bad e-mails from cam girls or studio operator but they won’t influence my opinion or my data.
Have fun guys and I hope you can make a wise decision now !!!

Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff


  1. Great guide Ricky!
    I am too a happy customer of LJ. If I may, I would like to give you my cam girl suggestion, and maybe you can check her out too! Her name is Sammi Jade, she’s american, sexy and very fun girl!
    Thanks for the good work on the blog!

  2. Nessuna ragazza superiore fa la maggior parte di questo. Fatta eccezione per la qualità video. Lo so perché io sono una ragazza superiore. Io non intrattenere una scia di perdenti nella mia chat gratis.

    Tizi reali con soldi veri non sedersi lì e perdere il mio tempo in chat gratis. $ 1,99 un minuto è a buon mercato per le ragazze che pensano che non meritano di più e i perdenti che non possono permetterselo. Ma almeno sei su LJ. Ogni ragazza cam stimabile conosce LiveJasmin fa schifo e non sprecare il loro tempo lì.

  3. I relly like LoryBrunetteX and freshPussy18
    You need to show respect and be gentle to both of them and believe me once they win your trust, you would have the best online experience with them. I often end up spending 30-45 minutes with each of them these days….

  4. I think you guys are definetly idiots if you believe a camgirl will fall in love with you.She will say anything she needs to say to make more money out of you and that involves ANYTHING…yea you heard me right: anything!!
    A good model will take her clothes off at least 1 min after the show started .And no , we don `t talk to all idiots in free chat because is best to address to people in the chat as a group and not always individually , if I `d speak to everyone in freee chat what would be the point for them to go pvt? when we can have a free conversation?
    You are a client on jasmin , yea, sure you are that `s why you are telling people lies like put your credit in and then take it out and you can get free credits.BULLSHIT!

  5. Curious are some woman on this site legitimately trying to earn money to provide for their family or is that just a con to get members to come back making the members empathetic to their situation?

    1. There is some. Most of them view it as a great way to make as much money as possible in a short time because they know it’s not career.

  6. Hey,
    I met this girl on livejasmin that I really liked. She had beautiful eyes and I can tell she has a beautiful soul. I know its kind of weird to actually think of a woman who is giving the service she is giving in such a way, but I would actually be willing to try to win this girl’s heart. It’s MelanyxBlack. Do you think I am just being an idiot or would this be something that could happen?

    1. Really, really depends on the girl. Keep in mind, this is a business and the girls have business on their minds ($$$). Many have separate lives that don’t want to mix what they’re doing with their personal/private lives. I’m currently involved with one lady on a webcam site who is also a professional in real life. I’m fully aware of what she does there and I’m not emotionally attached with her, although her beauty is alluring. Good luck!!!

    1. Well if you ask for a chargeback it is a pretty fast and drastic process but a refund is usually in form of livejasmin credits.. but you can always talk about your specific problem to the customer support. So far they have been very responsive. I hope I answer your question.

  7. Great suggestions! Wish I could have found out about them sooner, otherwise I would have saved my credits on those 1 credit peek shows and 1 credit for 100 votes. Just started an account with LiveJasmin. I’m very impressed with the ladies on the site. I’ve already found a few favorites. I’m curious to find out if there were any active porn stars on the site. Found one, but she hasn’t been there in over a year.

    1. yes they have active porn stars but most of them quit or use their own services. From my opinion the word pron stars is overrated anyway. You can find interesting girls for sure on Livejasmin. So far the quality have been up on livejasmin and that’s a great thing

  8. how i can open livejasmin account with no need for creditcard because it required to add credits first before i can use the lj page

  9. I think this guide is okey. If I would be a man I would like it. I dont think also (as reading all comments) this post should guide a man who to rip off camgirl. U can find positive x negative everywhere. There are girls with 2usd price who maybe deserve more … there are girls with 9usd price and might sucks…and every men like something it is hard to reccomend i think? Also when I was new and browsing some girls as guest I did not understand –member: hello girl, u r pretty how r u today? girl: lets go pvt LOL… I would never do this..there are lot of men who like to build at least small relation with a girl and know her a bit better and after that happily spend money for her..and i enjoy also pvt more when I have some kind of relation with a it goes both sides and nothing is perfect…Have a nice day.

