Drake Fan Club: meet Drake the rapper

Ok I receive a lot of e-mails recently. The top question is how I can meet Drake.

Right now I am brainstorming on a way to choose people and lead them to Drake…

Stay tune because I will provide a unique opportunity to meet drake….

If you like this idea then you can leave a comment. From the number of responses, I will know to go forward with this idea or not…

Wait there is more

Please share this page with your friends on facebook and twitter about this project to meet Drake….

Update: no messages you are sending might end up in the hands of Drake. This is my fan Club. Stay cool fans and enjoy Drake’s music like me

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163 Replies to “Drake Fan Club: meet Drake the rapper”

  1. Ever since drake made it big ive had a nack for his music. His style and his flow is rediculous. He is definately my favorite artist. Im 16 years old and not knowing who this guy even is i look up to him! Ive promised myself that one day i would HAVE to meet drake before i die. If it comes down to it i would pay for backstage passes to a concert of his, but i would like to meet drake outside of the buisness life and have a real conversation with him. Afterall he is a human being just like we are. It would be a once in a lifetime experience to meet my biggest role model. Im not some crazy obsessed stalker. Im just an average 16 year old guy that has a dream. ~God Bless,

    Daniel Pledger

    1. nice comment ….. unfortunately now it is hard to meet drake just like that. it was easier before because drake wasn’t a huge superstar now it is almost impossible. I’m still working to make it possible again.

  2. drake means everything to me. hes hepled me through my roughest times , and his music is the best . it’s so deep <3 please do this because meeting drake would make my life (: <3333

  3. my son is trying to become a rapper he totaly loves your music sais you are the best and modeles himsef after you…would be great if he could meet you one day maybe rap with you if just for fun i just know it would be the greatest day of his life

  4. So excited to hear this, I’ve been patiently waiting for Drake to come to Cali, and he still hasn’t made it 🙁 . If this is made possible, how would you choose the lucky girls or guys that get to meet him? And, can i be one of them? Were probably meant to be together ;0

  5. Hi I’m from Barbados where rihanna’s from and I think Drake is fantastic. I listen to any songs featuring him but my favorite is What’s My Name.I wish he could perform here sometime soon. I’m his # 1 Caribbean fan. Love you Drake !!

  6. Sa fait bien longtemps que je cherche un moyen de le rencontrer ! J’ai été à son concert à Paris le 21 janvier mais je n’ai pas eu la chance qu’on certaines personnes …=( Dommage .
    La france t’aime Drizzy . <3

  7. drake first and for most god bless you ,and may you stay real and positive, smile all your music has a positive and sincere meaning thank you for that real talk smile ,on the real drake God has a great plan for you, trust in him ,ask him whatever you need because my friend he;s always on timetake from me, he;s doing it for me always, and he will for you BIG SMILE straight from the heart always from your new friend in CT,GODBLESS YOU Always .Smile

  8. meeting drake would be sick. i love the lyrics and your style of rap. not to mention i listen and love most of your songs. hmu wit plans

  9. Have you ever felt such a spiritual connection to someone you’ve only met through music ?
    You find that they speak to you in such a way people around you can never seem to do , and yet to understand every spoken word.
    I would give anything to just explore his mind , for the masterpiece it is.
    There isnt anything I want more than to simply have him as a mentor .

  10. OMG! Please do this. I don’t want anything more than to just get to meet DRAKE and get a pic with him and or have a small convo with him. 😀


  12. ima just say i love drake and all but most of these girls exaggerate makin it seem like yall like drake b/c he good at dis or dat but when yall really know dat if he wasnt famous or rich if he was jus an ordinary guy yall wouldnt b so sprung damn u gotta get 2 know em first yall jus goin by what yall seem him do on tv yall dnt really knw em yea u can look em up on google b get sum facts bt yall dnt knw wat he’s really like so calm…jus saying

  13. All these people talking about they knew he was a star when they heard a particlular song, um have you forgotten, Drake AKA Aubrey was on Degrassi, Im not canadian but I had cable , I have been a fan for a very long time, so glad to see his star rise higher and higher….he is so, so so far gone…..

  14. I saw Drake in concert this past Saturday, and it was nonstop excitement, Drake is dope in concert, then when Wayne came out, that concert was one of the best memories of my life……….

