Update drake fan club : how to meet drake today

Yesterday, I received a comment from a huge drake fan.I’ll share it with you:


Ever since drake made it big ive had a nack for his music. His style and his flow is rediculous. He is definately my favorite artist. Im 16 years old and not knowing who this guy even is i look up to him! Ive promised myself that one day i would HAVE to meet drake before i die. If it comes down to it i would pay for backstage passes to a concert of his, but i would like to meet drake outside of the buisness life and have a real conversation with him. Afterall he is a human being just like we are. It would be a once in a lifetime experience to meet my biggest role model. Im not some crazy obsessed stalker. Im just an average 16 year old guy that has a dream. ~God Bless,


Daniel Pledger


I love this comment but I’m sad that I cannot help him.


It is true that in the past it was easy to meet drake. Drake was not a huge star like now. Unfortunately, Drake is a mega star now. Therefore I cannot help you to meet Drake as easy as before.


However I’ll be there to help you as much as I can. This is where I need you to build the fan club. That’s the best way to reach Drake right now.


If you like this idea then share your ideas in the comment bellow.


I cannot wait to read you as soon as possible.




Why Facebook Timeline is dangerous and creepy with a security problem

It is the new thing by Facebook. They created this new feature called Timeline. The name Timeline was strange at first until I watched their promo video. I invite you to watch it too.

At first I didn’t know how to react. It is creepy. Facebook wants you to put your life on Facebook and follow every single action you are going to do online. That way they will be able to create a complete biography for you. Like I said it is creepy.

Houston we have problem, I mean a huge security problem.


Of course you can choose to use or not Facebook but that’s not the question. The feature is dangerous for various reasons. First everyone is going to know almost everything about you (even strangers through apps for example)


Again you can choose to not share anything on Facebook but some people are going to share and share a lot. At this point, it is clear in my mind that Facebook wants to become the new AOL. They want you to start and finish your web surfing at Facebook.


The Facebook Timeline idea is great in a perfect world. Unfortunately we don’t live in such world. Any time you concentrate and create a new hub, you are also attracting creative and evil people. Even before the timeline feature, I discovered many viruses, spam and scams on Facebook. Now by creating this new hub you can multiply by 10 the security problem at Facebook.


Right now it’s not clear how Facebook is going to protect their users. Keep in mind that once someone accesses your password he can download all you content or at least steal what they want. It will be interesting to follow Facebook.


I can tell you that I share less now compare to last year. It is a trend because my Facebook friends share less too or they delete their account or they are not on Facebook like before.


My last recommendation, you should watch out what you say and share on Facebook because it might go against you.



Blackysky is not dead

Hi new and old readers.

It’s been a long time since my last post on this website. I was far away but close at the same time.

I do have many projects and stories that I want to share with you. In the coming days I will answers as many emails as possible. I have a lot of them.

I am going to share my experience that helps me triple my fun online and save money. I have many examples to show you.

I was working on cool new project that you will love (I hope because I love them).

I will start as soon as tomorrow.

Thank you

blackysky movies

Watch who’s nailin palin full video online now

In 2008 I did something crazy. I bought my first adult movie online. It was who’s nailin palin movie.

Since that day I have no regret what so ever. Guess what Lisa Ann is more popular than ever since that wonderful movie.

At first, I did not want to buy it online for various reasons. I did not want to be the first to do it. I start checking the technology, the privacy and any other important stuff to be confident in my choice.


I bought it and it wasn’t that bad. Now I want to share my love of that movie with you. This is the main reason I decide one week after I watched the nailin palin movie to promote it online.


I truly believe it is the fastest and safest way to watch and download who’s nailin palin so do it just like me.


lisa ann porno movie cover


Watch the official who’s nailin palin full video online or download it from a 100% secure safe confidential environment now

I promote the who’s nailin palin movie because it was hard to find a safe link online. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Lisa Ann fan so it is also my way to support her.

More important I learn something about the internet:

Nothing is free online. Repeat after me nothing is free online.

 lisa ann is sarah palin

Yes, you may be able to find nailin palin online for free but it won’t be “free”. Someone have to pay that bandwidth and server cost. How they did it?

They use your personal information to sell it to advertisers.

That’s the dirty secret of the internet.

Internet + free + adult world = sell your information.

It is time to remove the free from that equation.

If you have no problem with that then go ahead and go find nailin palin for free on any torrent or tube websites.

Oh you are still here… Great now I can tell you the cool thing about my solution.

You can download nailin palin full video in a safe environment. You can watch it (as much as you want) on your smartphone or tablet.

More important you can enjoy the best adult video I’ve seen so far without given away your privacy. No one is going to know that you download nailin palin full video.

That’s our little dirty secret.

There’s an elephant in the room: the price. You can get everything for less then $4….

I know my personal information worth more than that.

It was a no brainer for me at the time and it is still a no brainer for me.

By the way you can get not only the original nailin palin ( my favorite movie) but also the whole nailin palin collection in that safe environment.

Watch nailin palin full video online now in a 100% safe secure and confidential environment

I want to be extremely clear; I’m here to give you the best way to get nailin palin. You may have to “create an account”. I know I hate to create an account too and put down my e-mail everywhere or use a username and password I will untimely forget.


The cool thing about this whole process is to be able to cancel at any time. Once you don’t want to deal with the secure safe and confidential website you can cancel at anytime.


So far every people I refer this solution had no problem to cancel and never had bad surprises on their credit card report.


Enjoy nailin palin and become a fan of Lisa Ann like me …..


My Bonus:

Did not like my solution , great it is ok I won’t be mad about it.. However feel free to chat with my favorite girl online…


At least chat with my favorite girl online.. and it’s free to chat only

You need to create a free account to make sure the girl respond to you ….


Warning: Spammers and Scammers will destroy your online business today

Never let the door open because those Spammers and Scammers will destroy your online business in 1 month. Let me explain you my very own experience.

3 years ago, I decide to start an online business. My goal was to be better than ebay and cragslist. The door was open to anyone. Some legit person comes in to promote their products, services and events.

After that, I noticed that my user base grow so quickly. I was happy because finally my online business had real traction.

The main problem with those users, they were not legit. They promote shady stuff online. I didn’t know how to handle this situation. Anytime I delete a couple, a couple more comebacks.

When I finally try to stop this madness, the website get hack.

So what can you lean from my experience.

  • Set tight rule and apply them as fast as possible.
  • Market your tight rule. (explain why it is important and why the great user will benefit from that)

Never try to please to everyone. Stay focus to those tight rules.

Now it’s official I close to reopen a new service.

It is a new online advertising revolution. I’m working hard to make it happen.