Free zoosk mail update: time to tell the truth

The best option to get free zoosk mail is to not use zoosk at all because there is better option on the web like my favorite one right now: twitter.

I’ve started a blog post about how to contact people on zoosk without paying. Those posts were really popular and many people use those tricks. I knew they were working great because I was using them at the time.

6 months ago , I decided to cancel my zoosk membership (eventhough I still receive their e-mails from them).

It was the best decision of my life. I focus on twitter now to find new single ladies. New single ladies I met on a regular basis.

I personally don’t think you should pay to talk to people but maybe pay to get better advices (coach style).

Like I said I decide to release those tricks to the public and something strange happened. Many people start to send me e-mails about their bad experiences with zoosk. Let me tell you that it’s horrible and you can read those experiences here.

It was clear that zoosk and their model was not effective for a lot of people. I decided to search more on the subject.

I discovered pages and pages about how big dating websites like eharmony was boring or not that great for various reasons.

This data was a clear indication that I was not alone to dislike the way dating website is right now. Something is broken and many single people are looking for a cost effective solution.

I’m exploring what twitter can do to solve this problem.

I don’t have a definitive solution right now but a recommendation. Do not use zoosk and do not spend money there. You can use twitter to meet new people. If twitter is a little bit scary then use free solution like badoo.

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Zoosk mail free alternative without stealing your money

I was a premium member at Zoosk mail. I met one great person with the zoosk service but in general I had a bad experience with Zoosk mail. My bad experience was nothing close from those horrible stories I received on a daily basis.

Some people are losing money without experiencing the zoosk effect.

You must read those e-mails:

I unfortunately joined zoosk they had taken £64.73 from my account and i am unable to contact anyone on their site either by messages or chat its totally useless


I have paid with a credit card to zoosk and different people have been interested but i can never get a message from them i believe they want more money on my credit card and i cannot spend any more

I’m receiving emails, but when I try to open them I states nobody has viewed me. I don’t understand. Please help.

I did not like zoosk mail for various reasons but I never felt that I lost my money. However many people lost their money with Zoosk. That’s a huge accusation.

My best recommendation is to not join Zoosk. They seemed to have a problem with their premium service. On September 9th 2011, they still had the problem.

It is time for a new service and a new way to meet people online. Most dating websites are boring and not as effective as you might think.

I don’t know about you but I discover more interesting people on Facebook and twitter than any other online dating sites I ever joined.

My solution is to use Facebook and twitter. I would say that Facebook groups are quite effective to meet new people in general.

Facebook groups have several advantages:

You can talk about a subject you like and therefore meet people that share the same interest.

You do not have to maintain a profile. (It’s Facebook)

You are free to contact almost any one.

You have this feeling to contact real person. This is something you cannot find with online dating sites with their personal ads style.

Something that I like about Facebook or twitter is that you can have the service in your pockets with their cool apps.

I don’t have a huge guide to give you right now but you should explore this option today. I plan to have more details about how to use twitter and Facebook for dating in the coming days.

You can comment below about your experience with twitter and Facebook or any other online dating websites.


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How to send and receive zoosk mail without paying today with huge success

Yesterday I receive this question:

How can I send and receive zoosk emails without paying?

At first I was chock that people are still using Zoosk because Zoosk does not have the best dating service out there.

I would recommend using Badoo or POF. Badoo is a creepy service but at least it is free.

New UPDATE August 2013 : Test my new zoosk tool to read and send messages to a specif user now.

Anyway back to the question.

I use a very simple trick. This trick might not work anymore after I publish this article.

I create a new zoosk profile with the same username that I use on google profile or facebook or twitter (you choose).

I wink the person I like. In my profile I say clearly that you must search on any search engine my zoosk username profile to contact me. (note zoosk moderator seems to read profile manually now)

They usually end up on my twitter account.

It is a little bit complicated and a long process but I had a great success with this trick.

I was able to contact and meet 7 of 10 girls.

I highly recommend that you put your best picture and you write the best profile possible.

By the way I will never pay a dating site anymore.

I hope you enjoy my answer.



OkCupid fail their match once again

I like OkCupid but their match system is not that great. At least their match system is not smart at all.

OkCupid usually send me my perfect 3 match of the week.

However, this time, they send me a girl that only picks a guy with the same religion.

okcupid fail match

Obviously I don’t have the same religion. After the first line of her profile it is obvious that it will never be match.

I do think it’s time to an online dating revolution. Sooner or later I will show the best free online dating that you can use at anytime without a profile.

I am testing this new dating trick and I can tell you that it is better than and

Stay tune for more about that.


How to read my zoosk mail


zoosk search by name


I randomly start a subject about zoosk. I am not the only one to hate the service. Some people had very bad experiences with zoosk. I suggest you go read the comment section from my last post about zoosk. Then come back here to read my full story.

new update August 2013: Test my new zoosk tool to find and contact a specific user faster 

This is my personal Story with Zoosk

Last year, I receive an e-mail from a friend. She asks me to write a testimonial about her. She is my friend so I wrote a nice testimonial about her. I had to sign up to zoosk to write this testimonial. After I wrote my testimonial, I check people’s profiles with their search engine.

I discover many interesting profiles. I was unable to contact those people as a free user. 3 months later, I decide to become a paid user for 1 month.

I was able to contact many people. I end up meeting two cool girls from zoosk. While I was a paid user I discover many strange things.

Zoosk only care about money and not about dating.

It is a bold statement but it is a reality. As an ex user, I discover something strange. You may see a lot of user in your area but only a small group is really active.  Most people sign up but forget their account forever because it is almost impossible to do anything without paying.

Do not become a zoosk member unless the profile you want was active “today”.

Overall I do not recommend becoming a paid member. There is a lot of free solution out there.

As a non paid member you will not be able to contact anyone. $20 to $40 to contact people, it is very expensive.

Forget your zoosk mail because you will never be able to open your inbox mail.

This is the main reason I choose an alternative to online dating.

I also deactivated my zoosk profile today. I feel better now.

I will give my alternative to zoosk in another post.


Update: I have new post about zoosk and how to read messages without paying