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Best livejasmin hack in 2015 with no survey

Update November 2015 : Cool new livejasmin hack is coming soon… you are going to love it guaranteed

One file from a livejasmin hack script can gives you as many free livejasmin credits as you want in exchange for your personal information.

I am like you that’s why I wrote my livejasmin guide .

I want to use livejasmin for free too.

I want those free credits as soon as possible to watch those hot girls.

HOT Hack!! cool update to watch free cam models live show in 2015 

Inside that livejasmin Hack

I’m like you. I do not usually trust an adult website with my credit card.

Therefore I act like anybody. I begin a search on google. I was searching for a livejasmin hack.

Oh boy I found over 2 millions links….

I click the first link .
It is a simple page with a link.

I click the link and the download begins.
This is when it’s getting ugly.

Very ugly.

livejasmin hack file creep file

I open the zip file.

I try to run the livejasmin hack script but the script asks me for a password.

livejasmin hack file
I check the read me file and discover a link to get that special password.

livejasmin hack file fake passwords
This is the crazy part.

I go to that random website and a black page appear. On that page a scan system begins.

It is a trap.

It is a scam in a scam.

Then I realize that if I want to control and steal personal information I would done it the same way.

I would pick a popular paid adult website then I would create a livejasmin hack script and link everything to anything to make money out of that transaction.

Not only it is dangerous but you are alone when you have that script on your computer.

They can blackmail you if you use it on livejasmin.

Why a free livejasmin hack?

I am not here to tell you what to do. You are smart enough. I just want to warn you like a good friend.
People on the internet can do crazy thing to make a $1.

Of course you can read my livejasmin guide to get a fresh and new perspective on livejasmin.

However please if your plan was to use livejasmin without paying then keep it that way.

Seriously don’t use the livejasmin  website if you don’t plan to spend money and more important do not use a random livejasmin hack script you find online unless you write it yourself.

Your privacy and integrity worth more then any free credit you can get from a script.
Anyway you can get free credits from those scripts in exchange of your personal information only.

Now you know the truth behind those scripts.

That’s the main reason over 2 millions people are fighting to give you a ‘’Free’’ script.

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Is this the worst Chaturbate app ever or what?

Chatrubate had a developer contest with their new Limit cam feature. I didn’t have time to join the contest but the results are in.

Oh boy it’s not great!

First let’s congratulate every winner. Now I hate those apps. I hate the No grey viewers’ app.

charturbate app


There is a group chat for a reason….

I was a grey user one day (grey user is a user without tokens) and now the broadcaster has a tool to block them.

I simply hate this app because it’s like a gold show on streamate. I know many broadcasters were asking for this option but I don’t think it will help chaturbate in the future.

Hopefully broadcasters are going to use these new tools with moderation.

I’m not the only one mad about this tool. Check this comment on the app page:

free chaturbate app comment

I think as a computer science point of view it is wrong to just block grey users like that. The best chaturbate app should be able to block grey users only if they stay on a page too long or any users that haven’t tip at least 1 token for a certain period of time.


In the meantime you can check why I like Chaturbate over almost every single web cam site.

If you don’t like public group chat I still recommend Livejasmin for private show.


Do you like this new app?


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How to contact a zoosk user without being a premium user

I’m super excited today to show you my new zoosk hack case study to contact almost anyone on zoosk without spending a dime with a success rate of 86% so far.Yes I know it’s not perfect but It’s my zoosk free trick. On top of that I<m not the only one getting great results with it.

Update  August 2013 : Test my new tool to find and contact a specific user on zoosk.

Act quick because Zoosk is watching too. 

Every single day I received e-mails from you.

You just want to contact that special person without spending money. I get that and I’m like you.

The value should be to match perfect person not to block their conversations.

Today might be your lucky day.

I have a fresh new solution to send messages on zoosk 100% free. It is not perfect as always but during the month of February 2013 I had great results.

To achieve my trick you need Facebook with their brand new search engine: social graph. The search engine looks like the picture below: -click the picture to have the full picture.

facebook search graph


You can now start typing. In this case I type single women I am not friends with who live in [enter the specific city]

zoosk free messages


Ok now you are ready to follow my case study.