  10. Do you think there is a way for me to contact one of the girl?
    She used to offer a show but as I get back to live jasmin it seems that she has been offline for 6 months and I would love to know more about her and get in touch with her. Do you think that is possible? If so, will you help me providing information on what I have to do.


    1. Do you think there is a way for me to contact one of the girl?
      She used to offer a show but as I get back to live jasmin it seems that she has been offline for 6 months and I would love to know more about her and get in touch with her. Do you think that is possible? If so, will you help me providing information on what I have to do. Her profile name at LJ is rebecaL or rebecalynn


  11. Like the site, learned a few things. Do you think the women on LJ can record an on-cam customers? Are there LJ rules against that?

    1. Most of them do not do that for various reasons (against rules, law, not fun, etc…) but to answer your question yes in theory they can record an on-cam customers. I haven’t seen a case about it. I always say, if you don’t feel comfortable about it then don’t do it. as simple as that. I hope I answer your question.

  12. I want to try out the site but not get taken for a ride. Can I still buy credits then remove my card and not get charged? I am more than happy to pay if its what I am looking for but dont want to lose money on chance. Thanks in advance.

    1. You can buy credits and then remove your card but you will get charged. However if you have a bad experience contact the customer service immediately. They will find a solution for you.
      Still can’t find a solution then you can always contact your card company. In my experience the customer service was very helpful and very responsive.

      Hope I answer your question.

  13. Quick insert–I pay 4.99 for NikkiDiamond69, and it’s worth every penny. She is experienced, hot, Russian, she actually TEMPTS the crap out of you during free chat, and she’s quick. (Yes, I’m one of the more shallow users). Just wanted to insert that for me, NikkiDiamond69 is well worth the 2.5X cost–she does what you want, when you want, and is SOOOOOO hot.

    I’ve also done several 1.99 and 2.99 experiences–they’re not as good, plain and simple. My opinion.

    1. Not true I’ve seen $1.99 10 times better than a $7.99… But hey I get it you want to push your girl. I’m fine with that. The reality is price do not define the quality. I’ve seen girl making over a $1000 a day with a $1.99 and I saw girl completely miserable at $5.99. It’s a complex thing to choose the right price. I always say to any cam girl do not focus on the price but focus to build your fan club. True fan won’t care if you raise the price. Once you have the fan club you are pretty much unstoppable. ask Apple about it…

  14. Let’s take this puppy to the next level.
    Here are my bulletproof guidelines:
    No need to fight with a bad performer in pvt (private) ever. Don’t fight because the Judge is on your side. LJ is on your side so long as you fulfill their official guidelines.
    Follow this protocol when entering a pvt, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:
    1)Say hello in pvt and your name, age and country (Hi im John 31 usa), she will tell hers. you can tell her “you look so hot baby” etc. she will maybe ask if you have camera – just answer “yes” and tun it on if you like or “no sorry”/”no cam tonight” etc (no need to be apologetic about this). this conversation will take less than a minute. then:
    2) Tell her what you want but use *exactly* the wording from her willingness list (fingering, Anal, Dildo etc) eg. “I want hot Anal show” “i want to see you finger yourself” “i want you play with dildo in pussy baby”. if then she is just dragging time (keeps chatting/just takes top off/dances/demands you open camera etc) and not starting the show or trying to con you in some way :
    3)You must write “you are not doing anything, this is bullshit i’m going to get a refund” or “you are not doing what i asked i am leaving and will get refund” or “i am not satisfied I am going to get a refund” and then EXIT the private.