  15. COUGAR LOVE is all I can say, I love your style, ooh baby I love your way, your talent is endless, you make me crave more, your swagger is key , Im an open door, A shining star for all to see , a phenomenon of music now and forever will be…YOU !……I love you Drake……

  16. Drake Your Amazing My RoleModel. just bought tickets to go se you in glasgow at o2 academy will be amazing cant wait 😀 If I Had to meet you Would Be the highlight of my life 😀 Your Style Is the best and i would love to be like you . Just wonderin if You would come to the uk More ? ImFrom Scotland and we dont get people like you here haha WIsh we did . Ayway Love You And Your music . Drake Number 1 !!!

  17. I am not gonna right a huge love letter to drake cause it probley wouldnt end.i get drake. and thats what i love bout his music. he is able to say things in his songs that i think and feel. hes truley an artist with a beautiful mind. our b-days are excatly a month apart and both of us being libras, i can appricate his sensitvity in some songs, and his hard exterior in others. hes a complex indivdual with many sides and is good at finding somthing in common with everyone no matter where you come from. i think if i meet him we would have amazing conversation about everything. I am truley his greatest admire!
    ps hes finnnnneeee too!

    1. hes a scorpio you idiot. hence the song “a scorpios mind” and his birthday is october 24, making him a scorpio. LIKE ME ;D shows how much you know about drake………… jus sayin.

  18. Im like Drake’s bigggest fans plus i can even name all of his songs even his mixtapes like

    3.Successful (Feat. Trey Songz & Lil’ Wayne)
    4.Lets Call It Off (Feat. Peter Bjorn & John)
    5.November 18th
    6.Ignant Shit (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)
    7.A Night Off (Feat. Lloyd)
    8.Say Whats Real
    9.Little Bit (Feat. Lykke Li)
    10.Best I Ever Had
    11.Unstoppable (Feat. Santo Gold & Lil’ Wayne)
    12.Uptown (Feat. Bun B & Lil’ Wayne)
    13.Sooner Than Later
    14.Bria’s Interlude (Feat. Omarion)
    15.The Calm
    17.Brand New (Bonus)
    2.Pianist Hands (Skit #1)
    3.Special (Featuring Voyce)
    4.Do What You Do
    5.Money Remix (Featuring Nickelus F.)
    6.A.M. 2 P.M. (Featuring Nickelus F.)
    7.City Is Mine
    8.Drake’s Voice (Skit #2)
    9.Bad Meanin’ Good (Featuring Slakah the Beatchild)
    10.Thrill Is Gone
    11.Make Things Right
    12.Video Girl (Featuring Sean G.)
    13.Drake’s Voice (Skit #3)
    14.Come Winter
    15.Extra Special
    16.About The Game Remix (Featuring Trey Songz)
    17.All This Love (Featuring Voyce)
    18.Drake’s Voice (Skit #4)
    20.Try Harder
    21.Kick, Push Remix (Featuring Lupe Fiasco)
    22.U.P.A. Outro
    2.The Presentation
    3.Comeback Season
    4.Closer (Featuring Andreena Mill)
    5.Replacement Girl (Featuring Trey Songz)
    6.Barry Bonds Freestyle
    7.Going In For Life
    8.Where To Now
    10.Give Ya (Featuring Trey Songz)
    11.Don’t U Have A Man (Featuring Dwele & Little Brother)
    12.B!#ch Is Crazy
    13.The Last Hope (Featuring Kardinal Offishall & Andreena Mill)
    14.Must Hate Money (Featuring Rich Boy)
    15.Asthma Team
    16.Do What U Do Remix (Featuring Malice of The Clipse & Nickelus F.)
    17.Easy To Please (Featuring Richie Sosa)
    19.Underdog (Featuring Trey Songz)
    20.Think Good Thoughts (Featuring Little Brother)
    21.Teach U A Lesson (Featuring Robin Thicke)
    22.Missin’ You Remix (Featuring Trey Songz)
    23.Man Of The Year (Featuring Lil’ Wayne
    2008: Drake feat Lil Wayne & Kidd Kidd – “I Want This Forever” (Original Forever)
    2008: Drake feat Lil Wayne & Kidd Kidd – “Stunt Hard”
    2008: Drake feat Lil Wayne & Kidd Kidd – “I Can Take Your Girl”
    2008: Drake feat Lil Wayne – “Swagger Like Us” (Remix)
    2008: Drake – “Get Over It”
    2008: Drake feat Lil Wayne – “Ransom”
    2009: Drake – “Friends with Money”
    2009: Drake feat Voyce Alexander – “Smile”
    2009: Drake – “President Freestyle”
    2009: Drake feat Slakah the BeatChild – “Enjoy Yourself”
    2009: Drake – “What I’m Thinking Right Now”
    2009: Drake – “Pop Rose”
    2008: Drake – “Can’t Hide”
    2009: Drake – “Goodnight & Goodluck”
    2009: Drake feat Lil Wayne – “Congratulations”
    2009: Drake – “Juice”
    2009: Drake – “Something”
    2009: Drake – “The Winner”
    2009: Drake – “The Search”
    2009: Drake feat Nipsey Hussle – “Killer”
    2009: Drake – “Scriptures”
    2009: Drake – “Hurt”
    2009: Drake – “Material Girl”
    2009: Drake – “Love & Gunz”
    2009: Drake – “The New Shit”
    2009: Drake feat Small World- “Get Low”
    2009: Drake feat Bun B – “Put It Down”
    2009: Drake feat Jaye – “Spread My Wings”
    2009: Drake – “Doing His Thing”
    2009: Drake – “Come Real”
    2009: Drake feat Jaye – “It’s Been A Pleasure”
    2009: Drake – “2009: Drake – “”2009: Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem – “Forever”
    2.Every Girl (w/ Drake)
    3.Ms Parker
    4.Wife Beater
    5.New Shit
    6.Pass The Dutch (w/ Drake)
    7.Play In My Band
    8.Fuck Da Bullshit (w/ Drake Feat Birdman)
    9.Bedrock (w/ Drake Feat Lloyd)
    10.Girl I Got You
    11.Steady Mobbin
    12.Roger That
    13.She Is Gone (Feat Pleasure P)
    14.Streets Is Watchin
    15.Finale(w/ Drake)
    so far i know all drake’s songs and all about him i’ve been trying to get his tickets but they always sold out and te only concert i went to was beyonce concert like 2009 but i always wanted to go 2 drake’s concert!!!

