How to Play the Dark knight Rises game now

I usually don’t promote this type of stuff but this is the dark knight rises game. I mean who wants another stuff to download. Yes exactly no one.

Dark knight rises game

However this time I’m ready to make an exception. Like I said it is the Dark Knight Rises game. Only that it’s a good reason to go play the game.

I’ve been up all night after watching the movie. Guess what? I was playing the game.

I did not expect much from the game until I saw some stats

dark knight rises game review

Yes 193 813 people love that game. Ok yes the picture is not clear but trust me 193 813 love that game.

I’m not alone to do anything to beat those bosses.

batman the dark knight rises game

Ok I stop talking you want to play too

So my US people only play the Dark Knight Rises Game now

To the rest of the world(non US) use the second button below:

So my NON-US people play Dark Knight Rises Game right now

 Beat my dark knight rises game score my friend

Make sure to mark your best score in the comment below.

This is very important you can share any tips that may help us advance in the game…

I cannot wait to hear from you.


One of the reasons I want to here from you is because I struggle to beat the first boss.

Before you ask it is very easy to uninstall the program.

I can even help you do that after you get bored playing games online.

Is it possible to get bored of playing games?

Anyway I hope you will have as much fun as me because that’s the goal.

If you see anything shady or strange feel free to tell me.



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How to send and receive zoosk mail without paying today with huge success

Yesterday I receive this question:

How can I send and receive zoosk emails without paying?

At first I was chock that people are still using Zoosk because Zoosk does not have the best dating service out there.

I would recommend using Badoo or POF. Badoo is a creepy service but at least it is free.

New UPDATE August 2013 : Test my new zoosk tool to read and send messages to a specif user now.

Anyway back to the question.

I use a very simple trick. This trick might not work anymore after I publish this article.

I create a new zoosk profile with the same username that I use on google profile or facebook or twitter (you choose).

I wink the person I like. In my profile I say clearly that you must search on any search engine my zoosk username profile to contact me. (note zoosk moderator seems to read profile manually now)

They usually end up on my twitter account.

It is a little bit complicated and a long process but I had a great success with this trick.

I was able to contact and meet 7 of 10 girls.

I highly recommend that you put your best picture and you write the best profile possible.

By the way I will never pay a dating site anymore.

I hope you enjoy my answer.


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How to make money online like an unknown artist with a free mixtape

It is extremely hard for any artist to make money with their music. It is extremely hard to sell albums.

If you are an artist you may have a great album and no money in the bank. This is a sad reality in this 21st century.

In this article I will show you how I help my friend make money online with her free mixtape. She is an unknown artist right now.

Don’t worry I know you don’t have money in your pocket too. I am not here to sell you anything.

However you will be able to afford my solution today.

Let me be clear it is extremely difficult to make money out of an album in this new era.

You will not trade your 9 to 5 job to a music career easily unless you win American idol.

The numbers are clear: Albums sales are down each year ….

Sources: Album Sales Hit Record Lows. (

Business Matters: CDs Down 9% This Year And Getting Cheaper All the Time (

Downloads fail to fill gap as album sales plummet for sixth year running (

As you can read, you may put all your energy in your talent but you may end up with no money.

I had no choice to give you that harsh reality.

Now it is time for a cheap and easy solution.

I discover this solution a long time ago but it is the number one solution to make money online with a mixtape that I found.

You need to apply this program now and start make money today.

To help my friend promote her mixtape:

I went to (use this link because I will support your mixtape after you sign up)

I upload her mixtape. So far it is very easy.

I grab the link and paste on her twitter and Facebook account: “download and support this free mixtape from Malia because she’s good (link here)”

I want to be 100% straight forward with you. You need a lot of downloads to make a lot of money.


Rates for 1000 downloads

Status 1-10 MB 10-50 MB 50-100 MB 100-250 MB 250+ MB
Light $1 $2 $3 $4 $5
Base $2 $4 $6 $8 $10
Power $3 $8 $9 $12 $15
Ultra $4 $10 $12 $16 $20


A mixtape is around 50 -100 MB. That’s $3/1000 – $6/1000 per user. That may sound like nothing but it is easier to sell a free mixtape download over a paid one. (anyway the vast majority will not buy an album.)

Your first step is to sign up to (use my link because I can support you after)

Upload your mixtape

Finally share this link everywhere.

Now you can say download my mixtape 100% free and support me musically and financially.

It is a win-win situation.

You should do it today because most pirates will do this to make money out of your masterpiece anyway. Do it before them today.

I hope you will enjoy this this solution. In a next article I will show you how to get many download.

Check the solution to make money with your mixtape





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How to get and create unlimited ringtones from YouTube videos

I would like to thank you to come on this page and I hope I will help you find the perfect ringtone.

Before I tell you about how you can get ringtones from YouTube, you should go check this website to get free ringtones today.

Click here to get free ringtones

I hope you enjoy the website above because I truly think that everyone deserve a cool ringtone.

I used the website I just show very often but I always need to buy new songs all the time on iTunes.

Sometimes ITunes don’t have all the songs I wish.

I find this software to create ringtones directly from YouTube videos.

It’s deadly easy. You copy the url and paste it in the software and voila you are ready to create a ringtones from a fresh song that you like.

I know the music industry won’t like this software but it is the best thing I found to change ringtones all the time.

It is not free and it is not for everyone. This is why I make sure to give a free option up there.

Click here to get the software and get unlimited ringtones from YouTube videos

I do think you will love this software. If you don’t buy it, no problem I hope you will enjoy your free tool.

One more thing, leave a comment below and when I reach 100 comments on this page I will select someone. That person will get the software for free.


How to solve facebook chat issues now in one click

Since the new facebook design my facebook chat crashes and bugs all the time. It is almost impossible to have a great conversation because facebook chat is not working too often for me. Lately I don’t have a great experience with facebook chat.

I know I’m not the only one with that problem. I’m here to give you a solution to solve this facebook chat problems once and for all (I hope). Any heavy facebook user will love it.

Your top 10 friends have a facebook profile and use it very often so facebook chat becomes the perfect tool to talk to them quickly and easily to share important news. You can achieve that with a facebook chat that works perfectly. The main problem is the facebook website.

I cannot explain it but facebook chat cannot works properly with the actual structure.

After a quick search over the Internet, I could not find a great answer to solve this facebook chat issues.

The only solution I find was to use Facebook chat outside The idea is to use facebook chat on your desktop.

I want you to download facebook chat software now and start uses it today. I try it and it works like a charm so far. That’s why I am happy to promote the software.

On top of that you can use this free software to communicate with your friends and family on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and Google Talk. Finally you will not miss important news because facebook chat crash again.

Download Facebook chat free software now to solve your facebook chat problems

This is the solution I find to solve facebook chat problems and issues. The idea it is to use it outside the facebook website because the website seems unable to handle the chat service.

Feel free to share this page with your friends or comment to any issues you may have with facebook chat.