    Parts 1-3 are crucial in order to get a refund from LJ help desk with zero fuss from them.
    LJ refunds credits according to very clear guidelines :
    1. Performer must provide full nudity in Girl cateogry.
    2. It’s normal to talk in the beginning (short introduction).
    3. The performer must perform what is on her willingness list uppon request.
    4. There must be indication in the chat log (they check the record) that you were not satisfied and that’s why you left the pvt.

    LJ will refund you and will contact the performer.
    in a period of 30 days:
    First time she gets contacted by Admins, she just gets a warning.
    Second time 5$ fine
    third time 10$ fine
    fourth time 24 hour suspension
    fifth time 72 hour suspension
    sixth 168 hour suspension
    seventh closure of her account on lj.

    I’m not into abusing performers. But a bad performer should get hammered. She is doing it on purpose. she is trying to abuse your inexperience and thinks you are stupid. and she’s getting what she deserves.
    On the other hand a good performer who is an accommodating hostess in pvt and is happy to give you service, is worth her weight in gold. tip her even in pvt. at the end tell her nice things , tell her how much satisfied you were and you so happy, and that you appreciate her. Say thank you and give her a kiss when you leave the pvt. Don’t forget to rate her 5 stars and leave a positive review and a nice badge on her wall.

    Here’s a little bonus tip for crazy members :
    If you are super hot for a certain performer that didn’t perform in your pvt, and you went and got the refund. the next pvt after you, will enjoy her alertness of the situation. she will not make same mistake in order not to get fined. this is a good time to pvt her under a different nickname 🙂 some extremely difficult girls need to get hit with the 10$ fine to wake up. just pay attention that a different operator is talking to you at LJ help desk each time you get refunded (if she doesn’t perform).

    1. Why would it matter to speak to a different admin for each refund? As you enter the support chat, the entire previous chat logs are listed anyways. Not to mention that the admins have a log search program to look up every single previous chat log from the Online Support Chat

  15. I think the creator of this guide is full of himself. Think about the reason why cam sites exist, from both POV. Yes the cam girl is their to make money and does so by satisfying members who actually spend their money. Yes most guys are looking at cam sites to be turned on & entertained.

    However it’s not all about how quickly you can satisfy yourself (fap fap fap), think that the girl that you are demanding to strip after what was it 2 min (can’t be bothered to scroll up to see your timer !!!!) has to put up with so much crap to earn her wage.

    Don’t you think that a cam girl deserves the same respect as you would give any other that you would meet in the real world. Sure you want to get your money’s worth, but I for example happen to really enjoy the time with my fav girl. Sometimes it will lead to “explosions” other times we just have a short time where i choose to enjoy her company with more to say than i could in free-chat.

    This is how i choose to spend my money on this girl, not all about a quick jerk, but to appreciate her and what she does. You see not all guys think like you and yes you’ve had responses that agree with how you speak to your ‘fav’ girls but out of how many 1000’s that look at cam sites every week

    1. First thank you for your comment. You are right. I did not stress enough that respect is super important on Jasmin or any other cam site. I’ll correct that. In this guide I try to help people who wants a quick show or people who wants the complete experience. At the end, this is just my experience on jasmin. You can use it or not. you may think it is great or dumb but my idea was to give a point of view for those lost souls wondering what’s behind those private show. Again thank you for your comment it will help me improve this jasmin cam site guide.

  16. Hi there
    Very interesting opinions i read in here.
    I am a memeber on livejasmin for 3 years now and my best favourite is 1to1HornyCandy she speaks flawless english and she won`t waste your money.Incredible personality i really recommend her with pleasure.


