Sorry 4 the wait free download by lil wayne

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How to make money online like an unknown artist with a free mixtape

It is extremely hard for any artist to make money with their music. It is extremely hard to sell albums.

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The numbers are clear: Albums sales are down each year ….

Sources: Album Sales Hit Record Lows. (

Business Matters: CDs Down 9% This Year And Getting Cheaper All the Time (

Downloads fail to fill gap as album sales plummet for sixth year running (

As you can read, you may put all your energy in your talent but you may end up with no money.

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Montreal hip hop: the best rapper in montreal is muGz

You can find a ton of artist all across the web. Almost everyday new artists contact me to promote their music. Most of the time, I refuse because they do not have something special.

Recently I discover a talented artist from my town Montreal. It is  muGz.

He did not contact me but he deserves a promotion here.  My goal with this website is to make sure you triple your fun.

This video from  muGz will triple your fun instantly.

You want to learn more about him go check his twitter account here.

Make sure you tell him I send you there.

bonus video with pornstars

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Drake Fan club: new video what’s my name by Rihanna and drake

I was not a huge Rihanna fan lately. However I love the new sound of her new album.

I love happy Rihanna.

Don’t you think they are a cute couple in this video?

I guess Rihanna is the best Drake will ever have …..

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Drake fan club: the best winter coat ever Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket

The other day I was on drake’s blog and I saw this coat:

Black Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket

Yes it is a Canada Goose. As a Canadian, I know it is the best coat ever. You need to wear one and you will discover the difference.

But this black limited edition coat by Drake is very nice. I was ready to buy it until I saw the price tag: $900.00 CAD.

It is expensive but the coat worth it.  I plan to buy it before it is gone because I love the design.

You can check it now and buy it online too.

I will probably buy it next week stay tune.

Update: you ask for it and I have it right now….

You can buy a Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket special edition by Drake right now on ebay too

buy canada goose chilliwack drake

go buy  it on Ebay here now