How to get free ringtones

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Thank you to come on this page. I know you are looking for a free way to get more ringtones.

I have what you need: (new update, this post was old .. time to use a 2010 solution)


Click here to discover how you can get more free ringtones

Power your mobile

The website I talk on this video is mixer

Follow this website because we will give you the best tool for your mobile phone.

Many people were talking trash about Myxer so now you can hear it from the creator himself.

Myxer CEO talks about Myxer

New update:  I’m coming with new tools to get unlimited ringtones so stay tunes … you will love it…

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  1. Oh no, Bono won’t be getting his gold pool, too bad he has to settle with five houses. Who cares if we take their songs for free their million/billion years already.

  2. Myxertones is a HUGE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT PLAYGROUND, these guys do nothing more than allow millions of songs to be downloaded ILLEGALLY depriving the artists who make them of potentially tens of millions of dollars in loss revenues… They will get what they deserve because when you dance with the devil, eventually the music stops and their house of cards will come down

  3. I dont get it I sent the a song to my phone from and it says that I have to follow that link but i dont know how to do that

    1. You need an internet plan otherwise it won’t be so free. Make sure you check the ringtones you choose.. some people sell them .. be aware

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