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Itunes alternative: how I get free mp3 songs from a legal and safe website.

I love music but I don’t want to download that music from torrent or strange website with malware. On top of that I want an itunes alternative. I recently discover that I can download mp3 songs from YouTube with this tool on this website.

In this post I want to share my tool that I use to fill my iPod with the latest song.

First question: is it legal? This is a serious question that I ask myself before I publish this post. My answer was yes and no. it is not legal for the person to upload the song and it is not legal for YouTube to host the song on their server.

However, if the person that uploads the song is the artist or an employee from the music record then the song is legal.

Now the second question I asked myself was is it legal to download it from YouTube.

My answer is yes. To come to this conclusion I just use the way YouTube works. In order for me to watch a video I need to download the content on my machine. Then my browser can convert this content into a video.

So this trick let you do the same thing that you normally do with YouTube (download content) but this time you take out the video part and keep forever the audio part.

Last time I check it is super fast. By fast I mean way less than 20 seconds on my broadband connection ( 7Mb/s ).

I choose this solution because it fast and deadly simple to use. It just works.

Follow those steps and you can build a fresh and update playlist in 5 minutes.

1) First locate your favorite song on youtube.

2) Go watch that video

3) Copy the url of the page

4) Go to this website here

5) Paste the url in the box

6) Click the convert video button

7) Click the download link

That’s it you have your first song.

The cool advantage of this solution is to use safe and reliable websites. I don’t want to use torrents and shady websites with a gazillion pop ups.

I hope you enjoy my itunes alternative. If I have time I will try to improve that solution.

Until then you can always subscribe to this website to get the latest update.


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New Facebook layout : Change Facebook layouts with the old Facebook layout

It’s a new year and Facebook launched a new Facebook layout. Once again I do not understand the new layout. Personally , I was not comfortable with the previous Facebook layout. This new Facebook layout is hard to understand. It is not user friendly.

update:  I wake up this morning and my friends on Facebook are not happy about this new Facebook layout change. I’m not the only one that is unable to keep up with those changes.


What’s up with FB always changing?!

I was looking for a way to go back to the old Facebook layout. It’s almost mission impossible because Facebook is blocking any option to go back in the past.

So far I had success with my change Facebook layout guide. However, many people are having trouble to make it work correctly. You should try it now before it is too late.

There is still the old trick with page rage but from what I understand that solution is not working for everyone.

I gave you everything I have. I guess we are going to live with this new and ugly Facebook layout.

I am working for a solution but I need your feedback. Do you want a better solution to go back in time?

Feel free to write a comment and you should tell me exactly what the perfect Facebook layouts looks like.

I hope I help you but do not forget to write a comment because together we can change facebook.

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Download free mp3 full songs from YouTube very fast and easy

This is something my friend asks me all the time. What are the best LimeWire or bittorent alternatives? It was something I was looking for too. They want to download free mp3 without installing a software.

I was looking for something simple that even my mother could understand.

I was looking for a solution without spam viruses and malwares. Almost everything on Google I found was software. The software solution was my last option.

I was looking for a web app solution; a real plug and play from a website.

I finally found the web app I was looking for. The solution was perfect: download the mp3 songs directly from YouTube. It was deadly simple.

It was a real copy paste solution. It was too good to be true. I decide to test it last week.

My first target was the new lil Wayne’s album.

I choose THE CARTER IV. Every song from the album was on YouTube. Of course it might disappear real soon. I had no time to waste.

youtube to mp3 converter

I copy paste the YouTube url into my new YouTube to mp3 converter.

I pressed download and less than 30 seconds later the song was mine.

It was fast (I have a broadband connection) and ridiculously easy.

As soon as I get 20 songs from that solution I contact my friend. He tested and got the same result so far.

I think this solution is perfect to anyone that doesn’t like to download any software at all.

I don’t know how long this solution might work because it is very effective. When something is very effective like this solution YouTube or music companies might stop it. You should try it now before it’s too late.

Test this YouTube to mp3 converter now

Of course I am going to give you another solution on a next post because we always need a plan B.

I hope you are going to like it. If it is not working feel free to contact me because I may help you.


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New Facebook layouts no download guide

I recently updated my solution to change your Facebook layouts but the service was not good enough. People were not happy with the service. Therefore I was not happy with the service.

Facebook is not a big fan of change your Facebook layouts. Sometimes they shut down any new solution or the solution stops working correctly.

Today I’m using a new solution. So far it is working great.

You can test it now right here

The reality is the solution might not work in a near future.

Therefore you need a complete guide that will work no matter what. It is my Facebook policy proof.

What you need: a picture.

1. Upload your profile picture (size 182 x 533 pixel)

2. Upload each thumbnail pictures ( size 97 x 68 pixel)

3. Tag yourself in the thumbnail image that will be the farthest to the right

4. Tag the farthest right, then the next, until you have all 5

5. Enjoy your new profile

Make sure you check out this Photoshop solution (if you have Photoshop)

I hope I finally solve this whole Facebook change layouts problem.


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Facebook layouts no download official Guide

You asked for a new way to change your Facebook layouts without downloading or installing anything. It was hard to find because Facebook do not let you play with the codes like MySpace or a regular blog.

I find a solution that I posted here.

However, I noticed something strange. Many people were looking for Facebook layouts design before using my solution. I decide to update my solution and write a simple guide.

Facebook layouts no download official Guide

The goal is to transform your lame Facebook profile into a beautiful Facebook profile like this simple example.

Your friends are going to view and love your new Facebook profile.

Step 1

You need a picture or a design. You have two options.

Option 1: you have a cool picture on your computer or mobile phone then go to step 2.

Option 2: you have no picture at all. Your best option is to go on Google image right here


For example I searched for Justin Bieber and I got a lot of pictures.

(make sure you save your picture on your computer)

Step 2

You can use my solution to change your Facebook profile without download anything.

Get the tool right here

Step 3

You can preview and select a current theme or you can create your theme

Bonus step

No tools may work forever. I decide to create this bonus step to help you change Facebook profile without any tools at all.

You need to upload a profile picture (size 182 x 533)

You need 5 small pictures from the same picture (size 97 x 68)

You can use any crop tool online. Google “crop your picture”

You should be fine to create a custom Facebook profile like this one.

Feel free to contact me for help, I’m here to help you.

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