Merry Christmas from BlackySky

I want to take a break and wish you all a merry Christmas.

I hope you will stay healthy and prosper.


BlackySky update: Thank you very much readers

A special thank you

I do not write this blog to be famous but I have to say thank you to my readers.

Today I look up some stats and they blow my mind. This blog have over 200 regular readers day after day.

I want to say thank you to follow this blog.

On a side note, you can always send me e-mails and tell me what you want me to search for you.

Always with stats, I can see that the traffic have been huge lately, so it is always good news for the blog.

Ok now, what is going on in the future?

More great content as always but more surprise. I hope you will like it.

On blackysky,com huge update from a to z… 2009 will rock.

Thank you again


New BlackySky World Blog design

New design means new goal

First, I would like to thanks every readers of this website. I am glad that you follow this blog on a regular basis and I hope you will come repeatedly.

As you can see, we change our blog design. We think after more than one year active it was time to get more professional. We read your e-mails and you ask for a white background.

So let’s break down this new design


As you can see, we have a huge one sidebar. No more two sidebars are available on this blog. The biggest advantage of that are more rooms for the content. The content is king so we give the place he deserves.

Comments recent post are group in one spot. I feel you will like that.

Another cool feel on the home page are the recent post regroup in this accordion tool.

On the home page, you have every recent post from every category. So now, you cannot miss any new stuff.

Where is the money?

As we know, we have to cover our fee so we still have advertisement on this blog. This time we try to make it less annoying so you can enjoy the content and still have a look on those ads.

Will it hurt this blog income?

I think in a short-term yes but we are already shopping for our long-term solution.

We have many name in our mind and we will announce it right here.

This new design will push new services in the future so stay tune.

By the way, tell me what you think about it.


BlackySky world update

More and more connect

Hello everyone! What a week it was. I am sure your heard the Obama speech, personally it move me. It was incredible.

History in the making.

With this incredible week, I decide to teak the blog a little more.

Two important things are now live on the blog:

Yahoo buzz

Yahoo buzz is a digg but it is much better because it reaches more people.

You can use it and send any article  from here to the yahoo buzz community if you like.

Many ask me to do it so now you can do it. Do not abuse it just use it with moderation.

Another important adds on is the feed burner count. Many peoples keep ask me how much readers do I have. Now you know. It takes me a while before I put this publicly but now everyone can get this number so why hide it.

I hope it will close this debate.

Those are among the important update on the blog.

We delay a ton of projects to comeback better.

We still plan to release almost everything this fall so stay tune.

It will be crazy


Internet hate twitter

Anti-twitter campaign

I receive an e-mail the other day about twitter. I start having a huge conversation about twitter with my friend.

Now twitter is becoming the huge thing everyone wants to be part.

What is twitter?

Twitter is a service that gives you a chance to communicate quickly with anyone. You have only 140 characters to do so. It simply reminds me a mobile phone sms. Some people use it to tell their friend what ever their doing or their thinking. It is like those realities TV but for everyone.

Do you need to know everything?

Do you really need to tell every hour what are you doing? Do you need to tell the world about it? Do you need twitter?

I can see twitter useful for specific application like live conversation or tell a scoop quickly but twitter is still useless other then that.

Do you remember the life before twitter?

Communication was as great as now.

Seriously, I only think twitter is the next mailing list 2.0.

It is like having 1 millions friends on myspace when you only care about 10 of them.

Follow 2 000 people it is impossible. Only in a promotion perspective, I do not see why you need to follow that much people.

The biggest danger now: Internet marketers love twitter. This is bad news. I can see in a very short time twitter flood by fake invitation and spam.

There is no moderator until the user moderate is account. However, the public line will not be moderate.

Myspace got a hard time to control those spammers. Now that twitter API is out. I can foresee many bad people exploit this tool for bad intention.

What do you think about twitter?