Blackysky update: no more low prices tickets section

I had no choice but to stop this service. It was a lot of fun and it help many people but lately the demand was too low to keep it available.

I will work on a new service.

Stay tune this spring will be crazy

New services are coming very soon


BlackySky update: Recession proof

They say recession and I said keep investing.

I am looking into new venture for 2009.


A major update will come very soon. I simply can talk about it right now.

At BlackySky blog

I made some little design update and the traffic explode. I am very happy about that.

In addition, I will give more opinion and more post that is helpful.

I will add this spring more services. Seriously, 2009 will be crazy.

To be recession proof: you must keep going, never stop.

That post is also a test to try my new twitter plug-in in action.


BlackySky Update: we are now global

I add a simple translator system.

It is not perfect but you will be able to enjoy the blog too.

I will add crazier tool like this one to stay in touch with you.

By the way, it is 2 update in one day.

I was very active today.


BlackySky update: we have a certification

I have updated my domain certification.

If you see something that look like my website it must have the certification.

You can see at the button of the page this certification.

I still work on the newsletter. (coming soon)

BlackySky TV will be back this spring. Yes, you heard it now.

By the way, make sure to follow me on twitter:

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BlackySky Update

2009 BlackySky news

First, I will like to say Happy New year. I wish, 2009 would be good for you and your family.

2009, I hope will be a great year for this website. Many projects will come and born.


It is obviously the main website and during those holidays, I re-lunch it with a new approach.

The main goal is to create a service from the best on craigslist and eBay.

I want to create more security and an easy way to promote buy and sell product online.

Right now, I will focus more on the buy, sell aspect, and increase the security.

Stay tune more exciting thing stuff will come out from

BlackySky the blog

2009 will be a great year. I already see huge progress from 2008.

New services are coming soon. Probably, I will launch them in February.

This blog will be the best place to seek for the best deal around the net.

You can expect more reviews and products models and services promotion in the future. I hope you will like it.

Happy new year once again