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Ban comment: Content locking the good, the bad, and the horrible

The other day, I left a comment on daily conversions and the owner never publishes my comment. At first, I taught, it was a mistake but, I realise, it was not a mistake. My comment is ban.

You can view my comment

ban daily conversions comment

I say nothing bad but I understand that BLAM ads is his sponsor… anyway it is not important. (The owner is cool and writes good content)

The real issue is making money online. (it is not a bad thing)

How far are you ready to go to make money online?

BLAM ads is a content locking ad network. I never use it but I see similar services online. BLAM ads might be good or bad. I do not know.

However, similar services, I see online, are just bad.

What is content locking ad?

I will use an example I saw online the other day.

Imagine you have a video (a movie or live sport event video). You are ready to show this video in exchange of money

As you may know, not everyone has a credit card. Not everyone is ready to pay for a movie or a live sport event when it is free somewhere else.

This is where content locking ad can be useful. The user completes an action (mini survey, “free” offer etc…) to watch those videos. It is “free” on their side.

The ad network pays you for each complete action. You can get from pennies to $XX+.

Advantage: you get pay and the user does not need a credit card.

Many people call it the virtual currency.

On paper, it is the best solution ever to make money online. However, there is a problem.

I will never recommend those offers to my mom. They are not mom friendly.

It opens the door for many spam and scam actions. Recently I read this article about Facebook suing many affiliates and ad network. (Scary stuff  … some people are ready to do anything)

They use this information to spam anyone.

Again, I do not know about BLAM ad ethics and service. So far, no offer I saw online with content locking is mom friendly.

It is cool to make money but it is cooler to do it the right way.

One reply on “Ban comment: Content locking the good, the bad, and the horrible”

Being a webmaster myself harnessing massive amounts of traffic (low quality, sure) and making cents per click on my advertisements, I got frustrated to say the least. I spent hundreds upon hundreds of man hours to develop the network of sites that makes in a month now what used to make in a day.

With BLAM utilized on my own sites, I was able to get real value out of the visitors going to my sites. It may be obtrusive, sure, but it sheds new light to SEO and real content creation.

Money is the motivation out there, and in this bleak scape – BLAM is here to actually bring in more cash. It’s nice to see both sides brought out in a post because with everything good – there is another side to it. Cheers!

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