Facebook layouts no download official Guide

You asked for a new way to change your Facebook layouts without downloading or installing anything. It was hard to find because Facebook do not let you play with the codes like MySpace or a regular blog.

I find a solution that I posted here.

However, I noticed something strange. Many people were looking for Facebook layouts design before using my solution. I decide to update my solution and write a simple guide.

Facebook layouts no download official Guide

The goal is to transform your lame Facebook profile into a beautiful Facebook profile like this simple example.

Your friends are going to view and love your new Facebook profile.

Step 1

You need a picture or a design. You have two options.

Option 1: you have a cool picture on your computer or mobile phone then go to step 2.

Option 2: you have no picture at all. Your best option is to go on Google image right here


For example I searched for Justin Bieber and I got a lot of pictures.

(make sure you save your picture on your computer)

Step 2

You can use my solution to change your Facebook profile without download anything.

Get the tool right here

Step 3

You can preview and select a current theme or you can create your theme

Bonus step

No tools may work forever. I decide to create this bonus step to help you change Facebook profile without any tools at all.

You need to upload a profile picture (size 182 x 533)

You need 5 small pictures from the same picture (size 97 x 68)

You can use any crop tool online. Google “crop your picture”

You should be fine to create a custom Facebook profile like this one.

Feel free to contact me for help, I’m here to help you.

facebook layouts



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