5 great reasons to not start your Facebook page right now

I read an interesting post from copyblogger. The title is 5 great reasons to start your facebook page right now.

I don’t believe in facebook for business and I don’t believe Google + for business either.

We’re talking 700 million people — that’s the estimated number of Facebook accounts. With those kinds of numbers, even Copyblogger couldn’t resist creating a Facebook Page.

700 million people are a lot of people but how many people care about your brand on facebook. Not a lot of people.

The number one activity on facebook is pictures, personal pictures. The next big thing on facebook is tagging people. After all that people play games on facebook.

More and more people access facebook through their mobile phones. Therefore they are looking for friends not your brand.

Now that I said that here are the 5 great reasons to not start your facebook page:


Your post shows up in the News Feed of your “Likers” and they are given the opportunity to interact with you. You are inviting your target audience into your business every day.

This is true. However you will need to compete with their friends post. You may never win and therefore you may never be able to get your message heard correctly.


Facebook helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Not sure about this on. It is true unless they do not have a noisy wall… Otherwise you will never become that important.


The more places you are seen on the web with your consistent brand message, the more you will be remembered. The playing field has been leveled.

Did they notice you? I guess not. You better use Facebook ads. Some people get better result that way.


With some recent Facebook Page changes, you can now comment on other Pages as your Page and Like other Page’s posts.

If you have no idea what that sentence is about, don’t worry. Just know that this feature will give your Facebook Page much more visibility then it had before and make it easier to participate on Facebook as your business.

I have nothing to say …. It might works but at the end of the day people care about their friends on Facebook.


Facebook makes it very easy to pass good content around.

True and not true. I talk to many publishers and facebook is not their best way to turn a visitor into a customer. However facebook ads are crushing their highest expectation.

I do not say to not use facebook page but it is not the best tool out there. In my mind it is a waste of time. There is better solution like focus on mobile, your website and e-mail….

Last comment: Facebook are heavy sharer so it is a good idea to build your own community.

That’s just my opinion.

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