How to open and read your zoosk mail without paying today

Today, I want you to be able to read those messages from Zoosk without spending a penny. It’s not going to be easy but I have a tool to show you.

I worked extremely hard to build the best Zoosk hack app.

Everything so far is legal because I don’t grab the information directly from Zoosk. Those Zoosk hack apps are going to help you contact your favourite member on Zoosk without spending your money. That’s the cool part.

I was able to help over 2000 readers so far. It is impressive but I have to push an update on a regular basis. This is hard work.

Feel free to test every single Zoosk hack app. Some tool works better than other but I update them on a regular basis.

What’s follow is different solutions and apps to achieve one goal and one goal only: help you contact someone on Zoosk without spending a penny. Yes, the goal is not to spend money because no one should spend money on this type of dating sites.

Update July 2015: Finally my new Zoosk hack app is ready. I launched it on June 28, 2014. So far the app helps you search and find a Zoosk user info.  If you need the complete tutorial to use it then you can check this page.

If you cannot wait to test my app then go straight to the app here:   

Click here to test this Zoosk hack app to read your next Zoosk message  

(Full disclaimer here: yes there is an ad page before you find the Zoosk a because the app is too popular and I don’t want to charge you so I need to find a way to keep the page up :). If you have any comments feel free to contact me. PS: keep in mind this is version 1.0, I’ll update this app as soon as possible  ) 

Update 2014 My coolest Zoosk hack with the best results: New Zoosk hack app to read and send free messages on Zoosk mail faster because I do the job for you.

Hot new Case Study March 2013 : You must read my new hack to contact people on Zoosk now

Update: My 2014 solution is ready , test this zoosk hack to find and chat with zoosk members completly free here

Like you I was looking for a way to use zoosk mail completely free. Today I have a killer solution for you and I find new ones on a regular basis.

I feel bad because I published a more complete and killer solution about zoosk mail a few days ago . So far the results and feedback were great. You can check my new solution to read and send free messages on zoosk mail.

Keep in mind that I will publish a complete case study with pictures soon. Now back to the original post:


In the mean time feel free to send me your questions in the comment box bellow.

Quick tip: almost every single zoosk users are on Facebook and twitter. A simple google search can lead you direct to them. I will give you a step by step tutorial in the coming days.

Moment ago, I receive a comment from a reader.

comment zoosk loopholes


It is a hack to send e-mail to other member.

The highlights are

The auto reply wink

The icebreakers

You should try this as soon as possible because I am sure zoosk will block those loopholes.( yes I see you Zoosk people !!!)

However there are many other tricks out there.

I will not publish them now. I will publish them one day so stay tune.

Something I noticed on Zoosk as an ex premium member, there are many zombie accounts( fake zoosk profiles).

My recommendation is to not send money to Zoosk until they solve that problem.

Another reader asks me an alternative to zoosk. My answer was Plentyoffish or badoo.

I choose Plentyoffish because it is free. However Plentyoffish is not as cool as before.

I will go in detail about Plentyoffish in another post.

Feel free to share your tricks about zoosk mail in the comment section.


98% success with plenty of fish: get more POF messages today

Update September 2015: New and refine POF best message tool is coming out on  Sunday 7 November 2015. Stay tuned.

Is it possible to send a message on POF for example and get an answer every single time?

That’s the question I try to answer during the last 6 months.

You are going to discover the most creative first pof messages. 

New: you can always contact me with your message for a free pof message review .. it’s free so use it today.

I want to share my results with you today in my quest to write the perfect message all the time. A message to work on anybody no matter your look.

I know it sounds too good to be true but that’s my goal.

Did I succeed? You might like my results.


First let’s reject the elephant in the room: The look.

 the picture + profile problem

I’m not the cutest man on earth but I was able to have success online. One way to reach that goal was to fix the picture + profile problem.


Everyone hates to write something about themselves or find a good picture.


To choose my pictures I decide to ask many different friends to take my picture in various occasions.