    1. I have to agree with you about 1to1hornycandy. She is a very sexy girl and is present to talk to and once in private she is very accommodating. In fact it was her birthday a few days ago and I didn’t have time to go for a private show but I made a point to log in and stop by her free chat and tell her happy birthday and leave her a tip. What too many guys lose site of is the fact that these girls are human beings and just working to pay the bills like most of us are. I don’t care if I’m talking to someone online or face to face, I do not treat them like my personal property or anything less than a person. The guys I really hate are the ones that hide behind the nick name of guestxx and blurt out rude and crude shit in free chat. The girls are good at ignoring those guys but everyone can have an off day and let the trolls get to them. I’ve seen a couple girls break down and start crying and my heart goes out to them. Think about it guys. Would you like to be at work and have people treat you like crap or insult you because you won’t give out for free what you are selling to earn a living. Really, open ass bb, open pussy, stick your finger in your ass and lick it bb. Is that how you talk to people in general? If so your parents must be so proud they raised a rude, inconsiderate, worthless piece of crap of a son with no social skills.

      Ok, I got off topic there for a bit. My point is, 1to1 is a great gal and well worth spending time with.

    1. I let them express their opinions… normally successful cam girls are more positive than the one in the comment section… How do I know? I chat with them all the time.

  17. Charging 1.99-2.49 credits on LJ is better than 2.99+ for most girls.

    – You will get longer privates.
    – Less time spent in free chat.
    – Every second in free chat is a second you’re not being paid for.
    – A lot of 2.99 girls are in free chat for 30+ minutes sometimes. At 1.99 they would be in pvt during that time.

    I will only pay 2.99+ for a very hot girl (theLIONES, 121Karina, 05AlexaLove, etc). If they were 1.99 I would pvt them all the time. At 2.99 I pvt them much less often.

    Overall net, they make less money from me at 2.99 than at 1.99. For example, I would rather do 1 hour at 1.99 (120 credits), instead of 40 minutes at 2.99.

    If they’re 2.99, I will only do 20-30 minutes (60-90 credits) to save credits.

    To decide your best price, for a day, I would put your price at 2.99, count the average minutes between pvt’s. The next day, put your price to 1.99, count the average minutes between pvt’s. Then you will be able to calculate if maybe you make more money at 1.99 or not.

  18. Hello Ladies, I just joined liveJasmine and I need to talk to a professional girl that works there. I need a mentor. Some type of guidance. please contact me Asap

    1. You should go straight to those cam girls forum asap but your best bet is still a cam girl convention or something like that…Or the coolest spot right now is twitter. if you still need help you can always contact me … I can help you …

      1. I have thoroughly enjoyed one cam girl in particular. I want to communicate with her outside LJ but I don’t want to get her in trouble. I am fine paying for pvts with her. She wants to be able to communicate with me as well. She can’t break LJ rules on this but I don’t have any of the same rules. She has made that clear to me. She tells me to think about how to do this. Should I just give her my twitter handle and let her contact me or will that get her in trouble? If twitter isn’t the best avenue can you guide me to other methods?

  19. Hi Blacksky. Excellent article sir. I appreciate your breaking some of the things out as I can see first hand, you are correct and understand from the customer POV. I know it is difficult for the ladies to get thru the mountains of idiots and freeloaders on the site, but it is also important to be able to speak to them some to see who they are. It is no different than when I am at a bar and the woman wants to talk to see how compatable we are. On the site, it is important determine compatability. Rock on sir!

  20. my goal is to make the whole experience great because I know from the outside it can be strange at first …. glad you like it

  21. I think the “models” commenting on here are very rude,upset, and out of place. I am a very generous customer who keeps coming back to a few select girls. Why? Because of their positive attitude. You could be the best looking woman on Earth, but if you are a bitch all the time it’s a huge turn off.

    Also, comparing being on a webcam to real life escorting, etc is a stretch. You aren’t physically touching anyone and you are in the safety of your own home for the most part. So why do you think the pay should be similar? That’s like a medical professional giving advice online and wanting to be paid the same as a doctor physically performing surgery.

