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Drake fan club: the best winter coat ever Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket

The other day I was on drake’s blog and I saw this coat:

Black Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket

Yes it is a Canada Goose. As a Canadian, I know it is the best coat ever. You need to wear one and you will discover the difference.

But this black limited edition coat by Drake is very nice. I was ready to buy it until I saw the price tag: $900.00 CAD.

It is expensive but the coat worth it.  I plan to buy it before it is gone because I love the design.

You can check it now and buy it online too.

I will probably buy it next week stay tune.

Update: you ask for it and I have it right now….

You can buy a Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket special edition by Drake right now on ebay too

buy canada goose chilliwack drake

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Sexy girl from twitter meet mindelicious right now

I want you to discover or rediscover a web model that I like.

She is sexy fun and smart.

This is my favourite picture from her right now.

You can view more pictures from her on plixi.

You can interact with her today too on twitter

Celebrities music

Drake Fan club: a real message from a fan to Drake

When I start this project about meeting Drake (something I almost did in Montreal at least I met his friend “40”), I had no idea that so many fans will leave so many great comments.

It is the shortest post I ever wrote but it receives the most comment. I really touch something.

The fans (true fans) want to meet their idol. In this case, their idol is Drake.

Do you want a taste of how powerful this connection is? I repost a comment a fan post earlier:

Well, I dont know how to start this being that i dont want to sound stereotypical and monogamous stating the same things as the rest of Drakes fans, but what i can truly say is that I can let my heart do all the talking. First, i would like to state that i truly respect Drake’s career and over all i respect Drake as a person. Everything he inputs in his music is without a doubt straight from the mind of a genius. I can relate to most of his songs, ‘Music is what feelings sound like” and i can surely say that this quote is accurate, most of this talented mans songs can sum up my emotions or the things ive been thru in every aspect of my life. I wish him the best in everything he does and may God always prosper him as long as he maintains his humbleness that until this day i see he has. Drake has a charm that i havent found in any other person, aside from the fact that hes a public figure as a person he portrays so many good traits. Hes such a sweet guy, humble and emotional, it shows in his character, his mom definitely did a great job in rasing that man therefore all kudos to her. Im sure me being your ordinary girl there wouldnt be a chance in this world that he would look my way even if it was just to say hi and its not because i dont know my worth but simply because his life style totally differs from mine, im just a simple 24 year old struggling to make the best out of my life by working hard and finishing up college, always hustlin and striving to get what i want out of life and reach up to my dreams and expectations. I would personally love to meet Drake, yes this is something im not going to sugar coat and if i had ONE chance ill take it and relay to him on how much i admire him and love what he does and how something as simple as going thru his lyrics have literally opened my eyes to reach out for better things…all i would like to tell Drake right now is: God bless you very much and i pray every night that God may lead your paths and guide you to where it is that he wants you to truly be and i pray to God that i can be lucky enough to meet a guy like you and walk him into my life. Its not even about the money that he has honestly thats the least of my concerns i dont love drake for what he has because at the end of the day those are simply materialistic possesions, i see beyond all that and really love who he is a person..I LOVE YOU DRAKE  AND WITH OR WITHOUT THE FAME AND THE MONEY YOURE ALWAYS BE SOMEONE ILL ADMIRE AND WISH I HAD FOR MYSELF..GOD BLESS YOU NOW AND FOREVER

It is very powerful and I hope it will inspire other fans.

You can also visit the official drake fan club here


Triple your fun and interact with a sexy thick model like Joanna Shari

I receive an e-mail today from Joanna Shari.

First do you have a facebook account?

Yes or no?

Yes, then you can add her right here right now !!!!!!!!

Make sure you tell her that BlackySky ask you to add her.

As a thank you to tell her I have an extra fun bonus for you:

I told you I am here to triple your fun online.


Sexiest Santa Claus pictures you cannot open at work with Adrianna Marie

One day I start following Adrianna Marie on Myspace. You know the day Myspace was super hot and the place to be.

Anyway, of course like any guy her pictures impress me very much. You will love it too.

There are so many models out there that it is not hard to find a cute girl. However Adrianna Marie is special. The only reason I follow her on twitter now is because of her personal story.

A must read….

I did not write to tell you how great she is but to show you the sexiest Santa Claus pictures that you cannot view at work of course.

sexy santa clause chritmas pictures

sexy chrismas pictures ass red

I know you love it too. Don’t sit there and do nothing. You can interact with this girl right now.

You can actually go on twitter and talk to her. Tell her BlackySky send you there.

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