Does will change and destroy twitter?

This is a huge statement but it is time to face it. Sponsored tweet increase day after day.

At this pace and without rules, and others similar service will destroy twitter.

Not so long ago.

When we discover e-mail, it was fun and almost innocent. Everyone was waiting for the “you got mail” sound.

Marketers realise that and start sending e-mails to anyone. Suddenly, we start to receive ads e-mail all the time.

To control this madness, a new rule enters the game. You must op-in a mailing list.

It reduces the number of unwanted e-mails.

Twitter is like e-mail of 2010.

Many people are waiting after new tweets. Then many of them realise that quality is better over quantity. Therefore, many people reduce the number of people they are following.

We are here and people want quality.

Now the case gives an opportunity to an advertiser to spread their message to a following list (like mailing list)

Any user can sign up and accept offer to spread advertisers’ idea into their list.

Where is the problem?

In e-mail marketing, if you ask for e-mail information to talk about car, the end user should not receive information about houses. He should get information about houses only if he opt-in for that information.

Now in twitter you can say whatever you want. It is your stream. Therefore, it is hard to filter like an e-mail.

However it is time to say: p.s I’m making money because you are my follower. You can also tell what you are doing with that money.

I think in this era of full disclosure, it can be a great thing to do.

For example twitter should give the option to not receive sponsor tweet. This is only an idea.

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