    1. erm u don’t because you’re missing a song, 2010 Find Your Love from album Thank Me Later song released in 2010 5 May. looks like you don’t know all drake’s songss BEAT THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Meeting drake would mean the world to me. Its not about his looks, its his music and how it speaks to me. I love how he can play different roles. When he was acting he is so professional and real and with music he is even realer. His lyrics, his beats, and his presence speaks to me in a way that makes a difference in my life.
    Just to be able to ask him one question would be enough for me.

    please i want to meet drake so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you

  20. when i heard forever i knew drake was somethin real. i saw him in concert in indianapolis and i instantly fell in love with his performance! each and every one of his songs hits me like a bulldozer hes amazing at what he does and hes constantly looking for ways to improve…lol im sitting her watching him on mtv…drake you make me smile with everything u say!…”alicia deserves a hug….a long embrace…” haha i love you! cant wait to see you on the vmas tonight! and really hope to meet you one sweet day! =)
    one love _kelley

  21. when i heard forever i knew drake was somethin real. i saw him in concert in indianapolis and i instantly fell in love with his performance! each and every one of his songs hits me like a bulldozer hes amazing at what he does and hes constantly looking for ways to improve…lol im sitting her watching him on mtv…drake you make me smile with everything u say!…”alicia deserves a hug….a long embrace…” haha i love you and really hope to meet you one sweet day! =)
    one love _kelley