      1. Very true about a positive attitude Ricky. The only thing I can add is, remember everyone can have an off day. Spend some time in free chat and see what the girls have to put up with day in and day out. If they get a little bitchy, there is a chance it was provoked and you just happen to show up when she was stressed and ready to explode. Quick example. When I was new to the site I would pick a girl by how hot she was in her profile pick. I picked a hottie one day and she was not present at all. Bitchy. As time went by I learned that it is best to visit in free for a while before determining weather or not to go to private with her. Several months after my bad experience with her I went back to her room and chatted in free and she seemed much more present so I took her to private. Once in there I told her about my first experience with her and asked why she was so different this time. She explained what was going on with her at the time and appologised. She is now one that I visit on a regular basis. When I am broke I stop in free chat and visit for a while. She is pretty great and I’m glad I didn’t let one bad experience keep me away.

        On the other hand there are bad ones. Just remember there are two sides to every coin.

  22. I agree with everything here!! I recently joined live jasmine and have seen a lot of these “games” if you will from the models idk maybe its just me but I’m glad I came across this guide screw what everyone else says about this lol

  23. sweetie i know you know its me….. i had to write my email down before i could post… not trying to hide anything guys I’m Mary Jane Kennedi and I’m a cam model so calling me out really doesnt matter.. and i also understand your point, but youve got to remember we deal with many dif kinds of people day in and day out i have an idea… lets make you a cam girl and then you should write a topic on that … and these methods may work for you, but this is more advice on new cam models that dont know what theyre doing just because theyre new.. if youre seriously going to get respect from a cam model since you NEED to pay to watch anyways… these methods will do nothing but like i said get you blocked. have fun “searching” for that cam girl that will respect you.

    1. It’s always fun to talk to you Mary 🙂 but what are you talking about ? let me be clear this time … you can find thousands of cam girls not all of them are fun smart friendly or worth my money or anyone money…the idea is to help men find a cam girl that will fit their personality… some girl might like dumb jokes other are not ok with that… now if the cam girl block me than what … it’s like a date not everyone fit together … if you want to bitch about my guide I’m ok but you should bitch about studios that rip off cam girls … you should bitch about those cam sites that only give you 30% you should bitch about other thing than that … you should be happy that someone like me is sending traffic to cam sites … it is because people like me that those cam girls can have money at the end of the day ….so I don’t understand your point …. it is time that someone help those men to get the best experience possible… so far so good I’m doing great … how do I know ? because men came on this page and follow my mini guide… Guess what they are spending money every single week now …Money is the biggest vote… So I got news for you while you are pissed off right now …some girls are getting paid and those men have a great experience …it’s a win win proposition… So you cannot teach me nothing …. I know a lot about the cam industry … I want to create the best experience for those men… it’s time this business grow ….

  24. I am a cam model and I write for blog. I actually like this piece for the most part. It gives a typical user’s perspective and it’s effective copy for Live Jasmin. I do differ about the price, I would tell even a new model, with the right equipment and personality, to charge $3.99 a minute or more depending on what they are willing to do.

    The models only make a percentage of the price charged. We are there waiting to share the most intimate parts of ourselves with you and give you something to remember. A good cam model will do things for you that you know no other woman will do. Treat your cam girl well and she will take care of you. ?

    1. first I hope your blog is going up again because it was good… Now about the price… I understand your cam girl point of view and I understand that a girl only get a small percentage. However for a customer 3.99 a minute is 3.99 a minute no matter what… for a brand new user its a bit harsh. That’s the main reason I say to the customer to go with the 1.99 a minute .. The cool thing is on Livejasmin you can find quality at that price tag… it’s not true for other website out there.. that was my point of view… I do plan to release something for cam girl in 2013….

      1. I’m with Unique on this one. 1.99 is :[ Depending on what cam site you’re on or if a girl is working for a studio the girls only get 25% of that rate so basically they’re f***ing themselves for pennies for a virtual escort experience.. What more do you want you get to pick a pretty model that wouldn’t give you the time of day in real life and see her do sex acts. And you get to record it. I know guys record and share their privates. Yet I’m sure most guys have no problem paying for pizza or video games. You can’t even get a lap dance for $20 bucks. But you’d lowball a sex worker. Just seems like a lack of respect to me. But if guys could get away with paying nothing they would. Guide to being a cheapa** no doubt.

