Affiliate is dangerous and those strange people want your money at any price

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry online. However some marketers are ready to do anything to sell their “service” to make more money.

Recently I receive series of e-mail from Jani G .

The e-mail was suspect but I decide to read it.

The first e-mail was a contest.

It was easy. You reply and you may win the course.

This was the e-mail:

On Monday May 16th, I am going to

be giving away 25 copies of my students

up coming product ‘Affiliate Cash Clone’ for freee.


This reveals a brand new technique

that you can use to make m0ney

with the same day you apply it…


( Without using BS Software ;-p )


Anyway, if you want to be one of the

lucky 25 people who get a freee copy of

this course, then please reply to me

with a big fat “YES”.


Then on Monday I will send you the instructions

on how to get your freee copy.


Talk soon





I replied yes… and then something strange happened

I receive another e-mail that said forget the contest you need to buy a product to get more thing.

I have no problem with the concept of bonuses but this was bad advertising.

He should have been straightforward from day one. Example: “ I will give you this product if you buy this” period.

Check the e-mail I received :



Yesterday I sent you an email to tell you about the free gift I am

going to be giving 25 lucky people on Monday ( tomorrow )


…Which is a free copy of my students up coming course

‘Affiliate Cash Clone’


Well , since then I’ve had a HUGE response from literally thousands of people

replying to me saying “Yes”.


Therefore, I have decided that I am going to lift the 25 person

limit, and offer this to every one of my valued subscribers. 🙂


Plus, to make it even better ( as if that wasn’t good enough!)…


… I have 4 more very cool gifts that I want to give you for free.


Here’s what  i’ve got for you:


– Affiliate Cash Clone


This is a new course being released my one

of my students in a few weeks , which will

show you a technique that you can apply,

and make monney with the same day.


This will sell for around 100 dollars but

you get it totally freee.


– 1 Hour phone consultation


You will get to talk to me or one my success coaches on the phone,

and we will help you put together a solid plan, to help you reach

success online fast.


– FB Siphon Video course


I want to give you full access to a course I released last year

called FB Siphon.


This will show you how to get traffic for as little as 1 penny and

make money the very same day.


– Free Website Set Up


My team will build for you a fully functional money making website,

that will make money for you without you having to do anything.


– Web 2.0 Traffic Generator Software


This is an exclusive software that my programming team have been

developing over the past 7 months.


It will allow you to generate thousands of visits

to your website or affiliate link just by pushing

a few buttons.


I will be selling this for at least $997 when I release it later

this year, but for you it’s totally free 🙂


Here’s what all this will do for you:


By applying all of the information you will lean from al the gifts

I am giving you, it should make it easy for you to start making

good money online.


*** So What’s the catch? How do I Claim my gifts? ****


hehe, i knew you would be thinking that!


So let me tell you exactly how to claim

all your gifts tomorrow, Monday May 16th:


Tomorrow, James Denzel is launching a product

called ‘Go Click Cash’.


It’s going to be a huge launch and you will

see everyone and their monther promoting it.


You will probbaly get thousands of emails tomorrow

talking about this product.


Well In order for you to get this massive gift package i

am giving you, all you need to do is become is get

a copy of Go Click Cash when it goes live tomorrow.


It will not cost you thousands of dollars.


As a matter of fact its going to cost less than $50.


And you will get ALL of the above gifts that i just mentioned,



All you need to do is send me a copy of your receipt

to this email address:





and I will reply, will your access to all

of the gifts.




Make sure you wait for an email from ME tomorrow

with the link to buy ‘Go Click Cash’.


I will be sending this to you at 12pm EST!


So make sure you are by your computer,

at 12pm EST to get my email.


and you MUST click the link in the email

and buy specifically though that link, in order

to qualify for this bonus.


Because like i said, many people will

be emailing you tomorrow , telling you

about Go Click Cash, and you might not

see my email.


and the only way to get all the above gifts

for free is if you buy Go Click Cash though my

special affiliate link.


And remember, as soon as you get Go Click Cash

tomorrow from my special link, you need to send

a copy of your receipt to:


janigbonus  @  gmail. com


and i will reply with all your gifts.


If you have any questions, please hit reply, and

i will try my best to get back to you.


Watch out for my email at 12pm EST tomorrow!


See you then,




As you can see it is very deceptive.

It’s not over because when I actually visited the website I found this.

internet scam

This is the most deceptive advertising ever.

How can you make so much money in 1 minute ….

If live was easy… He should sell it for $1 … the whole planet would be able to buy it and he would become an instant billionaire. (sarcastic)

My advice: before you buy anything online… you should be able to contact the person, get reviews form real customer.

It is crazy.

We need some type of consumer report for Internet marketing as soon as possible.


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  1. He should have just used Leadbolt or Cpalead and keep it free.

    I try never to use Affiliate Marketing in the same sentence with the word scammers ( i try)
    We are already looked upon as crap and scam artists.

    Most Affiliate Marketers know the scams and tactics and I just ignore it,,,, there are too many online to write about. lol

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