How to get more free ringtones

I love ringtones and I love to change them all the time. I used to buy every single ringtone on my phone. Now I don’t because I find a website to get and create ringtones from the songs on my computer.

The service is Zedge

Not only you can get ringtones but you can also create them. I love this website because you can create your own ringtones from songs on your computer.

You can also download ringtones from other members.

The price for this cool community is ZERO.

Yes Zero for great tools like that.

I know you will enjoy it today.

It is very easy to use.

You sign up to the service ( never give away your phone number and always click pass to any offer they will send you)

Go to the create ringtones

Upload your song and create your ringtone today.

It is very easy to use. Anyone can do it.

I hope you will like this service as much as I do.

However I have something ten times better then this website.

Imagine you could get and create every ringtones from YouTube music videos or YouTube videos

Click here to discover how to create and get unlimited ringtones from YouTube music videos.

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