  22. Well, I dont know how to start this being that i dont want to sound stereotypical and monogamous stating the same things as the rest of Drakes fans, but what i can truly say is that I can let my heart do all the talking. First, i would like to state that i truly respect Drake’s career and over all i respect Drake as a person. Everything he inputs in his music is without a doubt straight from the mind of a genius. I can relate to most of his songs, ‘Music is what feelings sound like” and i can surely say that this quote is accurate, most of this talented mans songs can sum up my emotions or the things ive been thru in every aspect of my life. I wish him the best in everything he does and may God always prosper him as long as he maintains his humbleness that until this day i see he has. Drake has a charm that i havent found in any other person, aside from the fact that hes a public figure as a person he portrays so many good traits. Hes such a sweet guy, humble and emotional, it shows in his character, his mom definitely did a great job in rasing that man therefore all kudos to her. Im sure me being your ordinary girl there wouldnt be a chance in this world that he would look my way even if it was just to say hi and its not because i dont know my worth but simply because his life style totally differs from mine, im just a simple 24 year old struggling to make the best out of my life by working hard and finishing up college, always hustlin and striving to get what i want out of life and reach up to my dreams and expectations. I would personally love to meet Drake, yes this is something im not going to sugar coat and if i had ONE chance ill take it and relay to him on how much i admire him and love what he does and how something as simple as going thru his lyrics have literally opened my eyes to reach out for better things…all i would like to tell Drake right now is: God bless you very much and i pray every night that God may lead your paths and guide you to where it is that he wants you to truly be and i pray to God that i can be lucky enough to meet a guy like you and walk him into my life. Its not even about the money that he has honestly thats the least of my concerns i dont love drake for what he has because at the end of the day those are simply materialistic possesions, i see beyond all that and really love who he is a person..I LOVE YOU DRAKE AND WITH OR WITHOUT THE FAME AND THE MONEY YOURE ALWAYS BE SOMEONE ILL ADMIRE AND WISH I HAD FOR MYSELF..GOD BLESS YOU NOW AND FOREVER

  23. I love Drakes passion for music, and the soul he puts into it. He’s an amazing rapper and brough something new to the rap industry. I’d love to meet him. I am a very supportive fan, who bought his CDs and drove 5 hrs yersterday to go to his concert in Indiana for the Indiana State Fair. It’s my dream to meet him. Please help make it come true. Thanks 🙂

  24. I wake up to his music , I drive with his music, and fall asleep to it 🙂

    I’ll make sure I give him a g0od time if I get to meet him :-p

  25. omfg i really want to meet drake i love him so much that wen i am wit boyfriend i think bout him in some tyms i wish my boyfriend was drake so let please let meet him cause wen i dont get shows i cry all dam day so please jus let me meet him please cause i am his #1 12 year old bout to 13 year old fan on 8\18\10 so please help me hav a happy b-day.


  26. I always wanted to see drake in concert or in person but i cant because usally my mother or father can’t afford the money to get it and they are always sold out.my sister and cousin saw him at summer jam i wanted to go but i couldnt.i love all of drake songs they are the best and he was great on Degrassi too.

  27. ummm ur plan should be straight just make sure its nothing krazy.. lol im goin to see him sept 24 he wil b in my city so i kno ill b able to see him. backstage passes for sure lol. oh yea nd i got backstage passes for lds here in tampa so i get to meet nicki rick ross ugh.. wish me luck so dnt kno what im wearin???

  28. i wanna start out by saying i have never been so interested in a entertainer before. im 24 and i live in jackson ms and i am a really big fan of yours. i came to see you in concert at touch night club when you were here. i would love to see you again and meet you in person. please! feel free to email me any time, i honestly set up this account to communicate with you. i look forward to hearing from you , thanks so much

  29. I wanna meet drake I wanna meet drake I wanna meet drake!!!!!! Can we make it happen I wanna meet drake so bad 😀

  30. I know i’m his #1 eleven year old fan…..Where i live! Midland,Texas!Full of ___________ He neva comes here! But he’ll come to Dallas! 5 hours from hur>I LOVE U DRIZZY EVEN IF U WERE GAY!!

  31. Wow I can’t get over how musically inclined Drake is from top to bottom. His lyrics are deep and I can relate to them, his flow is so tight and he’s a great actor. Its about time we see up and coming musical talent. He’s like the Tupac of this generation.

    Drizzzzy 4 life

  32. OMG! I am obsessed with Drake! I bought his album the first day it came out! I am his #1 twelve-year-old fan! I talk about him soooo much to all my friends and even my family! Ask everybody I know they would tell you Im the #1 fan!!! PLEASE get back at me!

  33. honestly ii want to meet drake because ii have alot to tell so if anyone can help me please just do me this favor its not only that im a fan but its very hard to explain

  34. I am completely consumed with Drake! He’s a lyrical genius and I love everything he does and everything he’s about! I WANT HIM! lol My number one goal in life is to meet him, touch him, talk to him….just be in his presence! I love you Drake! <3

  35. im drake’s #1 9year old fan and just because im young dosn’t mean anything (favorite songs are best i ever had and find your love)

  36. drake is my favorite singer i know alot of words to his songs. My favorite songs from him are best i ever had and find your love.