Then I choose a pack of pictures and I ask my friends on Facebook twitter or at home to choose the best one.

Among those pictures I ask a new batch of friends for the best one.


Like that I was able to find something interesting. I cannot tell you what’s the best way to take those pictures or if you should smile or not because every person is different nothing fit everyone. The best solution is the one I just describe because people can see stuff you won’t be able to see alone.

Breaking news for you not everyone absorb the same among of light. Therefore some people might see you darker or lighter.


I know it is crazy.

My  profile script for pof

Ok we have the picture now it is time to attack the profile.

The profile should be simple and to the point. I use this simple model to write my profile


Why me?

Why now?

Why you should care?


You should answer those questions with your personality and feel free to go personal.


Ok you have your profile… you can always send me your profile link for a quick review. I do have some great girlfriends ready to give you great feedback if my feedback is not enough.

  Perfect first message

Now that you have everything in place we can attack the most critical part of what you are looking for: Your first good message.


I study research and test everything and I’m proud to share those results with you.


This is a serious study and I hope I’m going to help you find love this year.


First I wanted to know how much messages a girl can get.


The reality is none or not so much to a lot…..


A lot is maybe around 50 messages a week... (remember this is almost an exception)

Believe it or not but the vast majority don’t receive a gazillion messages.


However the best looking girls do receive a ton of messages.


The good news is they receive a lot of bad or horrible messages.


As a reference you should check this study about profile and online dating in general.

<< Study : >> : here


Like I said people receive a lot of crap in their inbox… it is your job to do a better job.


Before I give you the secret sauce let me show you something. (Yes you can skip this section but trust me you might learn something too).

I did something most people don’t really do… I read over 100 profiles.

I want you to check those results because you might learn something today.

I want you to read this profile in particular:

pof perfect message girl point view

The vibe of the message and the last line is clear.

Look most woman on POF love their life career and everything in between.

They want someone to add something to their life.

But they are bored and shy in general….

After they read your profile and message:

They should say wow he is fun creative and he will definitely add something to my life right away.


It is extremely important to read the profile because you might get the vibe of the woman.


Yes you can write almost anything to some girl and you can score a goal pretty easily but in general you need to work hard. Before your message, your dream girl might have read many bad ones and may have had bad experiences.


Keywords you should focus on are creative, positive, good vibe, smart and fun.


Anytime she read something from you she must smile!!

Online advice

Now let’s see what you can find online:


Everyone has an advice but not every advice is great:

Let’s explore what’s out there….


The first link I found was from:


Let me copy paste two messages and let discuss about it:



Background: She indicated she was an engineer.

Hi there,


My name’s Mike. That’s cool that you’re an engineer!


Sometimes I’m amazed at bridges…I mean, they are supporting multiple vehicles all day long…we should really have a National Bridge Day, or maybe National Engineer day would be better. National Bridge Day would mean Starbucks would be full of 65-year old women wearing white, thin, doily blouses, eating coffee crisp, swapping the daily gossip.


Talk soon







Background: She posted a video featuring one of those dancing flash mobs.

Hi there,


My name’s Mike. I’ve never understood flash mobs.


I mean, when there’s a flash fire, it happens very quickly, with very little planning. Flash mobs, on the other hand, appear to my naked eye, immaculately planned and organized. But perhaps they are channelling the mafia version of the mob rather than the riot version. In that spirit, I believe, ‘flash organized mafia dancers following choreography’ might be a more apt title.


But flash mob rolls off the tongue a lot better, I guess…


Talk soon







The strategy of this comedian is picking up something in the girl’s profile and run with this.


Oh wait How to run with this?

In this case you act like you are in the middle of a conversation:


Look the first message he start with “My name’s Mike. That’s cool that you’re an engineer! “”

Like it was the first time they met (because it is the first time!!) then he spin it and use my classic trick to be interesting.

 My formula

Observation – share opinion – pass the ball….



