How to contact a zoosk user without being a premium user

I’m super excited today to show you my new zoosk hack case study to contact almost anyone on zoosk without spending a dime with a success rate of 86% so far.Yes I know it’s not perfect but It’s my zoosk free trick. On top of that I<m not the only one getting great results with it.

Update  August 2013 : Test my new tool to find and contact a specific user on zoosk.

Act quick because Zoosk is watching too. 

Every single day I received e-mails from you.

You just want to contact that special person without spending money. I get that and I’m like you.

The value should be to match perfect person not to block their conversations.

Today might be your lucky day.

I have a fresh new solution to send messages on zoosk 100% free. It is not perfect as always but during the month of February 2013 I had great results.

To achieve my trick you need Facebook with their brand new search engine: social graph. The search engine looks like the picture below: -click the picture to have the full picture.

facebook search graph


You can now start typing. In this case I type single women I am not friends with who live in [enter the specific city]

zoosk free messages


Ok now you are ready to follow my case study.

Case Study: Step by step to find a user on zoosk

Step 1: 

Everything begins when I checked a profile on zoosk. Of course I was not a subscriber at that time so I wasn’t able to contact that person.

A few hours later I received that message from zoosk in my e-mail account…

zoosk free messages

The girl visited my page.

At the same time I was on Facebook and I decide to perform a quick search.

Step 2

In the search box I typed exactly : single women I am not friends with who live in [enter the specific city]

Step 3: 

I went basic on this one but the cool thing about the new Facebook social search is the number of options. You can really go deep in your search.

I use the city, sex and the name. To be fair the city did not have a huge population so it was fairly easy to find her in 5 minutes.

In this case at your left you are going to see pictures results and at your left you are going to see the box below.

In my case I choose gender female, relationship single

you can even add people that like zoosk or use zoosk application on facebook.

On their zoosk profile you can add any cool fact their like into the search options to get better results.

zoosk free messages

zoosk free messages

In a bigger city you can add some element of the profile like:

Does that person use the zoosk apps on Facebook?

Does the person like a band in particular etc….

Usually I’m able to find the person. Of course they might choose to put their Facebook profile invisible to search. In this case it is almost impossible to find that person unless you pay zoosk (not recommend )

Of course that’s not enough. I can increase my chance by searching on pof badoo and okcupid because in general a person uses more than one service. If you cannot find your person after that then contact me and I’ll try to help you. -try because I do receive a lot of e-mails a day.

In my case I was able to find the person in 5 minutes on Facebook. On the week end I met her…Happy ending in my case. 

I wish facebook put age format in their system. Once I have the age format then Facebook would become the perfect dating website. Until then you can still use facebook like a dating site by checking the people that like or use pof zoosk badoo or okcupid on facebook.

I hope I help you today.

Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff


  1. I applied Zoosk and I found one gorgeous lady : Adventurous1 and I cannot get her out of my mind.

    can you please help me to find more info of her without subscription to Zoosk

    Very much appreciated

  2. Hi I want to re-read an email that was sent to my zoosk account but I now can’t read it & it contained contact details of a sexy guy, any ideas how I can read this message again?

  3. Hi I want to re-read an email that was sent to my zoosk account but I now can’t read it & it contained contact details of a sexy guy, any ideas how I can read this message again?

  4. hello, there is this girl that messaged me two days ago & i can’t get her off my mind. I really wanna talk to her but i don’t have a subscription. can you help me with the facebook thing?

      1. Hi Ricky there’s a guy I really like but he can’t read my messages. My user is wendy4 and his is oneoffew. Any chance you can help me. I’m desperate. Cheers

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