How to get 1 million visitors in 31 days challenge: Day 6 Promote without spamming

This is an important step. How can you promote or advertise a product without spamming?

First what is spamming? For me spamming is any kind of solicitation that you don’t authorize to receive. Example if you know peter or toto company, you aloud them to send you product or anything else. However if a stranger try to sell you something without a first contact, it can be consider as spamming.

In my challenge I need to contact stranger so the whole idea it to make that first contact.

For example if I use myspace add them as friend and tell them you like their template or music.


So I need to make that first contact.


I know that they want to promote something because I make a little search about them first.

How long this contact task will take? Maybe 4 days to 5 days.

This is an important time to bring trust and then pitch what I really want.

The goal is to have 20 contacts and maybe extend this to over 100.

The important thing here is be polite and if I see someone is not interested, it is ok and I will meet the next one.

So for the next days it will be the evolution of those contacts.

People in general want free advertising so this is what BlackySky project is all about.

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