The observation: (Background: She posted a video featuring one of those dancing flash mobs.) I’ve never understood flash mobs


Share opinion: I mean, when there’s a flash fire, it happens very quickly, with very little planning. Flash mobs, on the other hand, appear to my naked eye, immaculately planned and organized. But perhaps they are channelling the mafia version of the mob rather than the riot version.


pass the ball: In that spirit, I believe, ‘flash organized mafia dancers following choreography’ might be a more apt title.


But flash mob rolls off the tongue a lot better, I guess…


Talk soon



The pass the ball is your hook at this point you give something to give an answer on….


In this case it is ‘dangeruous’ because the girl might say he is fun or completely weirdo but I think it is the right strategy because you are going to be creative … read it again


And you might like it too…



Now it your turn to practice: let me give you some profile


You can use the comment section to craft your answer or do it anonymously right here. No matter what you can practice and sharp your skill right here:


Ok let’s start the workshop:


The first profile is a basic one… Something you find all the time:

pof first good message

I highlight some keywords for you. She is active and passionate.


You get the vibe. In this case being active could be a great observation start with and then run with this… You should be as active as her and like kids…. After that you can use your imagination.


More profile to work on. I’ll share results in a next post but for now work on it and feel free to send me your stuff for a free review

pof perfect message

pof perfect message

pof perfect messagepof perfect messagepof perfect first message

Remember being confident smart creative and smart can lead you to success.


zoosk hack to read a message without spending money

UPDATE January 2016: Over 500 people a day use the zoosk hack app !!!!

It’s a big day because (June 28 2014) the brand new Zoosk search app is ready.

It is very straight forward and simple zoosk hack app.

You type the username that you are searching and press search. The system gives you a result if it finds the information you are looking for.

If you don’t find the user info then you can either put your info in the waiting list or try another username.

The waiting list is going to save your request for the next update every Saturday. Make sure to comeback often.

Keep in mind that this the version 1.0.  I’m waiting for your feedback.

Test the new zoosk hack app to read and send messages completely free here.

(Yes there is an ad page before you hit the tool because the page is very popular and I need some money just to keep it up… I know it’s  suck but at least the tool is free and you have a chance to find your special zoosk user so enjoy while you can. Of course I will update the tool on a regular basis  )


My zoosk hack search app version 1.0 is ready. You can contact a user faster without being a zoosk premium member.

You can test my zoosk hack search app right here. (the mini tutorial is below).

Seriously it was a crazy ride this year. Over 1000 came here to discover a way to contact a user on zoosk without paying.

Some people told me too bad for them.

I wasn’t agree because I know zoosk has fake profiles or dead profiles. Some people asked me how to hack the system. This is something I don’t want to do. I don’t like to break in system like that.

I almost abandoned the project. However the demand was so huge that I create a hack with Facebook new search engine system that you can test here.

It was great but far from perfection. Today I want to release my new app version 1.0 of my zoosk hack search by name .

After many internal tests, I can say it is the best option possible. The zoosk hack search app is slow now but it will go faster in a near future. I can not wait to read your e-mails about finding your soul mate.

Ok time to show you that zoosk hack search app to contact a user. Follow those instructions bellow:

Step 1

You will need the link and complete a mini form to contact a specific user: this is the link you need. don’t worry everything is safe !!! I’m on your side remember. No I won’t sell or share your information without your approval. 

Step 2

zoosk search by name

You complete the form. It is a fast and safe.

You give your username, city and your e-mail. Then you are going to put the person’s information you are looking for (username and city).

now I need this information to make sure the service works smoothly but in a near future I won’t need that much information.

Step 3

Every Saturday you may receive a response by e-mail if the zoosk hack search engine finds your specific user. ( so far the zoosk search is finding 15 person a day… I know it is slow)


Of course if the zoosk search finds nothing you receive nothing in your inbox… ( You can always contact me directly if you don’t receive no e-mails on saturday)


Right now I design my solution like that. In the future I will add new options and make the process even faster and smoothly.


