Why Facebook Timeline is dangerous and creepy with a security problem

It is the new thing by Facebook. They created this new feature called Timeline. The name Timeline was strange at first until I watched their promo video. I invite you to watch it too.

At first I didn’t know how to react. It is creepy. Facebook wants you to put your life on Facebook and follow every single action you are going to do online. That way they will be able to create a complete biography for you. Like I said it is creepy.

Houston we have problem, I mean a huge security problem.


Of course you can choose to use or not Facebook but that’s not the question. The feature is dangerous for various reasons. First everyone is going to know almost everything about you (even strangers through apps for example)


Again you can choose to not share anything on Facebook but some people are going to share and share a lot. At this point, it is clear in my mind that Facebook wants to become the new AOL. They want you to start and finish your web surfing at Facebook.


The Facebook Timeline idea is great in a perfect world. Unfortunately we don’t live in such world. Any time you concentrate and create a new hub, you are also attracting creative and evil people. Even before the timeline feature, I discovered many viruses, spam and scams on Facebook. Now by creating this new hub you can multiply by 10 the security problem at Facebook.


Right now it’s not clear how Facebook is going to protect their users. Keep in mind that once someone accesses your password he can download all you content or at least steal what they want. It will be interesting to follow Facebook.


I can tell you that I share less now compare to last year. It is a trend because my Facebook friends share less too or they delete their account or they are not on Facebook like before.


My last recommendation, you should watch out what you say and share on Facebook because it might go against you.


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