How to get 1 million visitors in 31 days challenge: Day 7 The approach

If you want a great approach to any potential customer, you need to know your subject by heart. When I mean by heart is being able to shoot details at anytime and be able to start a fluent conversation. By knowing your subject by heart will give you the ability to find the right word.

It is all about the right word.

Where to start?

Take a subject in general and drive the conversation. Example for music you can talk about music news then to local music then to the artist in front of you and finally talk about music promotion.

This is a step by step to not make feel someone you are going to solicited him.

Is it hypocrite?

Should you go straight to the point? Well I can say yes or no, it will depend of the person and the situation. Follow the step by step and then you will see if you need to do something more or less.

So this is a crucial time, I will need to boost my number.

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