Click here to test the NEW zoosk hack search app to read, write and find a specific user on Zoosk completely free 


Make sure you sign up to the e-mail newsletter to get the latest updates about the zoosk hack search engine.

Number 1 question I get all the time about this zoosk hack :

From a real user: Does this really work I’ve put like 5 or 6 people to chat and been waiting all day… you said saturdayay

My answer :It’s working .. I’ve been able to help over 100 people but now my page is really popular (over 200 unique request per day). I cannot go faster right now…. I work hard to make it go faster… patience ….. I know it’s not the answer you were looking for but that’s the best I can do now…. thank you



Get free zoosk membership today without doing crazy stuff

Lately I’ve been bombarded by e-mails about zoosk. They asked me how I can get a free zoosk membership. Some even ask me how I can hack zoosk to contact that special person.
You have to read those e-mails, it is insane.
zoosk free
Message Body:
i need tips how to hack zoosk…i’m a free user-tq
Message Body:
Hi I’ve been reading a lot about this zoosk crap and it didn’t take long for that site to get me angry. I’ve been trying to contact one person and no matter what I do I seem to be getting screwed or there’s no way to contact him or find him. I’ve tried other means of finding him but I’ve had no luck. Just wondering if you’d be kind enough to help because I’m ready to throw all my electronics out the window lol. Thanks in advance
Message Body:
ive been trying to find out ansewers of how to message people on zoosk for hours with out subscribing nothings working and im ready to through my computer across the room im trying everything for nothing
As you can see a lot of people want to solve that problem – this is just a sample from what I get every single day.
During the last 6 months I beta test a solution with a small group.
That group and I received amazing results.I would say mind blowing results.
Then I wrote how to do it manually with Facebook.
Again every single person had those same amazing results. It was too good to be true. I was ready to lunch the service for everyone to try it.
However I won’t lunch it today or even in a near future. Someone at zoosk or something like that probably read my post too. They changed the game one more time. So now almost everyone is back to their zoosk username.
Back then it was possible to do a quick search with a name and city to find the contact information on facebook. Now it is harder.
I don’t take impossible like a great answer so now I decide to expand an idea one of my reader told me in a comment section.
Al • 6 months ago ?
you can write your fbk name on profile, if someone is interested in u he/she could add u as a friend, so anyway for using the chat service both the users have to pay premium service….
The idea is very simple so read carefully
In the comment section bellow you are going to expand your zoosk profile like me
So basically you need your zoosk username and any cool fact to contact you
In my case it is going to be
Zoosk username: ricky0604
Twitter: @rickysolon
This is it.
Just copy paste that model. On my side I am going to promote that page like crazy and hopefully people will have a cool database to contact each other.
Keep in mind that this is completely public so if you want a more private thing then this is not for you.
At least it is better than some crazy links I found on Google search engine.
Feel free to send me your feedback.

Zoosk message free and Facebook graph search update

I received a major news today. I did not know that Facebook graph search was not open to everyone.

 New August 2013: zoosk search engine to find and contact a specif user

Now I know why many people had trouble with my zoosk free tutorial.

Today my US readers are going to have Facebook graph search.-I hope or at least this week-

new facebook graph search

The cool thing about this search tool is to target specific people with gazillion criteria.


Hopefully you are going to have it this week.


In the meantime I’m still working on a new zoosk free tool – I won’t called it that way -. It is not an hack because hacking a website is bad.-even illegal-

It is something a little bit more useful. I’m building a search engine for people.

If you have any interest in that you can always contact me to shoot your ideas or skills.


I was part time on the project but I’ll be full time in 2 weeks.

At least my UK readers was able to play with the Facebook graph search and find hot girls from zoosk without breaking zoosk system(very important).

Success  from my UK reader

zoosk free feedback

Again I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that the Facebook graph search was on Beta and limited to beta users only.


Right after you are able to get Facebook search graph feel free to use it and share you tips and feedbacks in the comment section below. Together we can do a great job.