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100% of Internet Marketers are liars and I will tell you why

Most people will say that I exaggerate but perception is reality. In this reality, Internet marketers fit in one or every single categories below. It is sad but they find this way to make money.

1. Sell you a dream

The dream is making money. It is a normal dream but the real dream is making money easily. Everyone knows that you need to work hard to get more money. Every time a internet marketers launch a new product they simply say after that you will be making a lot of money…. They know you will not make money unless you find your own way. Otherwise, everyone will be rich and Internet marketers. Do not believe the hype.

Tips: use the contact form and ask at least 20 questions….

2. Talk a lot but do not show you much

They talk; they talk but do not show you much. They will tell you that it is the biggest secret to make money online (again). After you learn this secret, you will make money day after day.

Tips: wait 2 hours and try to resume what you will be able to do after reading their sales pitch.

If you cannot do it then skip it…

Fact about those secrets:

Secret means an old trick that does not work as good as before.

Can you imagine 1000 people trying to recreate Google search engine with adsense and ad word as a business model. None of them will make as much money as Google. Go ask yahoo or Microsoft.

3. Show you big numbers but do not tell you every details

I like this part. They will tell you some crazy numbers as I did $10 000 a month. They forget to tell you how much hours they spend and how much money they spend.

There are multiple costs to work online from domain name to web hosting. Creating a website etc… outsourcing…. Advertising and promotion….

Now you will say this is normal and you are right but they miss one point.

They never tell you how long their system will last. Usually in 6 months, it is over.

Surprise they will comeback with a new one for you.

Tips: ask questions!

By the way, they never talk like their earnings disclaimer.

4. Make you feel they are just like you

You need to be at the right time at the right moment.

In every success there is luck after that, there is hard work to make it happen.

You cannot recreate luck and special circumstance.

I do not say you cannot be successful but at one point, you need to create your on way.

This is not something you can learn. You can learn to be a programmer but it will not teach how to create twitter or facebook.

5. There is not limited spot

This is an old trick. They will tell you there is only a few spot. The reality is they could increase the number but it is much more profitable to re launch a second version later on. It is good for branding in general… Limited edition sells better then an open door.

Tips: make sure you understand the product and you need it. Do not fall into the hype. Ask questions!

6. Turn free stuff into paid stuff

Most of the time they will sell you stuff you can find free online or in a library.

Of course, if you are too lazy to search it by your own, you can join any program. However, it is better to do it alone because you will learn from your mistake.

Tips: make sure you do your own research. Like that, you be in a better position to evaluate the quality of anyone product. Ask question.


Ask question build a network and do your own research. No program will lead to success.

Full Disclosure: When you click a link, I may receive a payment after you sign up for a service or buy a product. You understand that I have no interest to show you a low-quality service and product stuff

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