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I hope everything is great on your side because today we need to talk about Zoosk.

As you may know I have become the main reference to help people like you to send free messages on zoosk.

Every day 100s of people stop on this website to check and test my tips and tricks.

Before I continue I highly suggest you check those tips because they are good.

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Like I said this website is very popular. Popularity has a price. People at zoosk can check the info too.

Guess what? I’m sure they did.

Lately I noticed more and more crazy usernames.

I think there are more fake profiles.

less real active user

or zoosk change the game once again.

Of course it is not good for any of us. I don’t want to give a trick to break in the website so we need to find a new solution again.

In the meantime I still recommend POF and OKCupid.

I’m working on two projects “blackysky profile finder” and “blackysky dating box”. I cannot talk much about them but I hope it will solve everyone’s problems once and for all on zoosk and online dating in general.


Zoosk hack and zoosk free membership: update January 2013

Zoosk hack and Zoosk free membership.

new August 2013:  Test my new zoosk free tool to read and send free messages

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Seriously, I received over 1000 emails for those subjects alone. The common theme was simple.

How can I send and receive messages on Zoosk without being a paid member?….You get the point without paying one cent….

Of course the quick answer is to not use zoosk in the first place. However, You are not here to hear that and I understand that.

Let’s dive in those big subjects.

The first subject is Zoosk hack.


Before I tell you the big zoosk hack in 2013 you should test the old ones since 2010:

Ok you have zero success so far. Great you are not alone.

Zoosk people are watching my website too (I see you Zoosk people don’t hide I won’t bite).

Yeah Zoosk people make it harder and harder.

In 2013 I decide to release my big dating app killer project (hopefully before valentine day). In the meantime I was able to get away with this simple hack.

 My anti zoosk free solution

My username on zoosk is the same as my twitter (before I change it). That’s the best I can do for you before I release my killer dating app project.


Then I’m like why you should wait for my killer dating app. You can act now right here. It’s 2013 and you deserve a fresh start.


The idea is simple. Do you see the comment section below…? Great!

 My zoosk free message solution

All you have to do is to say hey my username is XXXXX on zoosk and you can contact me on twitter or instagram or facebook ect…. and I want to contact YYYYY on zoosk…. the last part is optional of course but might be useful ….

Right now I won’t allow e-mail address (maybe in my killer dating app).

Are you going to have the success you deserve with this simple hack… maybe not right away but it is free and you have nothing to lose right now? Or you can always pay a zoosk membership… (Bad idea).

The service is here so use it or tell me how you wish to meet your perfect someone.

It’s time to get a zoosk free membership again


How to read free messages on zoosk today

My secret to read zoosk messages everyday since 2011

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Today I was checking my stats and I noticed that more and more people were looking for a solution to respond messages their receive from other member on their zoosk account.

I mean how ridiculous it is to find someone interesting and you are not able to contact that person.

I know you don’t want to pay zoosk subscription. I know that you want to contact that person so bad.

I’m sure you are going to love this advice. I won’t be able to solve every single problems but I may solve yours today.

At the end of the day you are going to meet that special person. After all,  that’s the goal to meet that special someone.

We cannot lose any second because that person may not use their zoosk account in a near future. You must act now before it is too late.

This is the deal, I cannot show you anything illegal but I can give you a great and good tip to meet that special person on zoosk.

This is the type of tip that zoosk may not like.

 The main tip I use regularly

To understand this tip you must understand the internet right now. As you may know social networks are really big.

Most people are on twitter or facebook. Another thing you should know is everybody use the same nickname and of course their original name.

Now with that in mind , here comes the magic.

Last week I sign up again to zoosk and discovered their new layout.

By the way I’m already annoy by their ongoing e-mails matches. Anyway I find 4 cute girls. Of course I did not want to pay anything.

I decide to copy paste their name into facebook and twitter search box.

Guess what… I find them except one because she use a very weird nickname. Anyway 3 out of 4 is pretty good. It is not perfect but it is a good result so far.

On top of that I am able to duplicate this result. I have a rate of success of 90%. Again it is not great but it is more then nothing.

the whole point I try to make is almost every single girl and (boy) are on other free network like facebook and twitter.

Don’t limit yourself because you can be sure they are on pof and badoo too or any other free services like that.

Those last two, pof and badoo, I will have to discuss a little more about them in a near future.

Once again it was a quick hack to be able to contact the person you want on zoosk.

Of course you won’t find everyone like that but it is good start.

Bonus tip for you my curious and ambitious visitor. You can try my new zoosk hack now.

Feel free to contact me about this hack or any other tips or share your experience with us in the comment box below.


Why you should not use and stay away from Zoosk now?

I received too much e-mails and comments about zoosk from you….

It is time to give my quick answer: I don’t recommend Zoosk to my friends.

Now I’m going to answer all your questions.

Can I help you contact anyone on zoosk 100% free.

My quick answer is no. I was able before but now I don’t have time or my strategy doesn’t work.

Real or fake profiles on zoosk?

You may find fake profiles like any dating websites but zoosk is different. Zoosk is like a ghost town. The vast majority are not going to pay so they will not stay active very long.

Trust me if you do not plan to pay then you must stay away from the website. Okcupid is a great alternative.

Did you like zoosk customer service?

No period. Now I heard they have a phone number now nevertheless I hate their customer service and I’m not alone. Maybe with their customer support phone number it is better. I can’t tell you because I have not tested it.

I have a problem with zoosk, can you help me?

Quick answer is no. You should call them. If you cannot find a solution with them contact me and I will post your story. On top of that you must contact your local consumer protection organization; they can give you the perfect steps to follow.

My recommendation: stay away from zoosk… I said it now you can do whatever you want.


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Why you should not use tagged?

For every legit profile you are going to find 10 fake profiles.

Don’t believe me, go test it.

First I am going to tell you my tagged scam story and then how you can avoid it.

I love Tagged despite the title above but today I did not like my experience. I hope none of my friends get the same low experience. However I was able to meet wonderful people. Unfortunately, I also came across fake profiles.

I mean every day I discover 100 of fake profiles… it is a real problem at Tagged.

Those scammers are getting smarter… This time my scammer did everything by hand.

Tagged scam

It was obvious it was a scam but I contact “her” anyway. Pictures were too good to be true.

I continue. She was in my city so I send her a message.

Right away she asked me for my cell number…

I was suspicious then I asked unconventional questions to make sure it was not a bot behind those messages. I was still skeptic about the whole thing.

I gave my number anyway (not a good idea)….

Hours later I receive this text message:

Free sms: Janine wants a private chat with U! $2/ msg reply yes to start chatting!

I stop it right away. Tagged right now is the perfect place for scammers to test their dating scams stuff. A great website turns out to be the worst find new friends’ website.

I don’t think they will change something because they love those ads page views money.

My recommendation: stay away from Tagged. I won’t recommend any of my friends to sign up to Tagged.