Free zoosk mail update: time to tell the truth

The best option to get free zoosk mail is to not use zoosk at all because there is better option on the web like my favorite one right now: twitter.

I’ve started a blog post about how to contact people on zoosk without paying. Those posts were really popular and many people use those tricks. I knew they were working great because I was using them at the time.

6 months ago , I decided to cancel my zoosk membership (eventhough I still receive their e-mails from them).

It was the best decision of my life. I focus on twitter now to find new single ladies. New single ladies I met on a regular basis.

I personally don’t think you should pay to talk to people but maybe pay to get better advices (coach style).

Like I said I decide to release those tricks to the public and something strange happened. Many people start to send me e-mails about their bad experiences with zoosk. Let me tell you that it’s horrible and you can read those experiences here.

It was clear that zoosk and their model was not effective for a lot of people. I decided to search more on the subject.

I discovered pages and pages about how big dating websites like eharmony was boring or not that great for various reasons.

This data was a clear indication that I was not alone to dislike the way dating website is right now. Something is broken and many single people are looking for a cost effective solution.

I’m exploring what twitter can do to solve this problem.

I don’t have a definitive solution right now but a recommendation. Do not use zoosk and do not spend money there. You can use twitter to meet new people. If twitter is a little bit scary then use free solution like badoo.

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