        1. first the customer is always right no matter what … you can call it cheap if you want but he is right … if someone don’t spend more on you .. it is your job to show your true value… this is the same way someone is buying a $15K honda and another person willing to pay $450K ferrari and both have the same budget…. to be extremely specific I saw girl charging $4.99 and making $500 a week and I saw other girl charging $1.99 and making over $1000 a day !!! even with a 25% cut… the price is never important … that’s the first rule in business …what’s important is to show your value…. if 100 person like you and come back all the time because of your positive attitude.. let me tell you something you are going to make more then the one at $4.99… I don’t say you should not put your price at $4.99 .. I say you should focus to grow your persona and customer base before bitching about a price….. I was willing to pay $9.99/min a girl but did not want to pay 6.99/min another girl…. 9.99 had a great personality…. at the end of the day I focus on personality before I spend any dime … if the one I like is 1.99 well it is 1.99…. stop bitching … my goal is to make everyone comfortable with the experience… trust me some people start with the 1.99 and end up spending money on more expensive .girls … that’s their choice … no one should judge… be happy they spend money…

        2. Charging 1.99-2.49 credits on LJ is better than 2.99+ for most girls.

          — You will get longer privates.
          — Less time spent in free chat.
          — Every second in free chat is a second you’re not being paid for.
          — A lot of 2.99 girls are in free chat for 30+ minutes sometimes. At 1.99 they would be in pvt during that time.

          I will only pay 2.99+ for a very hot girl (theLIONES, 121Karina, 05AlexaLove, etc). If they were 1.99 I would pvt them all the time. At 2.99 I pvt them much less often.

          Overall net, they make less money from me at 2.99 than at 1.99. For example, I would rather do 1 hour at 1.99 (120 credits), instead of 40 minutes at 2.99.

          If they’re 2.99, I will only do 20-30 minutes (60-90 credits) to save credits.

          To decide your best price, for a day, I would put your price at 2.99, count the average minutes between pvt’s. The next day, put your price to 1.99, count the average minutes between pvt’s. Then you will be able to calculate if maybe you make more money at 1.99 or not.

    2. Well said. Basically my way of thinking is, always treat a lady with respect. Someone once said that these are not ladies, they are whores so fuck respect. First of all a person’s job does not tell me weather or not a girl is a whore. Second of all if after visiting with them in free chat, I decide that I don’t like them, I simply leave. I have spent time in free chat seeing the moronic comments that the girls put up with and am amazed how well they maintain their composer.

      As far as price goes, I’m not to concerned. I visit and decide if I want it to continue then I check the price to make sure I have enough credits for what I am after. To be honest, I wanted to just talk one day because I was having a bad week. I spent an hour and a half with Nikkidiamond69 at 4.99 per minute and was happy I did. She proved to be more intelligent and insightful than many people give her credit for. Of course when I visit her for sexual fun she satisfies as well. I have also spent time with some amazing girls at 1.99 who were just as beautiful and extremely satisfying as Nikki.

      1. Hello, thank u for ur comments. It really cheered me up. As a camgirl I am really happy to c client who thinks about a girl also as “human being”. Me personally, I love to get naked 😀 even customers are telling me to slow down lol..and when I get a guy (mostly regular guy who treat me nice}I want do my best do make him happy (not getting naked 10minutes slowly] but imagine… There are plenty of men who go with u to a pvt..u get naked and those who doesnt have much money leave in 2minutes so you earn like 2usd showing whole ur body …they dont say “thank U” anything..what feeling it is? I consider myself as very friendly,i respond to everybody even to “guest” or even to my fav member if he doenst have money.I dont like to be taken as “cheap slut” so I also dont take men as “money shaker” LOL. But just some men should put themself into situation when they take girl in pvt ,strip her in one minute and then log off cuz they got all they wanted… I like to do good quality show and I like to fix before pvt what he wants (I dont promise what I cant do..fisting for example) but would be also nice if men would have nice attitude also. But after all this guide is good here…I think.. But as a camgirl I like guys who sometimes also only talk even in free or pvt or wish me happy birthday…remember what food i like..those become like my friends and I truly want to make them happy…it is kinda cute :] So again thanks for ur comment :] Cary.

