A new way to change your facebook layout

Update May 2010 New Solution : Change your facebook layout in less than 5 minutes — click here to find out

Finally I found the ultimate way to change your facebook layout. No more stuff to install and will increase your facebook experience by 200%

From the past I lead to 2 options to change your facebook layouts:

First option:

You could install an app and then add a design banner.

Not great with the new facebook design

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Second option:

Way more complicated because you need to install many stuff in other to change facebook layout.

Not great because your friend can’t check your modification

Go check this solution

Now the new solution that will increase your facebook experience

Facebook decide to make a special section in facebook. The special section gives you a simple layout of facebook.

You cannot change it the way you want it but it is way more easy to use facebook that way.

I highly recommend that you sign up with this facebook page next generation

change facebook layout

Click here to test the new facebook layout

Make sure you share this page with your friends because they will love to increase their facebook experience too.

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  1. How do I go back to just facebook, I dont want the facebook lite! But I dont know how to change back. Help plz

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