I hate zoosk website because they censor your message

Ok yes, Zoosk website has a great user interface!

Yes, Zoosk has a great user base! I meet great people.

However, Zoosk website has a huge problem.

Let me explain you the problem with an example.

I join Zoosk recently and I send a wink to some nice girl out there.

Some of them show interest.

Do you love to talk over a basic website message system? Personally, I don’t.

When one of those girls shows interest my first action is to invite them to chat over my instant messaging system.

Zoosk doesn’t want you to share your personal information like e-mail. This is a legit rule to protect people online.

It is great but when they ask you to pay to start a conversation and you can’t put your personal information there. Now I think there is a problem.

I pay to talk over their communication system so I guess I have the right to put my personal info to talk with the person with the tool I want. We are adult after all.

I can live with the consequences.

This is a huge problem from zoosk.

I’m not the only one to find it strange.

Many people has bad reviews for zoosk.

zooks review on facebook

My last recommendation is do not send money to zoosk until they fix this strange problem.

Do not join zoosk unless you are ready to trick the game like many people are doing already.

This is my letter to zoosk after I pay for a bad service….

PS: they do have one of the best user interfaces in the dating space….

This is definitely not the best way to promote your profile online and find love.

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  1. This is a fake and annoying website, they put up pictures of celebrities or let a member do it and it’s perfectly ok, then have you playing yes, no, maybe so to collect coins in order to send someone you’re interested in one message, then they want you to subscribe. It’s a waste of time.

  2. The worst. I hate any site that takes your address book!
    I cancelled out of the option to invite friends but the sent invites to everyone in my address book. Many of them professional contacts. Why would I notify everyone I know that I am on a dating site? And they are very seedy in how they get you involved and hold off on the membership fees. HATE THE SITE Zoosk.

  3. Suche dringend von ZOOSK eine Frau , welche ich kontaktieren wollte , aber nicht konnte aus Bern!!!
    Ihr Profilname ist MONSCHTERLI !!!!!!!!!!

    Sollte jemand die Möglichkeit haben mir zu helfen diese Person zu kontaktieren , so währe ich sehr dankbar !!!!!!!!!!

    078 601 90 06

  4. there are loopholes if the person your are trying to contact has icebreakers then answer them include your name ect so they can then find you on fb or set a auto reply to winks with you name or email add ect

    1. Dort kann man auch rein ohne zu bezahlen , aber noch besser ist eine Mitglidschaft !!

      Dort kann man wenigstens auch nur wenn gewünscht einen Monat Mitglied werden , und es funktioniert anschliessend !!

      Nicht so wie bei dieser Verbrecher Line ZOOSK ..!!!

      Nur bezahlen , aber man kann mit der gewünschten Person nicht in Kontackt treten !!!

      DRINGEND ABZURATEN …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Do not suscribe to zoosk I only wanted to try for a month and they keep taking out my money. They won’t stop. I have told them I have canceled be careful do not give them your credit card infomation

  6. Zoosk sucks. They also automatically renew your subscription regardless of what package you signed up for unless you used PayPal. Their excuse for this behavior is ” We hate worrying about paying bills as much as you do so we’re saving you the trouble of worrying about renewing your Zoosk membership. What a load of sh*t. I despise these guys and will be canceling my subscription the day before it expires. A$$holes.

  7. I noticed that a “moderator” edits details from your profile; case in point my contact info (because I refuse to pay a monthly fee) is now gone. Security reasons my foot-they took my name off because they want me to pay the subscription fee and communicate thru their site, not my personal e-mail. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it if they didn’t charge such a ridiculous amount of money. $40 a month (that’s if you don’t get the subscription plan)?! Pass. There’s too many other free or minimally-priced sites you can join that aren’t so restrictive.

  8. it is a rip off lovesmuch is only a tenner for a year, you can actually cancel your zoosk acount though just go to settings then deactivate, half the poeple on zoozk havnt paid and cant reply I cancelled mine yesterday oh well thanks for nothing facebook! and dont download the stupid chat thing as it sloooooooowed down my PC aaaargh I bet the poeple who made the site are millionairs now!

  9. I joined zoosk quite some time ago, just for the heck of it.
    Recently, I found a girl who I might actually have a chance with, but I can’t talk to her without “becoming a subscriber,” and I am in no positon whatsoever to afford that.
    She didn’t use her full name, so is there ANY way at all that I can talk to her?
    I don’t know if she uses any other websites, nor do I know anything helpful to find her, so can I still talk to her somehow?
    Thank you for your help! (either way)

    1. I just got paired up wiv this gorgeous guy thru 1of their apps i didnt no existed! tried 2 ‘like’ him,but they said i had 2pay.so i just put in his age and distance in the search box and scrolled down about 12 pages till…low and behold i saw his pic! then i winked him 4free 😀 takes abit of patience,but its worth it if u meet the girl/guy of ur dreams!!! just hope i get a msg back now lol

  10. Anyone who reads this, please don’t download ZOOSK’s “chat” link…you don’t get to chat with anyone…it’s all a scam to unload cookies on your computer…..downloading it will be a waste of time..and instead of protecting people, they gather your information and sell it to other sites…..hence all the spam and junk mailllll…i hate these suckers!!!!!!Everyone should just delete their accounts form them…..

  11. True, you can’t contact anyone whatsoever, except what zoosk lets you do..and u don’t even know if someone got your “wink, email, chat request” etc….It’s all a huge scam….they want you to pay first, before you can speak, meet or just chat with anyone…..Scam, Scam, Scam….i guarantee that they will be out of business sooner….

    1. it is a strange tactic … I did pay in the past …and I regret… people sign up but they never come back because they cannot contact anyone… you end with a premium but no member to contact … sucks

  12. All these kinds of webs are to grab or loot money from users invading their emotional states of socializing or finding friends or mate….

    They are suckers, leeches of the human society….

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