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Yesterday I received the craziest e-mail ever. I do receive a lot of crazy e-mails on a daily basis but this one was the craziest I have had received in a long time.
The reader explain how to get free private shows on livejasmin.

Hot 2015 update: watch free live show from the best web cam girls only.

Is it real or is it fake?

Before I answer that question let me give you the e-mail in question:

Hey dude. I have been thinking about creating a webcam girl blog with info, reviews and funny stories. With my workload, I am weeks away from getting to that blog. Since I am not prepared to use the information I have myself but I want someone to get the info out there. Who knows maybe I’m the last person to know so it only seems interesting to me. Anyway, on or I guess it’s just now, they opened things up to the point where a guest, (yes an unregistered guest) can turn on the cam and allow the model to view. After perving around for a couple hours the other day I only found 3 girls that asked me to leave and do that in pvt if I want. Otherwise, I have been getting the most intense shows in free. Took one chick to pvt a week ago and after her ignoring me at the cost of 2.99 per minute I left her room, logged out, turned on my cam, went back to her room as a guest mind you and got a great show. Nipples, dildo titty fuck, panties aside and both pussy and ass fingering. With the time limit on guests in the room just keep your mouse handy and keep clicking back in the same room if you want or jump from room to room.

Here is a partial list of ones I know put on mind blowing free in free if you got a cam and whack it for her.


There’s a few off the top of my head.

I did visit with a sweet little gal last night, in private actually. In free they were annoying her and it was difficult to talk so I took her and we spoke for a bit. She said between flashes for votes and models showing so much in free, less and less want private shows. A nice conversation and a great fapping session done the way it was meant to be done. For a reasonable per minute charge. I’ll still take all the free I can get from most but sometimes spending a bit good too. They do need to make a living.

Anyway, if you can us this info to drive more guests to the site to get the girls worked up for free, or if members want to log out for a while and get some free attention.

Use what you can, shit can the rest. Thanks for the guide as well. Only once did I not follow your recommendation to avoid anyone with the word squirt in her name. Only once.

Now is it real or is it fake? Can you really get free private show on livejasmin

The reality is yes some girls give more than others. Another fact is the new points system on livejasmin. Being on top of that livejasmin cam girl list can add a lot of money to any cam girl.

The competition is crazy to give an extra more than others. However don’t count on that on a regular basis.
Personally I still like to pay private shows on livejasmin. By the way I did not test every single girls on that list. I give it to you and you can test them at your own risk.

If you want the best livejasmin experience you should read my livejasmin guide today or check out my best livejasmin cam girls list.
Anyway have fun and be smart.

There’s always a little legal hack you can do on any website.
Don’t write me if it doesn’t work. Keep in mind that this website is popular so many people may have use it before you do.

Once many people use it than it might not work again.
I plan to write a post about livejasmin cost and the perfect livejasmin

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  1. LOL…I know other guys swap from room to room and catch all the kinky moments in Freechat and this way You have Your own Private show in 15 min of searching the best girls. Tricky how A1babedoll is at the top of his list and he bet he never private her or any of the other list written above. My fav is definitely a1babedoll and I like raisabella too. They are very different types of cam girls. First one is very sweet and active, flexible, pertverted, all, and the second one shows as much as she can offering a cool view, sweet too, well civilized and naughty. So, f*** off the beggars 😛

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