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I only care to deal with the best girls from LiveJasmin webcam. My definition of best is wild, fun and sexy.

I’m sure you are going to love my choice because those girls always put a smile on your face. If you read my LiveJasmin guide then you are in business.

One of the things that I hate about LiveJasmin when you are a new visitor or even a regular user is having so many options. Sounds stupid right?

It is a real problem. Why choose that girl over another girl. Is that girl fun or boring?

I had those questions and I end up not spending money on LiveJasmin until the day I met a cam girl on twitter. I want to give you that pure control again.

I decided to share my favourite LiveJasmin webcam girls with you.

Some girls were fun and others were not so fun. I want you to go straight to the fun girls because your time is precious.

Those are the one I would recommend to my friends. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to create a better system to pick the right girl for anybody on this planet. Until that day let me share  my favourite webcam girls on LiveJasmin:

1 – A01Clitoria

A01Clitoria is the perfect girlfriend. She is sweet and smart. She has a normal but sexy body with one of the best sex appeals you may find online.

You can talk about anything with her. She is my favourite sweetheart. Be sweet with her.

I will tell you right away that you will need more than $10 to get the best experience possible with her.

Chat live with cam girl A01Clitoria

2 – karllasweet4u

karllasweet4u is wild. She has one of the best pairs of blue eyes I have ever seen. You cannot go wrong with her. She not always online but if she is online go private right away.

You can spend $5 or $10 or $40, you won’t regret. She is wild and she can do everything. She has no limits. At least I haven’t found her limits yet. If you are into short and hardcore live sex then she is your girl.

Chat live with cam girl karllasweet4u

3 – babylove514

babylove514 is sweet with that innocent face. Don’t let the face fooled you. She is hardcore or super sweet. You are the judge. She is a bit more expensive but totally worth it. I never had a bad time with her. I simply love her smile.

If you are on a budget she is not for you because her libido is super high.

Chat live with cam girl babylove514

4 – sexygr33neyez

Sexygr33neyez is wild sexy and hardcore and super submissive.

Did I say hardcore? No regrets with her. You must chat with her if you are brand new in the adult cam world… no joke she is wild in a good way … but she is wild ….

even 5 minutes is more than you need with her… One of the best performer on the site… and I test a lot of the trust me…

PS: I love when she laughs.

Chat live with cam girl sexygr33neyez

5 – RasberryAfelija

RasberryAfelija is sweet mature and very responsive. One of my favourite. A real no drama girl… She is smart…

It is hard to describe her but she gives me a great feeling… I mean you want her as a friend…

This is the secretary you wish you had every Monday to start the week the right way.

Chat live with cam girl RasberryAfelija

6 – A0Inna

Not always online but when she is online go private with her. I like that girl. She is a party girl ready to do anything to please you.

By anything I mean anything.

She has the sexiest voice when she cum. Not expensive at all.

Chat live with cam girl A0Inna

7 – Monia4uxx

This is a personal choice because she is great but more important she is a webcam girl who speaks French. It is always great when a webcam girl speaks your language or something else than English.

If you are looking for a webcam girl who speaks French then she is the one. By the way, she speaks English too.

Chat live with cam girl Monia4uxx

8 – NatashaBell

If you are looking for a good time then this is your girl. sweet and wild at the same time. You choose her to go straight to business for a short and intense 5 minutes of action.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on LiveJasmin webcam then this is your girl. She has an interesting personality on the web but she does her thing very well.

You cannot go wrong with her.

Chat live with cam girl NatashaBell

Now you have my favourite list.

You can now choose between those webcam girls and avoid the rest.

You can also bookmark this page because I will update this page any time I test a new girl.

I’m confident you will have a good time with any girl on that list. I did the hard work for you now you can sit back and enjoy your private show on LiveJasmin.


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hi, i had the same problem as you .. most of the hottest girls in the site are not very responsive and take forever to do anything and try to stall as much as they can, and then there are girls that are total scammers like bigboobsalise, i dont understand how she is not banned from the ite, day after day she scamms people, she has on her info lots of things she “does” and when you taker her private she stalls a lot and the only thing she shows no matter what you ask it´s half of her tits cutted with camera and then max zooms her thing and that´s all you see, she does that with everybody , ive checked.But anyway , if you like responsive girls try this one´s , for me way hotter then the girls you posted and very friendly and submissive to ,Andreasworld,youngpervert,sensualangelik,121ramelle,1sexytigress,hugesquirts,dayanadiva,isyslovexxx,melenna1.

yeah it is a problem to find great girls all the time on live jasmin…. that’s why I think a white list is the key. You have a interesting list there.. I know some of them .. I’ll check the one I don’t know. Soon I’ll post my biggest update about live jasmin.. I talk about the hottest girls, live jasmin cost tricks, free credits and of course the best livejasmin alternative.

Mellena1 ???? OMFG !!!! She îs horrible !!!! YOU can try visit SpecialChantal and after That YOU will think 10 Time before recomand That jind of model. I am sick and tired nu Mellena1. Al day asking FOR votes spitting saliva. Desgusting !!!

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