Are you a spammer? You should never use unless you are a cowboy

I am on fire today and very mad. Spammers are everywhere lately. Facebook is suing many of them.

You should read this article.

Yesterday, I received a spam in my Hotmail account (yes, I still have a Hotmail account because my mom still use msn … I know it is lame)

PS: the new msn 2011 sucks but that is another story….

Anyway, I received this message:

There friend,

Powerful New Software gives YOU 24 Hour Access

to Satellite TV on YOUR Computer for FREE!

(Do not click the link, it might be dangerous, I am serious here) let you have more information about any link in their service. You need to add a + at the end of the url like this

The fun begin

bit ly info about spammer

You can get the user username and their affiliate id from the paydotcom url.

At this point, it is very easy for any organisation to track you down. It is like doing a crime and gives away your social number card.

Therefore, please if you are a spammer, you should do it like a pro only and hide you identity….

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