  37. I am actually in love with drake!!! i want to meet him soo bad!!! since i first saw him on degrassi i was like i love that boy!! lol and now his carrer as made a rocket out of itsself!!! my goal and my dream is too meet drake!! one day and believe imma do it!!!! :):):):)

  38. every since drake came out i was Truly a fan ! im 14 and like any other qirl we day dream that one day we will qet to meet drake lol i wish i lived in toronto so i would have a qood chance at meetinq him ! but the only way i think i would meet drake if i went to one of his concerts but he never comes to my state or town ? but i love u Drakee <3

  39. im a big fan and im 12 i love his music he is my fav rapper/singer ever hes like wow to me but i will probaly never meet him .if i met drake i will ask for his autograph and a picture and then talk to him im not one of those obsessed fans.im gonna be his fan forever go drake yay.Join facebook group DRAKEISMYFAVRAPPERANDSINGER please:)<3 drake!

  40. im drake number one 12 year old fan iwould love to meet him he is just awsome i love you drake ill wait for you till im 20 i hope u wait for love you.

  41. i would love to meet drake the reason i would love to meet him is because of the man his mother raised him to be. and he neva letted the game change him even when he was on the degrassi. some rappers and r&b singers let there ego’s get the best of them. he is sweet and kind and special to me i am an emotional person just like him i just always wanted to meet him from degarssi still to now. love ur numba 1 fan from dallas nesha u dig.

  42. I would be very greatful to meet Drake, I watched his show when I was younger and now that his music career has bloomed I would love the oppurtunity to meet him & actually sit down and talk to him.

  43. Drake…is so handsome. I would be honored to meet him. My wish is to come out on his videos that would brighten my day : )

  44. Do right and kill everything….. I will do anything to be in the same room with him….but to get meet him will change my life,,,, he needs to be brought back to america….

  45. I am so infatuated with this man! his music is for the grown and sexy because you gotta live what he’s talking about to understand what he’s saying. I dont know about anybody else but im gonna make it my mission to meet Aubrey. Im sexy as hell, he’s sexy as hell, so together we are gonna have a VERY sexy time lol! please give him my email so i can email him some pics to back up my words. kisses

  46. Drake , I love you and your music so much ! You are the best rapper in the game right now. It would mean so much to me and my family if I was blessed with the opportunity of meeting you in person. I know all of your songs and I hate it when people who don’t know anything about you try to make it seem like they do. And oh my gosh , your so sexy and gorgeous ! <33 Ah , I would be the happiest person on Earth if I just got to meet you one time.

  47. drake i love you so much i have always wished to meet u. it means everthing to me to meet you thats my dream and i hope you make it come true. you are so sexy i want to just…aint no rapper gone evre take your spot in my heart cause you will always be mine.

  48. Drake u r my biggest fan. i love love love u so much. i am crazy over u i would do any and everything to get to you and wont let anybody get in my way. i got you everywhere.cant nobody tell me they like you without me causing some drama. i kno all your songs and love of them. aint no rapper gone take your spot and this how its gone be till”its over, “till its over”but its far from over

  49. Welp . . . I Am In Love w/ Aubrey ”DRAKE” Graham && I Know It For Ah Fact ! Not Cause He’s Famous But Because Of Who He Is . I Feel Like I Been Knowing Him All My Life ! Mann I Love That Dude ; I Wish Him ALL The Great Things Yet To Come God Bless Him & His Talent One Day Uma Meet Him & Marry Him (LOL] Muah !

  50. I think Drake is a fabulous entertainer, I recently went to one of his concerts with my sister and he really proves that he’s there for the fans. We would LOVE to meet him, especially after watching his documentary. We are hoping to go to another concert really soon. My sister and I are just waiting to see if there is any possiblity of getting an opportunity to meet him. I hope this message will help our chances of meeting him it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope you will take that into consideration.

  51. Drake is such an inspiration, and I;m in love with the guy that he is. He has one of the best personalities any rapper, singer, or actor have out there. He isn’t about the fame, he’s about getting the message out to people. I want to go to one of his concerts but there so far away. I’d do anything to meet him, hopefully a miracle will happen & I could get that chance 🙂

  52. I just fell for Drake after watching a documentary of him on tv two days ago. Now I’m determined to meet him. I’m sure he would be pleased to meet me. I’m just a simple, sweet pisces lady who wants to have a meeting of the minds with a handsome, talented, scorpio man called Drake. 🙂

  53. Well. I love Drake. Point-blank. He’s talented and very inspiring. He shows what it truly means to be successful. I love his new album and to meet him would be way wonderful. Drake shows me that I am not the only one in the world with problems, when I listen to his songs it seems to give me a clearer view of what I am going through and how I should handle it. Going to his concert was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time. Even if I don’t get to meet him, I hope that someone else would enjoy it as much as I would.