  25. No top girl does most of this. Except for the video quality. I know because I’m a top girl. I don’t entertain a trail of losers in my free chat. Real dudes with real money don’t sit there and waste my time in free chat. $1.99 a minute is for cheap girls who think they don’t deserve more and the losers who can’t afford it. But at least you’re on LJ. Every reputable cam girl knows LiveJasmin sucks and wouldn’t waste their time there.

    1. the $1.99 was most for new user because most of them won’t spent a large amount of money the first time… I have data to proved it….in my experience, in the cam world , expensive is not always equal to quality… I saw some girl that I would spent way more then the $1.99 and other that simply don’t deserve the $4.99 … it’s not black and white… I have been around for along time to know that you can find a girl on any cam network that will say this or that suck…. I know other girl that simply making a lot of money livejasmin….Nothing is perfect

    2. i could not agree more whoever wrote this is full of shit…. some places have 30 seconds in private before anything gets paid so im sure as hell not taking off my clothes before the 30 seconds is up because theyll get a free peep and i lose all my other customers in my chat. trust me im a good model and worth your time… but im not gonna sit there and listen to this non sense about how to rip off a cam girl.. we dont move sometimes because theyres free loading mother fuckers in our chat., If you sat here and read this bullshit youll never get respect from a model and you wont have to run we will block your broke ass!!

      1. oh and P.S. I was with LJ and hated it so much i stopped working for them.. so if you want quality models …. RUN OH RUN YEAH RUN AWAY FAST

        1. I get quality girls on Livejasmin too and I’m not the only one 🙂 thanks for asking… I have my favorite … and this page is to help anyone track down those quality girls

      2. wow Cam girl or Mary Jane (Yes I know it’s you) you really hate my guide…Therefore I’m doing a great job….so let me recap this :
        1- my guide is for new customers looking for a great experience without being rip off from cam girl

        2- you can block anyone you want …who cares …

        3- I know the 30 seconds trick … my whole point wasn’t to trick cam girl but to find the best one.. if you are not happy move on….

        4-that’s your job to convert free loaders into customers

        5- you hate Livejasmin that’s your opinion but trust me I can find for any cam sites or even any product on this planet a customer with a great experience and another one with a bad experience… trust me I can even find people that hate the iphone .. those that mean the iphone is bad …no

        6- I like LiveJasmin that the main reason I promote Livejasmin…. I said that because I spend MY money on the website and I wanted to share my experience with the whole

        7- so far so good new customers love my guide so far… I do I know ? They vote with their money every single week …

        8- I can see many cam girl angry about this guide but I have also new visitors very happy about this guide.

        9- I will publish something for the cam girl because obviously you need a guide…..

        10- you don’t need to publish a comment all the time.. I get your point ..

        11- for the rest of you enjoy Livejasmin

    3. Funny thing but today I found many cam girls complaining about streamate and their placement, communication system, MFC and their user management systeme and the list goes on and on they are easy to find .. you don’t like Livejasmin fine, you think you should get $10/ mins fine again…. I just don’t get your complain about a platform .. if you are not happy about a platform leave it… and try to build one … Last time I check those ”reputable cam girls” are rarely independent and they are on multiple platforms unless they have a exclusive deal with one platform…. LIke I said today I can find many happy cam girls on livejasmin streamate MFC or any other platform… the reality is losers are always negative about everything…

      1. No those arent secrets youre obv one of those men who spend way too much time wanking online cause no one would fuck u in real life. We treat you dif in chat you know why cause we can read youre looking for a cheap wank. This is our job and if you think were going to give pervs like you free shit youre highly mistaken

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