Best free autoresponder I ever use with premium features

Since 2007, I was looking for a good and free autoresponder. Like anybody I use google to search the best free autoresponder possible.

I test everything in the top five autoresponder.

None of them had the professional quality I was looking for.

I finally invest into a premium autoresponder. It was good but very expensive at the time. My small freelance business was not ready for this.

Everything changes when I discover Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is a free autoresponder that you can use to send 6000 emails to 1000 subscribers per month.

Let me repeat that, you can send 6000 emails to 1000 subscribers every month at zero cost.

That’s an amazing deal. I left my previous expensive autoresponder to test Mailchimp.

Let’s talk about the Autoresponder

You have a very easy send setting. You can segment the list track links, track open rate and much more. It is very complete. It was easy to use for me.

free autoresponder at mailchimp

List management

The list management is great because you can create many groups or list. However it would have been cooler to have a way to sign people into a group without creating a new list.


You can play with a complete and free API. This is a great deal.

I plan to play more with it during this spring. I will talk about my progress in a near future with this API. In the meantime you can play with a list of great plug in.


You need to be an internet savvy. My friend tests it and she was not able to use mailchimp. She did not understand where to start and how it would help her.

There is no phone number. I do understand that for a free service it is a little bit too much but not everyone is confortable with the whole e-mail support feature.

That’s my big problem with mailchimp. If you are an internet savvy then you are going to love mailchimp.

Before you spend your money anywhere I highly suggest that you check out mailchimp.

When you are ready or your business is growing you can spend your money on mailchimp or anywhere else.

You can check mailchimp from my special link below.

Go check and open your mailchimp account

They will not pay me from this link but I will receive great karma from them.

If you do sign up from my link or not you can always contact me. I will help you set up your mailchimp the right way.

I have simple tweak that I use right now to get more subscriber everyday.

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