  54. So I hope this is a legit deal, cuz if not then i probley sound like a complete idiot right now. Haha, but Im like in love with drake and his music. So itd be amazing beyond belief if i ever got the chance to meet him! ha well make sure you follow through with this idea

  55. I Havent actually realised what a great person drake is hes amazing his words are so heart warming and hes play on words is incredible he really knows how to win a heart over hes seems like such a special person, i would love to be able to make a duet with him hes got the perfect voice, and hes not just a great rapper/singer hes more than that hes a role model and and inspiration, i think that he has one song that everyone can relate too because he tells the truth and says it how it is . I Actually have alot of love for this guy Ive been through a hard time and listening to his music just shows that he can make a change through his music. God bless drake 🙂 an inspiration to the world 😀

  56. I am so much in love with Drake. He has a way with words like no other man does. he is sexy and successful and thats what turns me on the most about him.

  57. he honestly amazes me soo talented i love how ANYONE can relate to his music i cant tell he truely puts meaning into it. he came so far from degrassi and everything his mixtapes are amazing and overall he is an amazing person half the songs on my ipod are by drake or featured with him i know im just any other fan but if i got the oppurtunity to meey him my life would be complete drizzy yur the fuckin BEST!

  58. ilove drake he is my man and i love him very much and i love all of his songs because he is mine and that is a fact get though your big head he is mine and always will be my baby love love joan morgan

  59. it seems like almost every female drake fan is absolutely in love with him… yeah it would be nice to meet him but it sucks that out of all the millions of fans im just one more of those fans who wants him that badly. not only would i want to meet him but also make an impression on him so he remembers me out of all those others girls who think theyre in love. of course this nigga is too good to be true..he’s sexy and talented as hell not to mention he seems like a down to earth guy. he even seems as if he could truely make a girl happy, even without being as successful as he is. whoever his girl turns out to be she will be the luckiest girl and im sure she will deserve him cuz he could truely have anyy bitch he wants. love you drizzy, you da fuckn best<3 look out for me tsongas arena in MA 2010!

  60. yes yes yes!!! hes too cute and his voice send chills up and down my spine, a way of feeling sexy and special..

  61. No, i must say i never really liked rap or hip hop until i heard drake. It felt like i was punched in the gut. Te thing that scares me is what a down to earth person heis. My friend met him an she said he’s really cool. I think i might actually be in love. I probably would cry if i got picked but if i dont i will just try harder to meet him. To meet Mr. Audrey Drake Graham. It would make my day, yes sir. No matter what happens, scandals w.e ill always love him and i think i am one of his biggest fans. Mhm, yes.

    1. Have u met him…? its an infactuation darling.. yeah i think hes one of the sexiest men in the world, and i rate his music i listen to him every day when i wake up and throughout the day. i would love to be picked etc. but woman need to respect themselves more!!!

  62. Alright, one problem, i cant stand these woman being like i love him im the number one fan.. i would marry it etc. hes so sexy ahhh!! Look yeah hes damn fine and talented and i love his music. but it aint goin down like that… most of u have never met him! its just so lame how some woman put a bad impression on other woman so rappers think i can have any woman in the world. Drakes getting pretty bad on this front, hes a player and i aint hating, but im just saying… bcos of some woman he just goes around and would prob ‘fuck every girl in the world’

    1. Look. I understand whut u r saying but personally i tnk Drake is pretty cool, my friend maet him and she said he let her hug him and they took pictures, i dont think he’s that bad or mean.

