Magic tool to Customize your Facebook Profile Layout now

I was looking to change my Facebook layouts and backgrounds like MySpace for a long time. I searched many solutions but none of them was perfect.

I found one solution the other day. It is not perfect but it works well. It is easy to use and they have a huge collection of layouts.

It is a one click magic solution.

On top of that you can create your own layouts. You should test it. If you do not like it, it is very easy to uninstall.

Change your Facebook layout with this magic tool and use any crazy design on your facebook profile now

facebook layouts with new backgrounds

Fact: you need to download a plug-in to change your facebook layout with your favorite design (sorry facebook is NOT Myspace) you cannot change the code like myspace ( sad part of Facebook)

You can now change your Facebook layouts and backgrounds today with those links :


second option: here

Why you must use this tool to change your Facebook layout now?

It is free (no credit card needed)

It is a safe and private  app (no malware or viruses)

huge collection of layouts (create beautiful page)

It is fast (under 5 minutes … and it’s over)

You have my 100% guarantee (I used it)

You can share it with your friends

you can create new design and share it with your friends

Easy to uninstall

Change your Facebook layout with this magic tool here

second option: here

Facebook is not Myspace but you can change  your layout and backgrounds with a special tool.

you can turn your layout from this:

facebook layouts with no design

To this brand-new, customize facebook layout:

facebook layouts with new backgrounds

The solution is Page Rage.

Customize your Facebook layout with this magic tool here

second option: here


Page Rage is a plug-in to help you customize your profile fast.

You must follow those steps:

  • Install the plug-in 
  • join the free community
  • Choose the layout that you want or design your page
  • Login to facebook
  • Reselect a layout
  • Share this page with your friend now


  • Fast and easy
  • Large selection


  • Only you can see it (unless your friends install the plug-in too)
  • Only work with internet explorer and Firefox ( right now but check for update)
  • Not a real customization

As you can see, Page Rage is a great solution to customize your profile. However your friend must  install Yontoo Lawyers (plug-in) to view your customize facebook profile .

it is a huge problem.

The application is fun to use and easy to change your facebook layout with new backgrounds.

Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff


    1. yes, you cannot change your Facebook layout without installing this “stupid” plug-in .. like I said facebook is not myspace .. they don’t let you access the code like myspace… sorry …

  1. In the cons it says, “only you can see it.” I have it as well as a few of my friends and we can all see each others’ when we view each others’ profiles. I’m not sure if this is only because we all have the software that we downloaded but you should definitely clear the only you can see it part in your cons. Great layouts though!

  2. If the solution is pagerage then why can’t anyone see my layout? i’ve waited for it to load, i’ve told people to refresh my page, i downloaded the toolbar and everything. Nothing works.

  3. the easiest way to change your layout for yourself to see is, when u log on, just put on some colored glasses. that way your layout would look different instantly without plug ins, installations, clicking on numerous links, following endless instructions, downloading, waiting, reading and re-reading tips. this is just my tip.

    1. where are you going to find those color glasses… again this solution is not for everybody …. some people ask for a solution like that…. It might not be the easiest solution but it is a good one my friend .

  4. cant agree more…theres no use when u are the only one that can see the layout while the others cant…..

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