BlackySky update : time to go to the next level

BlackySky is not dead even thought it’s been a long time. I was pretty busy lately but at the same time I was planning how to make this all website to go to the next level.

This is what I was doing lately.

A new version is coming soon. I think it will revolutionize the way we shop and sell online. More info is coming very soon. I’m still working on a simple logic plan to make it profitable and scalable as quick as possible. Nothing big but I will launch it on May. ( I hope)

I cannot say much about it

Blackysky The blog

Recently I change the design of the website and the results are crazy. I recommend to anyone to put their categories at the top like a menu. It is simply more engaging like that.

Another major move I did was to take off Google adsense.

Yes I take off Google adsense and let me tell you it was one the best and though decision I ever made with this website. Until I found out that, I was making more without adsense.

What happen? More page views, traffic explode, more content sharing and more important more readers and connection. Overall adsense block your website real potential. I heard it before but now I have the stats to back it up and I believe it now.

Now that I take off Google adsense, it is time to increase those revenues.

I will reach that goal by being more focus:

I will launch a new stuff call BlackySky Ads project.  It will very different from what people use to talk. I twill be an advertiser perspective.

More focus on models and Pornstars. Trust me it will be interesting

More focus on good entertainment

Finally more focus on website and their business model and marketing, promotion in general

This is the new plan for now

I have other thing to put in place, stay tune it will be fun.

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You are right about Adsense but the problem is that when you have a website with hundreds of pages, you need to keep rotating those ads before they become obsolete. With Adsense you don’t need to rotate.

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