  63. im drake biggest and truest fan all i wanna do is meet drake thats my dream and meetin him would make me the luckiest girl on earth

  64. i think it would be a cool thing to meet anyone famous for me. i love will, i love jada, i love jlo, i love mariah and even obamawould make my day. i love to shake their hand and tell them some positive outlooks of their life, and why i like them i would also promote myself me beig a licensed massage therapist, i would most likely offer drake a massage , professionally people , no hanky panky, me and my business partner are looking for office space keep having this dream that its not in texas . were called on point massge, but anyway enough about me i remember downtown mcdonds , big tuck was there, and my friend came around the corner all excited, shaking me and pulling me to look, what do you know it was tuck , but everybody actin brand new , please i got my pathology book since i dont have a cam phone and went over there, the security was like well excuse me you just bold aint you. im 5.2 lol any ways my bro listenin to him i only kno some stuff , but i was like you look nice today, may i get a autograph he smiled must of made his day by acknowledging his fame, then THEY came lol after i hugged him hes huge by the way, to bad hes too old for me i would of asked him for his number he was hot, drake is too. me n lil bro were talkin about him this morning lol he like i guess u like him. dang skippy. he like he ugly . no u aint baby, he aint suppose to think u cute . he a dude . but he try to sing ur lyrics though he likes um that dang when you go clap clap bravo toast a glass something to gurl with mascotto. wine is nasty by the way. im 22 . im naturally energtic drinkin makes me 10 times that so my hg saw lol i drunk a cooler and she like gurl u silly . but drake would be nice to be able to say in my life chapter i massage . live and be happy. cause i feel like a celebrity everyday and a model

    1. honestly this comment was so pointless and very ignorant for an answer to this site. like seriously if you’re trying to meet someone have something intelligent to say lmao!

  65. my name is therel but when i am spiting my raps they call me trealz i would like to meet Drizzy Drake to see if he could show me some pointers i would also like to meet drake to see if my and him can lay a song uot just me and him rapping on it spiting out are rimes and i could be put out there as an unknown artist and make a carear out of it rapping takes me to my own place so i think me and drake rapping whould blow up the world i know if i get this wonderfull chance and get to rap with drake i will be know as one of the hottes rappers to every rapp with drake. thanks for this great oppertunrty and i hope i get pick as one of the peploe to meet my hero drake

  66. My name is Rachel and i am the BIGGEST drake fan ever i love you so much and followed you when you first were on Degrassi, im going to your concert with my 2 bestfriends April 9th in pa i live in long island and im GOING ALL THE WAY 5 hours away just to see you!!!!!!!!! MY room is fulll of Drake and i can recite every drake line ever I even named my cuteeee dog after you i cried when i got tickets to your concert my mom called my family friends that are presdient of the NBC studios bc he works with famous people but he couldn’t do anything either:( Please email me i went through tough times with my family…and hearing your name makes me cry as i am right now please email me and meet you a picture and signature would make my life i would do anything my friends are a little scared of me because of how much i love youuuu!!!!!!

  67. Any one can say they are the #1 fan of drizzy drake,but I really want to say I am infuenced by young money ENT. Also I listen to drake every morning,after noon,&night.Through out this comment I really would like to expose to drake the talent I have been shown by him & his music. Thank You Drake&Young Money ENT.For inspiring me with your music.

  68. hey there, mr. Drake… Its your 20 year old female from TEXAS man, ever since Degrassi and now with the single Say Something with Timbaland… You have truly amazed me. This is Charmaine and i can spit real fire.. people may mistake me for Nicki Minaj from texas.. I would love to me him TODAY… and drop 16 barz of fire with your finest mc in da game… Deuces, Charmaine…
    But whats a star when his number one fan is missing….
    Drake-Say something gurlzzzz….

  69. I love him so much!! maybe it silly to say for the person u dont even saw ,but I do love him!! I`m just going crazy with all thoughts !! I`m thinking about him 24/7 .. I just have to meet him,somehow…please!!!

  70. i admire Drake so much. i listen to his words all the time, he taught me alot with his lyrics..im a true fan of him and his music and i hope he keeps on blessing us with his music

  71. Ima start off by sayin in drakes songs he seems like I very humble and a fun person to be around I can relate to his songs because he sends a message ..
    Iam a dedicated fan I love aubrey drake graham

  72. I love drake even befor he came out as a rapper I liked him when he was in degrassi and yaaa ppl started likeing him wen he was fames I like him 4 who he is pluse!! He’s cute ily drake :-*

  73. i luv drake so much he iz so fuckin sexi! he iz da best rappa alive he a beast on dat damn stage i wud luv 2 c him in person datz my babii!!!

  74. Drake is the best rapper and there’s no doubt about it. he’s really reppin’ young money. weezy ain’t got nothing to worry ’bout when he’e is jail, drake’s got his back…you’re the fucking best

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