5 great reasons to not start your Facebook page right now

I read an interesting post from copyblogger. The title is 5 great reasons to start your facebook page right now. I don’t believe in facebook for business and I don’t believe Google + for business either. We’re talking 700 million people — that’s the estimated number of Facebook accounts. With those kinds of numbers, even […]

Affiliate is dangerous and those strange people want your money at any price

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry online. However some marketers are ready to do anything to sell their “service” to make more money. Recently I receive series of e-mail from Jani G . The e-mail was suspect but I decide to read it. The first e-mail was a contest. It was easy. You reply and […]

It is official Groupon is boring and I unsubscribed from their daily newsletter.

Groupon was fun one week. I test this new restaurant. I test this new spa and gym center. I test almost everything. The reality Groupon is boring. Yes I saved money but it was not as useful as beyond the rack. On top of that the competition is on fire in Montreal. They have at […]