Case Study: Step by step to find a user on zoosk

Step 1: 

Everything begins when I checked a profile on zoosk. Of course I was not a subscriber at that time so I wasn’t able to contact that person.

A few hours later I received that message from zoosk in my e-mail account…

zoosk free messages

The girl visited my page.

At the same time I was on Facebook and I decide to perform a quick search.

Step 2

In the search box I typed exactly : single women I am not friends with who live in [enter the specific city]

Step 3: 

I went basic on this one but the cool thing about the new Facebook social search is the number of options. You can really go deep in your search.

I use the city, sex and the name. To be fair the city did not have a huge population so it was fairly easy to find her in 5 minutes.

In this case at your left you are going to see pictures results and at your left you are going to see the box below.

In my case I choose gender female, relationship single

you can even add people that like zoosk or use zoosk application on facebook.

On their zoosk profile you can add any cool fact their like into the search options to get better results.

zoosk free messages

zoosk free messages

In a bigger city you can add some element of the profile like:

Does that person use the zoosk apps on Facebook?

Does the person like a band in particular etc….

Usually I’m able to find the person. Of course they might choose to put their Facebook profile invisible to search. In this case it is almost impossible to find that person unless you pay zoosk (not recommend )

Of course that’s not enough. I can increase my chance by searching on pof badoo and okcupid because in general a person uses more than one service. If you cannot find your person after that then contact me and I’ll try to help you. -try because I do receive a lot of e-mails a day.

In my case I was able to find the person in 5 minutes on Facebook. On the week end I met her…Happy ending in my case. 

I wish facebook put age format in their system. Once I have the age format then Facebook would become the perfect dating website. Until then you can still use facebook like a dating site by checking the people that like or use pof zoosk badoo or okcupid on facebook.

I hope I help you today.

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Why you should not use tagged?

For every legit profile you are going to find 10 fake profiles.

Don’t believe me, go test it.

First I am going to tell you my tagged scam story and then how you can avoid it.

I love Tagged despite the title above but today I did not like my experience. I hope none of my friends get the same low experience. However I was able to meet wonderful people. Unfortunately, I also came across fake profiles.

I mean every day I discover 100 of fake profiles… it is a real problem at Tagged.

Those scammers are getting smarter… This time my scammer did everything by hand.

Tagged scam

It was obvious it was a scam but I contact “her” anyway. Pictures were too good to be true.

I continue. She was in my city so I send her a message.

Right away she asked me for my cell number…

I was suspicious then I asked unconventional questions to make sure it was not a bot behind those messages. I was still skeptic about the whole thing.

I gave my number anyway (not a good idea)….

Hours later I receive this text message:

Free sms: Janine wants a private chat with U! $2/ msg reply yes to start chatting!

I stop it right away. Tagged right now is the perfect place for scammers to test their dating scams stuff. A great website turns out to be the worst find new friends’ website.

I don’t think they will change something because they love those ads page views money.

My recommendation: stay away from Tagged. I won’t recommend any of my friends to sign up to Tagged.


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What is the best legal and free alternative to Megaupload that people love?

Now you may have read the news. The FBI shuts down megaupload.

It’s the end of an era. Maybe it is the end of free illegal contents online like full TV series.

megaupload news

I guess you need a great alternative to share legitimate file with your friends. (I’m talking about legal stuff here)

You are at the right place because I was using a service to replace megaupload before this crazy story. I was using dropbox.

Dropbox is a great alternative to store your best content. Again it should be legal stuff only.

I’m not here to teach you how to steal content. I’m better than that and I’m sure you too.

Anyway the government is watching now.

So Dropbox is free (at least to store a minimum of stuff) and extremely easy to use.

You should check this video to get a sense of what I’m talking about.


Now I think you should have an account for several reasons. First Dropbox is a legitimate business.( a billion dollar business)

Second, you and I need a back up plan if we cannot access to an usb stick or our computer. You and I need a place to share our best stuff with our friend. Personally I use it all the time.

I would like you sign up with my special link below because I will get more free space.

Click here to sign up with my special link please

Of course if you love the service you can share it with your friends to get more free space too.

It’s a win win situation.

Forget Megaupload and start using Dropbox today because you are going to love it.