2012 my online prediction

It is never easy doing some online prediction but I noticed some trends. I decide to put my thoughts online as a reminder where I should focus.

Everything mobile

It is without surprise that mobile is going to be king in 2012. There is a single reason for that, more and more people own a smartphones. Almost every young people cannot live without their device for real.

Should I develop for IPhone android windows etc…?

The answer is quite simple. I should create a web mobile app.

The reality is everything changes so fast. Last year IPhone was king and in 2012 the android is going to be king.

Of course each platform has a market place for their apps. It would be stupid to avoid them but at the same time there is a real opportunity to build something one time and works with any platform.

Maybe it is time for universal app or something like that. Anyway mobile is the right thing to check in 2012.

Dead simple

More and more casual and non tech savvy people are looking for apps solution. The best marketing and the dead simple apps are going to make a fortune in 2012.

The bubble is over in 2012

I think there are too many startups or too many wannabe dev on the market right now. I really think that in 2012 the market is going to correct the situation. Many people are going to stop any app development because of that.

With over 300 000 apps you can not fit everybody and many people are going to change direction.

Online payment

Put a payment link on your website today. I should do it too. More people are ready to buy online. 2012 is going to be the best time to start selling some thing online.


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