Why I quit zimbio even with a large web traffic flow from them

Having a large web traffic flow is great but having only quality web traffic is 10 times better.

Should I have more web traffic or less quality web traffic?

This is my dilemma and I solve it pretty easily.

I quit zimbio for several reasons

1)      I help them rank better

2)      They use my bandwidth to load my pictures… I can have an increase of my server resource without any web traffic increase.

3)      They don’t pay me for all the content I send them

Those reasons push me to stop sending my web traffic to them and start receiving unique and high quality traffic.

I highly suggest to anyone to stop sharing their unique and original content to website like zimbio. You should keep your content for you and find a way to promote it. The more you have quality and unique content the more your website will worth something out there. Exclusivity is the key to attract way more traffic.

I hope zimbio will understand my decision.


Alert: Important update at

I know I wasn’t around for a long time but I’m back stronger than never. I was planning the future of this blog.

I come up with tons of ideas. The main idea was to force you to come back.

I want to create guide with many part. That way if you love part 1 or want to learn more about the subject you will have no choice to comeback.

By doing so, I will be able to create a large community.

The money is in the community.

For a long time watch and search a new business model for the blog.

My conclusion: a community.

I want to bring something to the table that will impact your life.

A way to do that is to create guide.

The biggest advantage with guide is they are shareable and give a sense of community.

Guides are usually a great foundation for anything else.

Basically I will start with guide and promote them hard and after that we will see what happen.

The main Idea is to create a unique platform that every advertiser and user will love to use. I will be the middle man and that’s the best news

I hope you will like it as much as I do.


BlackySky update : time to go to the next level

BlackySky is not dead even thought it’s been a long time. I was pretty busy lately but at the same time I was planning how to make this all website to go to the next level.

This is what I was doing lately.

A new version is coming soon. I think it will revolutionize the way we shop and sell online. More info is coming very soon. I’m still working on a simple logic plan to make it profitable and scalable as quick as possible. Nothing big but I will launch it on May. ( I hope)

I cannot say much about it

Blackysky The blog

Recently I change the design of the website and the results are crazy. I recommend to anyone to put their categories at the top like a menu. It is simply more engaging like that.

Another major move I did was to take off Google adsense.

Yes I take off Google adsense and let me tell you it was one the best and though decision I ever made with this website. Until I found out that, I was making more without adsense.

What happen? More page views, traffic explode, more content sharing and more important more readers and connection. Overall adsense block your website real potential. I heard it before but now I have the stats to back it up and I believe it now.

Now that I take off Google adsense, it is time to increase those revenues.

I will reach that goal by being more focus:

I will launch a new stuff call BlackySky Ads project.  It will very different from what people use to talk. I twill be an advertiser perspective.

More focus on models and Pornstars. Trust me it will be interesting

More focus on good entertainment

Finally more focus on website and their business model and marketing, promotion in general

This is the new plan for now

I have other thing to put in place, stay tune it will be fun.


BlackySky blog update: a new about page and a disclaimer page

Today I update my about page and I add a brand new disclaimer.

about page:

It was time to update that page and today I did it. It is simple and direct. One of the reasons I made that move was to link that page to my twitter page. From my profile in twitter everyone will go to this exact page, learn from me, and see the community numbers. Then they will navigate in the blog.

It is a small change but I expect a ton of positive result.

Disclaimer page:

It was something I plan to write a long time ago but never do it. Today was the day. I decide to write it just to make sure I am very honest with my reader. I do not try to mislead you I simply want to show you what I love or like. If I can make money with that, it is great but this is not the first goal. I know that in a long term it will be one of my best decisions.


Blackysky update: breaking news

It’s been a long time since my last post… I was busy and on vacation. I’m back with more hot topics.. From now, you can call me the hot trends master. I am only going to talk about new hot trends, hot trends tricks, hot trends models and so on.

I will continue to work on Major change is coming soon.

The community is growing so feel free to contact me if you have any great stuff to share.

Other then that, special thank to every new reader.